Sunday, December 21, 2014

Check Out the Report on Pensacola's First Flagging

Me and Bernie -- Yo Solo ... I Alone

Expect howls of derision** from ... certain ... quarters ... over my solitary venture, the weather, my walker (complete with neon-yellow tennis-ball shoes on the back feet -- hey, it came that way; $4.50 bucks at the mission store), and stuff  to ridicule that their mentality makes them notice, things that ordinary folks likely aren't even aware of.

Achy knees, cold hands, rain-frizzled hair, solo ventures, dirty dishes -- these are nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the horrors and sacrifices our Confederate ancestors -- civilians, servants, and most especially the soldiers -- endured. Nothing.

(For the full report, click the link above or the photo below to go to the West Florida Flaggers blog.)

My Rig

**(Alternately, expect dead, ringing silence -- an attempt to ignore in the hope that we will disappear.)


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