Wednesday, December 17, 2014

See Simpson Lie! Lie, Simpson, Lie!

Dredging up a Facebook post from September 2012, Simpson is acting outraged again (how many times has he put on this song and dance?) over the totally non-credible "threat" against a school by Pat Hines -- a "threat" neither Facebook nor the FBI took seriously.

How do we know? Other outraged floggerettes at XRoads notified both, and received replies that the threats weren't credible.

Facebook and the FBI must know their stuff, as there have been no attacks against children at school by Southern heritage folks (though there have been by others, but don't expect Simpson to acknowledge that).

So he's running a pic of Hines with Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South. Now, I'm already on record being against the way the League has, IMO, radicalized. But I'm not ready to throw the organization and its members to the wolves.

Here's the lie:

Following the picture, Simp sez, "No word from Dr. Hill as to whether the League of the South endorses Mr. Hines’s proposal..."

Simpson knows it's a lie because he monitors my blog, so he certainly knows about this PM between me and Dr. Hill in the days after the threat was posted. So, yes, there is "word" from Dr. Hill that the League most certainly does not endorse Hines' "proposal" (which is was not; it was an example of spouting off).
Conversation started September 27, 2012

    9/27, 7:20am
    Connie Chastain

    Do you gentlemen agree with Pat Hines, who says: "The Beslan event was part of the war to rid Chechnya of the Russian hegemony. We Southrons will adopt exactly the same methods if the Untied (sic) States does not withdrawn (sic) from our lands. It is harsh, but will be done."
    Gentlemen, I'm asking again. Do you agree with Pat Hines' threat to destroy a "yankee" (i.e,. American) school and everyone in it? Why the silence? If you agree with him, you need to remove "by all honorable means" from your motto. Murdering school children -- or even threatening to -- is not honorable. If you don't agree with him, you need to establish that.

    10/1, 10:10pm
    Michael Hill
    In a word, Connie, no. We will sanction nothing of this sort. Non-combatants have never been a legitimate target.

    10/1, 10:14pm
    Connie Chastain
    Thank you, Dr. Hill. I was very concerned about that. It is not the Southern way....
    10/1, 10:14pm
    Michael Hill
    No, and it's not the Christian way, either.
    10/1, 10:16pm
    Connie Chastain
    Agreed. Thank you again.
My original blog post about this:

Run, Spot, Run! Lie, Simpson, Lie!

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