Monday, January 14, 2013

Transparent and Predictable

As predictably as Old Faithful -- and just as spewy -- Honcho Floggers Levin, Hall and Simpson, have showcased on their phony "civil war" blogs video of a Virginia flagger getting arrested at a Richmond protest.

Don't these floggers have any originality?  Must they always copy each other's content?

I mean, like clockwork they was all OVER this incident -- like white on rice, like moths to a flame, like flies to honey, like stink on skunks -- complete with the video embedded from YouTube.  On all three blogs! To make sure their myrmidon followers wouldn't miss it.

What has the goings on of the Virginia flaggers that got to do with civil war blogs?  Right.  Nuthin'.

Once again, we see demonstrated the obvious motive of these floggers -- not to educate or inform about the civil war, but to spew and badmouth those who see the war, and especially its commemoration, differently than they do.  Every chance they get.


  1. Why didn't you lump David Tatum in with this group...he posted about the incedent as well.

  2. Duh. Corey, I don't think you're the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you ain't exactly stupid, so why do you pretend to be?

    David wasn't verbally flogging Mr. Lewis. He stated a couple of things he disagreed with about Tripp's conduct -- but overall, his post is in praise of Tripp. Are you seriously incapable of seeing that?

  3. LOL all the yankee bloggers who ain't got a nickle in the deal, sure don't mind puttin their two cents worth in !


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