Friday, September 13, 2013

More Tiptoein' and Pogo Stickin'

Ever wonder how much time Simpson spends combing the Internet, following links and leads, taking screenshots ... hunting for something he can splatter all over Crossroads to smear the VaFlaggers with? It must take hours and hours. Pathetic, isn't it?  I wonder who does his work while he's AWOL looking for mud...

And it's even more pathetic when he thinks he's found something. But his conclusion-jumping pogo stick is calibrated higher than Wonder Woman's. Now he's screeching about Matthew Heimbach getting an invitation to the Virginia Flaggers 2nd Anniversary Picnic.

What hooey. A blanket invitation to members of a Facebook group doesn't mean that everyone in the group is a Virginia Flagger.  Duh.

Heimbach hasn't been removed from that group because nobody cares what Facebook groups he's in (well, except busy-body leftist professors and demented commie racist-hunters and such as that).  Heimbach's posts have not been removed from the group, either, because as long as they don't disappear, they can't be lied about by, oh, I don't know, busy-body leftist professors and demented commie racist-hunters and such as that.

Speaking of demented commie racist hunters, I've been told that LibertyLip (Thanks, David Tatum!) belongs to a group that is "non-violent." Hmmmm. Well, as I've already noted....
Maybe the project is non-violent (or claims to be) but it is eminently possible for an individual member to be personally violent; it is also possible for their rhetoric to inflame a reader to violence. This person has publicly implied that the Flaggers are murderers, i.e., KKKers -- or comparable to murderers. He's drumming up hatred for them, too.
There is, of course, the threat posted at Crossroads:
"Well, they should be scared of us, we win at this game, always have and always will. We would like to help put a stop to this flag going up, but we need a little assistance."
There's this interesting text on this Twitter profile:

They're in the Nazi killing business, it sez.  Wonder how many Nazis they've killed, and when, and where, and by what method.

Then there are these disturbing images posted in the photos section of his Twitter account.

Kill whitey, too?

What's with the amateur-drawn chalk outline of a dead body, I wonder. 

Next the Tarot Death card...  Death, death, death....

And a photo denying God and making fun of the Bible ("Pics or it didn't happen."). Rejecting the book that leads to the Book of Life might explain the preoccupation with death, sure enough.

A lot of people are opposed to racial bigotry, but in my opinion, some people become anti-racist activists because it gives them a way to enjoy their hatred and have fun expressing it, while they and a duped society considers them to be good, even superior, people.

It's so ironic that LibertyLip "killz Nazis" but rejects God because if God doesn't exist, there's no such thing as good and evil. So if nothing is evil, obviously there is nothing wrong ... so  there was nothing wrong with what the Nazis did. Racism is a okay, murder is no big deal, lying and hurting somebody is no different than loving and uplifting them.

That would mean there's no difference between Matt Heimbach and LibertyLamp.....

Image of Flybar by Palos at Wikimedia Commons
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0


  1. The Christian concept of Good vs Evil is derived from Zoroastrianism.

  2. According to "Side Show Rob" (Baker)

    LibertyLip is a part of the OPP, One Peoples Project--
    The OPP > "OPP has published phone numbers, home addresses and workplace addresses of individuals they have identified as being far right and/or racist. While this practice has invited criticism by those who say that it can incite others to violence, the group has defended this practice as using the same free speech rights that anti-abortion activists use when they do the same to abortion providers"

    OK I got that from Wikipedia but have read the same else wears.

    So the OPP uses the same tactics as Anti-Abortion groups, HMMMM ?
    Ain't they the ones that Bomb Abortion Clinics ?

    Gee Maybe we should be scared of em (NOT).
    And Simpson is cool with this ?

  3. The picnic is a curious subject. At Crossroads, Simpson has posted a Facebook screenshot from, evidently, last year's picnic. What struck me most, was how peaceful, law-abiding, and happy everyone seemed to be. Now I fully concede that it was not an ethnically diverse gathering, and in fact, everyone in the shot was white. But in that respect, it could just as easily have been a photo of a picnic for the Crossroads bloggers. It will be interesting to see what the whites at Crossoads have to say about the screen shot.

    Now then as far as Heinbach is concerned, Simpson's efforts in trying to portray this guy as dangerous are just silly. Heimbach is, I think, just a goofy, confused and misguided kid; far more inept than sinister. Still, it is worth mentioning that Heimbach aspires to live the lily-white life that Simpson actually lives. If the axiom "actions speak louder than words" has any truth to it, then Simpson has some splainin' to do. It seems that the difference between Simpson and Heimbach is merely that Himbach overtly announces his preference for the company of whites, whereas Simpson has spent virtually his entire life acting on that preference.

  4. Whoa Whoa Whoa, I never said that Dav.

    What I said is that LibertyLamp is the handle for the Lady Liberty Lamp group. A team of researchers a part of the One People's Project. And that's all.

  5. It's true Connie.

    Not to mention that the aspects of morality predate the Western Civilization's wide spread recognition of the Juedo-Christian God. Socrates lectured on human behavior in ancient Greece. But even before that, Hinduism and Buddhism both adhered to and accepted practices of common ethical approach. Epicurus argued much of the same while recognizing that the gods of the universe did not care about humans.

    Morality, and ethics, are constantly evolving concepts to most of humanity. The Bible itself is an excellent example of the changing morality of man from Leviticus to Christ. Take the modern age for example, though most Americans probably do not see homosexuality as a moral act, the do see allowing such an act to happen without infringement. A decade ago, this was not the case.

  6. Keep laughing in your ignorance I guess.

  7. Baker and his flogger friends have no concept of Biblical truth. The use Biblical proof texts to try and cover their lies and misguided ideas. One day each of them will stand before God and have to answer for their use of Scripture to put forth ungodly ideas. There will be no arguing with Him and their time to repent will have come and gone to their eternal detriment!

  8. Look, the University of North Georgia College of whatever, is a crummy, obscure, third-rate institution in the middle of nowhere. It has an acceptance rate comparable to the acceptance rate of Christmas and Birthday gifts. It is a lousy irrelevant, insignificant "school", utterly without distinction. It is therefore, not at all surprising to see such ludicrous assertions and ridiculous "theories" coming from one its "students".

    PS- "sideshow" Rob Baker. Lol.

  9. That "Kill Whitey" woman is one ugly broad, iddin she? Needs a shave, too....

  10. Austin,

    You act very high and mighty...what degrees do you hold or what college/university do you attend?

  11. "Sideshow" Rob Baker has bosasted that he is a grad student in history at the University of North
    Georgia. Here is what the administration at UNG looks like:

    Everyone see all the white shiny faces, and a single, I repeat a single African-American face?

    Baker has refered to the school as a military college and indeed, it has its own corps of cadets. Here are some random photos of the corps of cadets from google images:

    Again, a sea of white shiny faces and not even a single African-American to be seen. So it looks like "Sideshow" Rob Baker's life is as lily-white as Simpson's. Again, these miserable phony hypocrites actually live the largely segregated lily-white life that Heimbach openly claims he wants to live.

    BTW, so far here are the replies from Crossroads regarding the picnic thread. Can anyone see an African-American face?

    Does anyone know if the Crossroads blog has a policy of excluding African-Americans from participating, or if it just appears that way.

  12. Almost forgot. Here's a link to Simpson's High School Yearbook from the year he graduated. Go ahead and count the number of African-American faces.

  13. "Sideshow"Rob Baker, the lying thug, is falsely telling the whites at Crossroads that I am " is telling everyone all about where people work ". He is a dirty liar. Here is the exact language from Levin's Website:

    "Kevin M. Levin is an Instructor of American history at Gann Academy near Boston." Mr. Levin himself announces this on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Below is the link.

    Here is what Baker himself posts on the WORLD WIDE WEB on his site:

    "I am a graduate student at the University of North Georgia, “The Military College of Georgia”.

    And this miserable cretin has the audacity to say that someone other than himself is telling people where he goes to school?

  14. Here is what the North Georgia retard just wrote at the all-white blog Crossroads:

    "Austin/Caldwell/Reed/Jennifer Cotton/ Ryan/Clarissa (depending on what day it is), is telling everyone all about where people work and how diverse it is."

    He is a cheap dirty liar. I used three examples, all of whom had the information openly posted on the WORLD WIDE WEB. From Mr. Levin's own Website:

    "Kevin M. Levin is an Instructor of American history at Gann Academy near Boston." Here is the link:

    Here is the language from the North Georgia Retard's website:

    "I am a graduate student at the University of North Georgia, “The Military College of Georgia”.

    Here is the link:

    And again, Baker said I was telling people, regarding the schools,"how diverse it is". The schlub even got that ass over backwards. I was telling people HOW HOMOGENEOUS it was. Hey Baker, give us all another lecture on "zoroastrianism". What a clown.

  15. Austin,

    You act very high and mighty...what degrees do you hold or what college/university do you attend?

  16. "Sideshow" I'm sorry for my incorrect
    punctuation leading to folks thinking the entire statement was yours, All you told me was that the LibertyLip was a part of the OPP.
    I added the rest of my comment.

    It was not my intention to mislead.

  17. Corey, my dear boy, I just this moment noticed your profile photo. Another white guy huh? Maybe you can tell me; does Simpson deliberately exclude African-Americans from Crossroads, or does it just appear that way?

  18. At Corey's Vanilla Village high school the racial breakdown is
    93% White
    4% Latino
    3% Black

  19. Dave, where'd you get that nickname, "Side Show Rob" Baker?

  20. Ha ! I stay up alllll night thinking of stuff like that, being a Security Guard at The Center for Cultural Arts
    don't take a lot of Thought, after the first 45 minutes it's all boring,ain't nobody gonna break in to steal a cast iron statue of Mr Peanut. It's a shame my Co lost the VDOT contract last October, I had access to the Traffic Cams on I 95,
    there are 71 of em, and 1 of em is real close to showing the location of the flag that's going up. I checked it on my computer, If I could just get em to pan up and zoom in on the day it go's up, we could have a live feed for all to see. I still got connections, I'll see what I can do !

  21. Almost forgot, Rob has a blog, it's so impressive that for a zillion dollars I couldn't tell ya the name of it! And he is not a Main Attraction like Levin or Simpson, not sure of how many follow Rob's blog so he's kind of like a "Sideshow" !

  22. Godd grief, 93 per cent white. These lowlife hypocrites have absolutely no shame....

  23. I disagree Ausitn, They Have No Honor.

  24. I disagree Ausitn, They Have No Honor.


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