Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Tripp Lewis Drama Continues -- The Andy Angle

At his Dead Confederates, A Civil War ERA Blog, Andy Hall has allowed four whole comments in response to his post about the Tripp Lewis arrest. Don't know if that's all there was, or if he got more comments but for some reason hasn't posted them.

Over at Brooks Devious Simpson's Crossroads there is, as of the writing of this post,  a whopping twelve comments about the Lewis arrest ... or, at least, twelve that Simpson has allowed through moderation.  And look at this!  Four of the twelve -- fully one third of them -- were authored by Andy Hall!

The comment thread at Kevin Levin's Civil War Memory, though, leads the way with 23 Tripp Lewis comments, as of 6:13 p.m CST on January 17.  And my, my -- five (5) f-i-v-e of them were made by -- you guessed it! -- Andy Hall!

Andy's really into this Tripp Lewis arrest, isn't he?

Now I see where Corey Meyer, not to be outdone and left out, has put up a two-sentence blog post about the incident -- complete with video, just like Levin, Simpson and Hall.  Brace yourself, Corey for a stampede from Andy to your comment thread....

With these four Floggers jumping on the Tripp Lewis arrest bandwagon, can Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur be far behind? Probably not. He doesn't blog much.  He'll probably content himself to posting to the comment threads on these other blogs. 

It might be interesting to know what prompts Andy's obsession with Tripp Lewis's arrest, and why his flurry of comments about it on other people's blogs....  Any guesses?


Well, Corey's obligatory Tripp post (complete with video) has been up for a couple of days now, and there's still no comments from Andy Hall.  I can't imagine that he's run out of crap to complain about, re: the arrest of Flagger Tripp Lewis.  

I recently found out through my good friend (smirk) on Facebook, Confederate Rebel Kashie, that there's another potential Flogger for me to monitor, though.  His name is Al Mackey. His blog is titled Student of the American Civil War.  Perhaps his status as a student, a learner, explains the absence of arrogance that permeates the "civil war" blogs of academics, even the ones who can't spell or do grammar....

So anyway, I noodled around on his blog for a minute, skimmed his entry about Tripp Lewis.  From just that post, he appears to be an echo chamber for Brooks Devious Simpson (ripping off Simpson's silly name for the Southern Heritage Preservation Facebook Group, The Gift That Keeps On Giving.)  What IS there about fake civil war blogging that renders people incapable of producing original content?

So, I'm scrolling through the blog entry and I get to the comments, and -- lo, and behold! -- guess who posted the first one!  Andy Hall!  What a surprise, huh?

Andy really gets around, don't he? Maybe if he keeps commenting on these Tripp Lewis blog entries, we'll eventually find out what is really behind his fascination with Tripp and the Virginia Flaggers.


  1. Andy ain't commented at my Blog, I feel left out !

  2. Do these folks really need an excuse for their obsession beyond a need to elevate themselves through the mockery of others?

  3. Andy only comments in friendly territory, where he'll get awed gazes, backslaps and attaboys.

  4. Actually my video was a new twist to the story. Tripp thinks the female security officer assulted his daughter and the video shows just the opposite.

    I do find it interesting that you think I am mocking Tripp..when actually it is Tripp who is mocking Tripp by placing the video in the public domain and inviting comments. Those commets also show that we bloggers are not the only ones who think what Tripp did is also shows that it is unwanted by some people in Richmond.

  5. Your video? You were there? You shot it?

    You may think whatever you wish about the video and what it shows, but you weren't there, you didn't see what was going on outside the frame....

    I don't think you're mocking Tripp. I think a lot of people, including you, are substituting their perceptions for his intentions. I also note that the comments and observations of prejudiced critics are likely to be unreliable -- especially ones who were not there and whose knowledge is based on a few minutes of video and incomplete reports.

    It is a surprise that honoring Confederate heritage is not wanted in Richmond? The removal of all reminders of the Confederacy from the American memory, and all artifacts of it from the Southern landscape is the goal of certain post-civil-rights, politically correct leftists individuals and organizations. That's everywhere, including Richmond. The only possible usefulness to be found for the Confederacy to such folks is in the demonization of white Southerners...

  6. Removing everything about the confederacy from Am. History?

    Is that why the MOC build a new museum to house and present more of its collection?

    Keep on beating that dead horse Connie.

  7. Corey, do you misstate on purpose? That's not honest, you know. I didn't say, "Removing everything about the confederacy from Am. History."

    I said, "The removal of all reminders of the Confederacy from the American memory, and all artifacts of it from the Southern landscape is the goal of certain post-civil-rights, politically correct leftists individuals and organizations." Look at it again. The goal of CERTAIN POST CIVIL-RIGHTS, POLITICALLY CORRECT LEFTIST INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS.

    One way of removing reminders of the Confederacy from the American memory is to replace it with images of, say, RuPaul in a Confederate flag dress...

    The MOC is a prime example of removing artifacts from the Southern landscape. You could think of the MOC as a big bottom drawer where Confederate flags and other artifacts are stuffed out of sight.


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