Thursday, January 17, 2013

Andy Unintentionally Gets It Halfway Right

"The modern Confederate heritage movement’s own self-identity is bound up in being an oppressed minority, under siege and victimized from all sides by political correctness, craven politicians, indoctrinated academics and supposedly South-hating bloggers. It’s a movement that gets its fire from resentment and anger against perceived slights — real or imagined — against people who died long ago, that they themselves never met." -- Andy Hall
What Andy doesn't know, or may know but wouldn't acknowledge if his life depended on it, is that most people in the Confederate heritage movement are white Southerners, and white Southerners are, indeed, an oppressed minority, under siege and victimized by the forces he identified.  But the resentment and anger is not against people who died long ago. The attacks are happening right now, from people living today (some of them quite powerful or at least influential) and they're frequently more than just slights.

Michael Cushman at the Southern Nationalist Network does a good job documenting the anti-Southern bias -- and, yes, hatred -- that permeates U.S. culture.  For example, in the Craven Politicians category, he recently showcased Charles Rangel, a currently living Congressman from New York, who said in a TV interview that Southern culture needs to be overcome. 

It would be interesting to hear Andy's thoughts on Charlie's declaration and Michael's commentary, but I imagine hell will freeze over before Andy writes or speaks a syllable about it....


  1. Connie,

    If what Andy wrote about the southern movement needed a poster child...Michael "Palmetto Patriot" Cushman would be on the poster.


  2. I dunno, Corey. Andy specified Southern heritage, if memory serves. Michael's more Southern independence.


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