Friday, January 11, 2013

Screenshots You Won't See At Crossroads....

...Or Dead Confederates, or any other of the Flogger blogs...

The Floggers and their comment-thread followers, especially Brooks Devious Simpson, love to showcase what they deem to be indicators of violent tendencies among Southern heritage and Southern independence advocates. But they turn a blind eye toward indicators of violence directed toward advocates of Southern heritage and independence.

Next month, the post below will have been on Facebook for a slap year.  Now, I suppose it's barely possible that Simpson, Hall, et. al., did not see this post.  Possible, but not likely. Not likely at all.  Not when you consider the fine-toothed comb these men use to rake through the groups and comments of Southron folk on Facebook and elsewhere -- especially the Flaggers, and most especially Ms. Hathaway's comments..

No, it seem likely that they did see it and chose not to mention it on their blogs because, well, they just don't care whether violence is threatened against Southron folk.  And if they don't care about the threats, is it that far fetched to assume they wouldn't care if violence itself was unleashed against them?

You draw your own conclusions.


  1. Connie,

    Maybe we just did not believe what Susan said...I, speaking only for myself, would not believe what Susan said. This could just be propoganda on her part. Is there video of this man's alleged actions and comments?

  2. So, what is your evidence that it's propaganda on Susan's part? You don't have any, do you? It's just your preference to believe that somebody you don't like is lying. I'd say in that case, you're the one being dishonest.

  3. If someone is calling Susan a liar, there's one thing for sure...he's not a gentleman.

  4. An apt observation, Brett. But I don't think any of the floggers are all that concerned about being gentlemen. If memory serves, Andy Hall has accused Susan of lying on his blog. I really don't remember if Brooks Devious Simpson has or not, but very likely he has. I don't recall any of them having any substantiation -- just like Corey. They just don't like Susan, or the flaggers, or Southern heritage folks...

  5. Personally I am still taking bets on Corey showing up in Lexington like he claims. I'm getting 10 to 1 against.

  6. Yeah Brett, not worried about being a gentleman to the likes of Susan Hathaway. I give respect where respect is due and I have no respect for Susan. Do I think she is a liar? Don't know...but I do know I don't trust her.

    I would have more respect for her and the flaggers if she and her ilk actually had a real cause for their outrage...but they don't.

  7. Corey, whether someone else has cause is not for you to decide. Where did you get the idea that you are supposed to mind everybody else's business? You are the quintessential authoritarian.

    Susan hasn't done a thing to deserve your disrespect. You have concocted that all by yourself.

  8. Your argument in regards to me can be said the same for Susan. What it is it her business what happens in Lexington? She lives in Richmond. Show she is as much an authoritarian as I am if you apply your definition to her.

  9. Fighting a wrong-thinking and evil-minded viewpoint about the most important symbol of our regional identity is more than enough cause.

  10. Corey, you are a self-appointed civil war thought cop. That means you have no real authority to tell other people what they should and should not believe about the war.

    What Susan is doing, by contrast, is petitioning the government for a redress of grievances -- a principle enshrined in the USA since the founding. It doesn't matter that Susan is not from Lexington -- she has as much right to do so as Anna Brodsky's out-of-state students had to sign the petition to prohibit Confederate flags on city flagstaffs.

    Susan is a Virginian and Lexington is in Virginia. Furthermore, she is the decendant of Confederates, and she has a legitimate interest in the actions of government deliberately designed to insult her heritage and the heritage of her state.

    Your situation and hers are not remotely the same.

  11. Dixie Cross Defender Carl? Now that is cute.

    Connie, if someone out there was posting wrong information like 2+2=5 you would try and correct them. I am not a civil war thought cop...I am simply trying to correct misinformation.

    I think it is so funny to hear anyone complain that not flying a flag in the the city...while allowing any and all citizen to fly that somehow an insult to someone's heritage.

    What it says is that the city which is to represent everyone, is no longer going to be responsible for displaying flags that do not represent everyone. No longer is Lexington a rebel city and no longer are all the citizens in the city "confederates".

    As for the students, they are more residents of the city than Susan...they at least live there part of the time and are under the law and ordinances of the city...while Susan and her ilk are not.

  12. No, Corey. I see error online ALL. THE. TIME. that I make no effort to correct unless it could cause harm. You no doubt do, too. Unless you expect me to believe you attempt to correct every error of every kind, on any subject, everytime youi see them online.

    You are not trying to correct misinformation. You are saying people who believe differently than you are wrong. But you are a human being, subject to error, misperception, prejudice and all sorts of things that make you unqualified to make that judgment.

    Flags do not represent anyone, they are not objects of representation. They identify.... They are identifiers. Specifically, in Lexington, they identify an important segment of the city's history.

    The city wasn't a rebel city, and its citizens were not "Confederates" before the flag restrictions. The flags were flown not to represent anyone, but in honor of Lee and Jackson, who are important personages in the city's history.

    It doesn't matter that student are under the laws and ordinances of the city... If they, as non-residents, have a say in how the city is run, any visiting non-resident has the same say. They certainly may have a say in how the university is run -- but not the city where they are not a citizen or resident. Read this, it will explain what you are determined to misunderstand:

    The reason what happened in Lexington is an insult to Confederate heritage is because of the attitude of those responsible for banning Confederate flags from city flagstaffs, as revealed partially at that link.

  13. It's funny..when folks like Mr. Meyer are completely out of ammunition, they resort to such statements as "she has no business in Lexington."

    When I inquire how it is that folks can gather from all parts of the country to march on...say...Selma, Alabama...Corey says "that's DIFFERENT".

    SO...these folks are all about the constitutional right to free speech and freedom of assembly, but ONLY if the cause suits their agenda.

    Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD?

  14. Ah yes the "southern flagger" plight is the same as the Civil Rights Movement...classy!

    Susan you just have no idea do you. You want to equate having your right to vote or sit at a lunch counter or ride where you want on the bus to having a city council decide not to fly any flag but the state and National flags.

    Do you see any problem with these two things? Blacks in this country were denied basic rights for over 100 years following the War of the Rebellion and you can still fly your flag anywhere you want. Yeah...that's about the same thing.

    And, like I have said before, you can flag anyone or anywhere you like, you do have the right under the Constitution Lincoln saved to protest and flag the good people of Lexington.

    However your cause is one of the worst ever fought over by a group of people since Lee fought for slavery.

  15. Corey, please. Pay attention. The comparison is not between flagging and the civil rights movement. The subject is "outsiders" being concerned about what's going on in a community they don't live in. You're getting all het up about something that's not even germaine to the discussion. Granted, you evilizers-of-Southern-white-folks will take every opportunity to craft said evilization, giving out-of-proportion and over-the-top attention to slavery, the civil rights movement, etc. But you're transparent as glass when you do it. You don't *really* care about the civil war. It's just a wonderfully useful tool for evilizing white Southerners.

  16. BTW, Corey, to be accurate, you should have said, "I THINK, however, that your cause is one of the worst ever fought over ..." since it is just your opinion. Other people think it is a great cause, and you don't have the authority to declare them wrong. You only have the authority to express your opinion. Next time, say, "I think" or "In my opinion...."

  17. No Connie, to compare the two is spot on. You and Susan say that Civil Rights marchers came to place like Selma despite the fact that they did not live there just as flaggers come to Lexington.

    However there is a major difference. Susan's complaint about the Lexington city council limiting what flags it flies does not deny any private citizen's right to fly a flag...even the rebel flag. But when the marchers in Selma marched, they were marching for all black peoples rights...not just those in Selma. See the difference.

    Lexington's decision does not affect Susan in Richmond. Not being able to vote in the south affected all blacks...not just those where the protests occurred.

    Granted Susan can go to Lexington and complain all she wants, but it is really not her fight. Which is a bit odd considering she has or others have distanced her from the arrest of Tripp Lewis at the VMFA the other day. Why has she not spoken up about that "injustice"?

    It is quite unfortunate that she was not there to share a ride in the paddy wagon with Tripp or at least look out for his child who was thrown right into the mix of the whole thing by his father.

    Have a fantastic day.

  18. *Sigh.* Corey, see if you can read and comprehend this: "The comparison is not between flagging and the civil rights movement. The subject is "outsiders" being concerned about what's going on in a community they don't live in."

    You can fabricate all the comparisons you wish, but what that's doing is obfuscating -- something you Floggers have become experts at.

    Corey, were you at the flagging where Mr. Lewis was arrested? No? Then you don't know what you're talking about, do you? You're having to go on second and third hand accounts. Basically, what you're doing is making up whatever you want to believe about it -- you Floggers are good at that, too.

    BTW, if you think it's none of anybody's business what goes on in Lexington except the people who live there, it's none of your business what goes on with the Flaggers unless you're one of them...

  19. Connie, I did not have to be at the arrest of Trippy Dippy was recorded by his very upset son.

  20. Yes, to know about it, you would have to have been there -- and even that is no guarantee that you'd know everything about it, so if you think a few moments of video give you total knowledge of an incident, you're nuttier than I've ever suspected....

  21. Corey, do you believe only people demonstrating for civil rights have the constitutional right to free speech and freedom of assembly? Do you believe that people demonstrating for any other cause do not have the constitutional right to free speech and freedom of assembly?


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