Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feds Again

I've recently noticed on my visitor log visits from the feds to Backsass -- specifically, the Department of Justice.

They used to visit regularly by following a link from my author website links page.  I mean, every time, the referring link was that page, and I wondered, Don't folks at the Department of Justice know how to use Bookmarks/Favorites?  Internet Explorer 8 is perfectly capable of doing Favorites, iddinit?

Several weeks ago, I took down the links page. It was outdated and many of the links didn't work, so I put up a notice that it was being updated. I haven't updated it, yet, though. It will be a leisurely undertaking -- real low on my priority list.

I noticed, though, that the visits from the Department of Justice stopped abruptly after I took the links page down.  It's only been recently that they've found me and started showing up in my visitor log again.

Gee, I hope they don't try to sell me some illegal firearms. I'm not Mexican.  I don't sell drugs (though I do buy headache powders, generic benadryl and ibuprofen, on a fairly regular basis -- it's the allergies and the computer screen that does it, prob'ly, but it's all perfectly legal, from legitimately licensed pharmacies).  And I'm skeered of guns.  Yes, I am a staunch supporter of Second Amendment rights.  But I'm skeered of guns....


  1. Just curious Connie...maybe it is just someone who works for the Dept. of Justice that looks in on your site from time to time and they are maybe not "spying" on you.

    I actually know of a blogger who does just that and is employed by the DOJ...

  2. Ah. Using their work computer to surf the web... Kinda like you do.

  3. Connie the DOJ just loves you.
    I have a DCJS certification, I wonder if Corey was talkin about me !
    If so, as usual his facts are wrong !

  4. Yeah...what is the big deal concerning using my work computer?

  5. Dave, as long as they don't try to sell me any guns....

  6. Well, Corey, some employers frown on employees surfing the net when they're supposed to be working; and they frown on using company computers for personal pursuits,

  7. No Dave was not talking about you.

  8. OH ! spill the beans !!!!
    Who is the blogger that has DOJ certification ?
    OH wait a minute I'll bet it's top secrete and you can't reveal your source, how noble of you!

  9. Connie, you have claimed to be a historian just as much a the research.


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