Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Floggers Flogging ... and A Question for the Newbie

Kevin Levin Can't Get Enough of Flogging Tripp Lewis

He's posted a video of Lewis at Oakwood Cemetery in Richmond, standing up for the honor of his Confederate ancestors in the face of official callousness.  

Levin says,  " one in the office has the least bit of interest in what he insists is a case of vandalism and disrespect."  And he says, "It’s a desperate plea for attention..."

I left a comment that included, "You have identified the problem without meaning to, and without understanding it." And, "This is no more 'a desperate plea for attention' than 'memory' blogging is."

Of course he didn't post my comment....

  Follow up ** Follow up *** Follow up  

How do we know the floggers aren't as interested in history as they are in attacking, denigrating, mocking and deriding Southern heritage? Let's do a follow up to Kevin Levin's most recent attack on Tripp Lewis.

In the blog post referenced above, Levin writes, "... I have no doubt that they did not ask the female employee for her permission to post the video."

He has no doubt. His no-doubt was formed in ignorance, since he made no effort to verify his claim either with Lewis or the woman who works in the cemetery office.

However, after the post had been up a day or so, the maker of the video posted in the comment thread,
I am the film maker that made this documentary. You are wrong. Upon concluding this shoot, before leaving, I had everyone sign a release. To not do so is illegal. I am a professional. You have my permission to share this video but do not make unsubstantiated claims.
Levin replies,
Thanks for confirming that. It's a reasonable question given the quality of the film. For all I know it was shot using an iPhone. I don't need your permission to share this video. You apparently uploaded it to Vimeo and made no adjustments to the sharing options. As a "project" this is a joke.

Dare I note -- Kevin Levin's perception of the quality of the film is not reasonable or proper criteria for determining whether the film-maker got a model release from the cemetery personnel. It's just another evidence that his true purpose is to showcase Southern heritage folks in the worst possible way.

Tripp and his video have made Levin extremely surly, haven't they?

A Question for Flogger Mackey That Will Likely Never Be Answered

Regarding "diversity ," is an individual preference for the dissimilar morally superior to an individual preference for the similar?

Ya know, Mackey, you are slightly, very slightly, less offensive when using your real name than you were while protected by an anonymous screen handle at CRR.  Does CRR still exist, BTW?

A Recap of the Verbal Massacre of David Tatum

For those who still don't understand what's going on, here's a quick recap.

David Tatum posted a picture and a comment to his friends at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group on Facebook. His comments are his opinion, to which he is entitled.



Anybody wanna argue with that?

Brooks Simpson went to the SHPG, copied David's post, which doesn't have a flippin' thing to do with Simpson or his odious blog, took it back to Crossroads and posted it there for two malicious reasons -- (1) so he and his comment-thread bots could get their rocks off by ridiculing somebody, and (2) to create hatred for David and, by extension, all Southern heritage folks.

The notion that Simpson, his reader-bots and his fellow floggers are simply interested in correcting erroneous history is obliterated once and for all by visiting a blog post and comment thread like the one at Crossroads where David Tatum is verbally flogged.

Due in part to this kind of word massacre, I suspect Simpson harbors a great deal of apathy for history itself.  It's something that strokes his ego (getting him on TV and into symposiums and on panels and crap like that). But what history really is for him is a device, an instrument, for ridiculing people ... for mocking what he presents as their inferior intelligence, deficient education and questionable ethics. He will lie to create that exquisite pleasure in himself, if necessary.  And it must be necessary a lot because he lies nearly every time he posts about Southern heritage folks.

His pattern is to go for a while without targeting Southern heritage. Presumably, the comments of his bots are sufficient to stroke his ego until, well, until they aren't sufficient anymore. That's when he "tiptoes" through the Internet, stalking Southern heritage victims to take back to the dungeon at Crossroads so he and his minions can indulge in a gratifying orgy of ridicule and hatred that so feeds their needy little egos....


  1. I have posed a question to Simpson and Corey

    Corey has poked his head up and sort of made a reply, Simpson is still under his rock !

  2. Connie,

    You are correct David has a right to his opinion...the problem was that his opinion was accompanied by a photo that was not what he was refering to. I pointed that out to David and commented about it on Crossroads. Plain and simple.

  3. Corey, David acknowledged using the wrong picture. He did so magnanimously and without any of the malice aimed at him by Simpson and his comment-bots. That you pointed out the picture error and commented about it on Crossroads in no way neutralizes Simpson's ugly motive for bringing David's SHPG post to his blog -- malicious reasons -- (1) so he and his comment-thread bots could get their rocks off by ridiculing somebody, and (2) to create hatred for David and, by extension, all Southern heritage folks.

  4. Right Connie, he did admit to using the wrong picture, but instad of apologizing for demeaning American soldies he then goes and re-supports his comment about dead yankees or Doubles Down on his comment.

    So it was not any real apology...just admitting he got called out on not know the history of Gettysburg or Civil War graves. This would be something I would think that you and your keepers of all things confederate would know...I mean you claim to be historians don't you?

  5. Corey, it isn't necessary for him to apologize because he didn't demean any American soldiers except Civil War yankee soldiers. And not even them, really, because his comment was intended as praise for Confederate soldiers. That's easy to understand except for South-haters who are determined to find something to bitch and bellyache about. Now can it.

  6. You should remember that I kindly informed him of his mistake...

  7. I have said a zillion times,
    I'm not a historian, I'm the descendent of a Confederate Veteran ! I don't have to be fair, but I try to be !


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