Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stop By and Like Our Page!

The West Florida Flaggers now have a Facebook page and a blog. Should have a Twitter account soon -- tonight or tomorrow.

If you're on Facebook, drop by and like our page.

Visit our blog, too....

There isn't much on either one, but they're brand new, just created earlier this evening. It will be fun to watch them grow!  And hopefully, it won't be long before we can get a professionally designed header!


  1. Saw this over at the Xroads blog from one of his regular readers.
    "They CHOSE the battle flag then and they CHOOSE it now because that is still how they view it. It is still a fight against the government to them. Their heritage is anti-government, anti-America."
    When did being anti goverment equate with being anti American? I do believe their liberalism is showing, remember its all about being historically accurate as long as it's their version history.

    1. Being anti government is being anti American because the government is the instrument of the Northern people and their rule. There is simply no difference between the North, its peoples and America. This is what Northerners are taught from childhood to believe. It reduces to the equation: North=America=North. Once you understand that these people are talking only about themselves and their sixteen little states in the North, when they say America, nothing they say will surprise or shock you anymore. Nor will it confuse or puzzle you. They just don't live in the same world or country as we do. Never have, never will.

  2. Is that Sandi Saunders' comment? She might be surprised that the Founders of this country had a wide, very discernible and profoundly influential anti-government streak; and if they could see what the government has become today, they would be aghast, and then take up the battle flag and fight alongside us.


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