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More Machiavellianism at Xroads

Simpson sez, "A few days ago the Pensacola Flagger decided to lecture Jimmy Dick on Confederate history and heritage by telling him about the Confederate Battle Flag that used to fly at the Pensacola Bay Center."

(Simp's authoritarian mentality coming out here. I didn't lecture Mr. Dick. He asked questions, I answered them; and I plainly said I was ANSWERING them.)

Without benefit of historical documentation, the Pensacola Flagger claimed that the flag might have flown to honor the service of the 2nd Florida Infantry and its colonel, George T. Ward. Readers will recall that at times the Pensacola Flagger goes by the names of C. L. Ward and Connie Chastain Ward, which might help explain why she selected this particular regiment and its commander while giving short shrift to the service of other Florida units in the Army of Northern Virginia. Apparently their service and sacrifice doesn’t count in the mind or heart of the Pensacola Flagger.

(Another typical leftist viewpoint -- if you praise one thing, you are denigrating others.)

This, folks, is from a person who brags about her literary skills and how hard she finds it to write. How hard is it to cut ‘n’ paste from Wikipedia?

(Challenge: Somebody, anybody, link to any "bragging" I've done on my literary skills, and I'll post it on Backsass. Showcase it. Bigtime.  Actually, though, quite the opposite is true. In numerous places online, I have attributed my ability to write to Rudolf Flesch's How to Write, Speak and Think More Effectively -- and freely admitted (to use an overused Simpsonism) that I couldn't have written anything without that book. I have said that writing dialog is my greatest ability as a writer, but that's hardly bragging.)

So much for “honor” when it comes to celebrating Confederate heritage.

Mr. Dick asked some stupid questions. I chose a few items that might enlighten him. It wasn't intended to be a comprehensive, 4-volume set of The History of the War in Florida. Sheesh... This IS the Internet, after all.

Is this what they taught at Connie Chastain’s undergraduate institution, Alabama Christian College, now known as Faulkner University, “where students are encouraged to grow in intellect, character and service”?  By the terms of Connie Chastain’s own undergraduate institution, she stands before us as having committed intentional plagiarism.

Ah, now we see Simpson's true, leftist ugliness coming out. My oversight on a blog post is somehow the fault of Faulkner University?

So much for Confederate history, heritage, or honor, at least as practiced by the Pensacola Flagger. We expect that Chastain’s supporters will promptly rush to excuse her actions.

There's nothing to excuse. I left off an attribution through oversight. It's interesting that he lives up to the leftist/flogger habit of straining out gnats and swallowing camels. I have a long history of attribution, both text and images:

I even attribute things in the public domain, which isn't required:

Perhaps they will also defend her sensahuma: That’s right. Jokes about rape. (Yes, I know, she’ll say it’s a joke about feminists. She’ll just ignore why she chose this particular subject.) Capisce?

Well, I chose it because (1) I recently ran across this meme on Facebook and thought it was funny (and appropriate), and because of the recent headlines of false rape accusations showcasing the feminist fantasy of rape epidemics and rape culture.

Liberty Lamp/Hecate Crowley/ Mousy Tongue sez:

How is rape funny? How does a woman find rape funny?

Simpson replies:

Rape isn’t funny. Connie Chastain thinks it is. It’s what she calls a sensahuma. So much for southern womanhood (or complaints about Yankee soldiers). Capisce?

All these edumuhcated leftists can't tell the difference between (1) mocking goofy (or dangerous) feminist claims and (2) thinking rape is funny?

The difference between me and rabid leftists like the Lamprey is that I don't judge right and wrong based on gender. To feminists, women are wholly innocent; and with very few exceptions, men are uniformly evil. I don't believe that for a moment. There are good and bad men, good and bad women.

As I noted in the comments of my earlier post...despite idiotic claims by floggerettes like LibertyLamprey, I do not take REAL rape lightly. It's both a crime and a sin. However, the feminist crusade against "rape culture" and "rape epidemic" is simply a manifestation of what feminism actually is -- misandry. Hatred of men.

I think sex before or outside of marriage is wrong, sinful, for both men and women. But the reality is that it's very widespread, and in the culture we're living in, feminism's screeching about rape, rape culture, etc., is simply a crusade to criminalize male sexuality.

Female regret afterward does not make consensual sex rape, and that is a LOT of what feminists are trying to palm off as rape. And some rape accusations are just out-and-out lies...

So, is a woman "traumatized" by consensual sex she calls "rape" after the fact any more traumatized than a falsely accused man whose entire life is ruined -- for no good reason?

And I note that Simpson, being a man, a member of the patriarchy, whether he wants to be or not, on a university campus (which are, according to feminist activists, the epi-center of rape and rape culture) better hope he never finds himself on the wrong end of a false rape accusation...

Lamprey continues, "The MRA movement is very tied in with other nefarious movements. They are the main proponents of demonizing rape victims.  They are usually unattractive socially inept males who live in their parent’s basements and cannot get dates and have fantasies about raping women sans any consequences. They are by far, some of the worst dregs of our society.  Why an older woman in her 60’s would take up as a MRA cheerleader is beyond me.

What a marvelous look at man-hatred Lamprey has given us here!

Oh, and BTW, I'm not an MRA cheerleader. I simply don't share in the feminist hatred of men, and I believe they are the wrongful targets of rabid feminist hatred way too often.  I learned a lot from MRA sites and blogs when I was researching false sexual harassment accusations for Southern Man, but my opposition to feminism began far, far earlier than that, when I was in college -- long before there even WAS a men's rights movement.

To J. Pei -- Naw, I've never written anything for Wikipedia.

Simpson's response to J. Pei is yet another marvelous look --m this one into the flogger mentality.

Wow. Is this the best you can do? After all, that’s why she kept the [3] in … because it was really her work all along. Sure. A bright person who actually knew what they were talking about would have checked the revision notes to the article, and discovered that it was composed by Noles1984, whose history of contributions to Wikipedia is easily available. But you are not a bright person. In fact, you’re rather inept. Your desperate defense of dishonesty is noted. Hope you’re proud of yourself. How pathetic.

See how his lust for denigration comes crashing through again? Like most floggers, he can't just correct an error. He has to shame, denigrate, and ridicule the error maker. Gosh, I feel sorry for his students.

Andy Hall chimes in:  The suggestion that the Confederate Battle Flag was included in that grouping of national flags to celebrate some specific Florida regiment is a bizarre bit of retroactive rationalization for a flag design that should not have been included in that display in the first place. The more common use of the First National is such displays is (to borrow a phrase from Larry Wilmore) “not politically correct, it’s correct-correct.”

Well, Andy, maybe you can mind-read why the Chamber of Commerce chose the battle flag for their displays almost 70 years ago, and know it without a doubt -- but all I can do is guess, and my guess is that they chose that flag because they thought it was most representative of the Confederacy.

Jimmy Dick weighs in with: Looks like I missed her reply. Then again, ignoring Chastain is a good habit to have. It is a waste of time to argue with ignorant people who ignore facts in favor of fiction. I just feel sorry for her and anyone that believes what she writes.

And it's a habit Jimmy Dick is yet to develop, considering that he refers to me, or to what I write, in various flogger comment threads.

Simpson again: It’s not clear that she writes so much as practices cut ‘n’ paste.

Yes, it is clear to anybody who isn't in love with their own Machiavellianism, as Simpson is. Stack up one instance of overlooking an attribution against four novels, two short stories, four blogs, numerous Facebook posts and even a few Tweets... Folks, does Simpson's insidiousness begin to dawn now?

Never a need to argue with someone you can demonstrate is wrong, period.

And yet Simpson does it all the time on his blog -- he just fixes it so nobody can argue back. He's cowardly that way.

“That’s right. Jokes about rape. (Yes, I know, she’ll say it’s a joke about feminists. She’ll just ignore why she chose this particular subject.)” Prediction fulfilled. No denial of plagiarism, however.

Yet another lie and more Simpson insidiousness. Denied on Twitter. Twice.


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