Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finish Off Dixie? Hey! Try It!

Taking a short break from bashing the Tripp-bashers to mention a post Michael Cushman has put up at the Southern Nationalist Network.  He discusses  Rush Limbaugh's recent acknowledgment that the US Left wants to finish off the South.

The recent Lincoln movies and filth like Django Unchained are a part of that effort.Whether they know it or not, the attacks of the Floggers on Southern heritage are also a part of it.  I suspect the Floggers do know, and are participating willingly and eagerly.

So anyway, I made this graphic to show that the South is the real strength of America, and the forces that want to destroy America know they have to destroy the South first....

It's probably going to piss off a lot of people.


  1. Yep...you are correct. Shit floats!


    I think you have bigger fish to fry than the "floggers".

  2. LOL! Is that from your favorite "rasslin'" channel, Corey?

    Do your students know about your online potty mouth? How about the principal? Supt. of Schools?

    Do you know who the "rassler" is? Then how do you know he's from Dixie? The flag shirt and the music convince you? As a knife in the drawer, Corey, you get duller with every comment.

    A video with 13 views is not a problem. Floggers who have access to the minds of innocent students with intent to indoctrinate are a a problem....

  3. BTW, Corey -- some poop floats, some sinks.

  4. A lot of those Southern states benefit greatly from government funds. (welfare, medicare, medicaid)


  5. Government HAS no funds except what it confiscates from citizens ... or subjects. That's more what we are now, subjects of the Empire. Besides, economic policy isn't the only thing that defines strength and survivability. The South survived several generations of economic oppression after the Wowah.

  6. Sort of a redirect answer....

    Let me add context; how can you say the South keeps the U.S. floating, when it's share of welfare consumption acts only as a weight?

  7. Because, Rob, sectional economic "weight" is irrelevant when you consider that the whole flippin' country is broker than broke, and incomprehensibly deep in debt.

  8. A portion of that debt goes towards welfare programs in which the South is leading the nation. Ergo, the South contributes to the "broker than broke" country. Economic weight always matters.

  9. Not anymore. Not when the debt is so big it's incomprehensible. However, since it pleases you to think the South's welfare consumption has destroyed America, then get your kicks on that. You do love to hate the South, I know. But the fact remains, if the USA survives, Dixie will be what saves it. And if the USA doesn't survive, the South will survive without it.

  10. The debt is always comprehensible. Paper trails are readily available. I've never said the South's dependence on welfare "destroyed America." That is a prearranged conclusion you've made in order to further your argument that I demonize the South.

    I would love to hear your arguments as to why the South will 'save' America or survive it.

  11. You can comprehend sixteen trillion dollars and growing? Ha. Has nothing to do with paper trails. Has to do with being bigger than the human mind can readily conceptualize. The country cannot survive its debt. There's a lot more bringing it to ruin, but even if the debt was the only thing, it would be enough to destroy the country. And you said the South's welfare consumption leads the nation ... leads it right into ruin. Unless you harbor some cockamamie notion that the debt can somehow be paid off and everything will be hunky-dory again?

    You do demonize the South. That's precisely what your welfare comments were designed to do. You couldn't say something positive about the South if your life depended on it.

  12. RB-
    "...how can you say the South keeps the U.S. floating..."

    Where does the North get its food and fuel?

  13. "Government HAS no funds except what it confiscates from citizens ... or subjects"

    You do understand Connie, that the Federal Government despite all of its current problems and shortcomings, has a Constitutional right to collect taxes.

    Article I, Sec. 8, Clause 1:

    "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States"

    You act as if the government is purposely stealing money.

    Here, I can help you conceptualize $16 Trillion...


  14. BR says where does the North get its food and fuel?

    Have you ever been to say Illinois or Iowa...we tend to be called the breadbasket of the country...we grow corn and soy beans...ever heard those things.

    As for our fuel...like the rest of the country...lots from overseas and well as off the coast of the southern United States.

  15. BR -

    First, it is not "where does the north...," it is "where does the nation."

    And the answer is a multitude of places.

    The southeast, or "Old Confederacy" is a leader in Poultry production. However:

    Notice the high levels of production of chickens throughout the southeast. This is a relatively new occurrence; poultry producers moved into the region due to lower wages and fewer environmental regulations compared to other areas, making it less likely their huge containment facilities would lead to a lot of opposition.

    The foundation of every diet (corn and soy beans) are grown in Iowa, Illinois and in those accompanying areas. These crops are staples in absolutely every aspect of our diet. This includes our meat products.

    As far as fuel, the U.S. produces something like 35% of its own oil. The majority of U.S. oil comes from the western hemisphere (Latin American and Canada provide large portions). Of the top 6 oil producing states, only 1 is in the South. It should be no surprise that Texas is that state, nor should it be a surprise that it is the number one state as well. However, that is the only oil producing southern state.

    And Connie, I love the South. It's home. Of course I have a different definition of "Southern Home" than what many of your 'pards' have. I'm from Southern Appalachia. I like the mountains. My culture is different than a lot of "Southrons." I love corn bread and pinto beans. I love Southern women (many of them anyways). I love the history of the South. You can continue to demonize myself, and others, if you wish simply because I do not forget aspects of that history. I am not an apologist. I am a historian.

  16. So you have a different definition of "Southern Home" than me and my "pards" have? And that makes you a true Southerner and we aren't? If that's not your implication, then what was your reason for saying it?

    I'm from Southern Appalachia, too, though we moved to the flatlands -- the Southern coastal plain -- when I was in grade school. I like the mountains, the rolling prairies that border them, and the coastal plain that comes next. I love all of Dixie, even the cities.

    So loving pinto beans and cornbread makes your culture different from than a of a lot of "Southrons"? You know they don't love pinto beans and cornbread? I happen to love pinto beans and cornbread -- and navy beans and cornbread, and blackeyed/purple hull/field peas and cornbread. And fried chicken and biscuits and sweet, sweet tea. About the only Southern food I dislike is grits.

    (You know it's not unheard of for Yankees to like beans and cornbread, don't you?)

    I love Southern women, too, especially the down-to-earth types descended from Scotch-Irish mountain folk -- like the women in my family.

    I love Southern men as well -- all kinds of them. They are the primary focus of my novel writing.

    I love the history of the South as much as you do, and I also love the heritage of the South, which you've shown contempt for. To you, that makes me, and others, "apologists." We're not.

    You're a historian. Whoopeee.

    I've had about enough of your interminable carping, Rob, so stuff it. Go post your monotonous disparagement of and animosity for Southern exceptionalism on your own tedious blog.

  17. Rob,

    You have to remember that when Connie is talking about the south keeping America afloat she is talking about the White South.

    You will notice how off hand she dismisses you link to the maps of Government expenditures and how she does not even try to touch my comments on the Const. and taxation.

  18. Corey -- you, in typical yankee fashion, and Rob, in typical scalawag fashion, can't conceptualize "staying afloat" in any terms but economically. Or if you can, you haven't done so.

    Money, money, money -- that's all money-grubbing yankees and their sycophants in the South understand....


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