Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Challenge for Ohioguy

As I noted yesterday, Simpson's carping about the dead-as-a-doornail Pat Hines issue. I guess his floggerettes need some stirring up.

Anyhoo,  OhioGuy sez:
Well, when Connie says you’re nuts, you are a certified screewball! I believe this guy is all bluster. But, to even talk about committing such heinous acts deserves condemnation, and I’m glad you put the spotlight on him. While he is not inciting to immediate action and, thus, his speech is protected, he does bear watching by the FBI in case I’m wrong about him being all bluster.
Once again, it happened over two years ago, Mr. Guy. There have been some attacks on schools since then, but none by Southern nationalists. To get an overview of the Hines issue, read these --

My blog posts about this issue:
Simpson's distortions:
Read all that and get back with me. You can post in my comments. I won't hex a spell on you, and you'll find a lot more respect from me here, than I find in the comment threads of your flogger buddies.

By the way, here are lists of school shootings, attacks and other violence. Why don't you skim them and see which incidents (if any) were perpetrated by Southern nationalists or Confederate heritage folks....


Ohioguy also sez, Thanks, Andy and Brooks, for further clarification of the tangled web that is the heritage movement of the unreconstructed rebels of the late insurrection. As “luck” would have it, I will be in Pensacola early in the new year. What specifically should I check out? I wouldn’t want to miss out on any CSA heritage tourist attractions. ;-)

P.S. This will be my first time back to Pensacola since I was stationed there when on active duty in the U.S. Navy.

Here are some things to see in Pensacola
Naval Aviation Museum
NAS Pensacola

Ft. Barrancas
NAS Pensacola

Pensacola Lighthouse
NAS Pensacola
Working lighthouse with a first-order Fresnel lens installed in 1869

Barrancas National Cemetery
NAS Pensacola
T.T. Wentworth Museum
Downtown Pensacola
(why limit yourself to Confederate history? This is the City of Five Flags, remember?)
Seville Square and Plaza Ferdinand VII
Downtown Pensacola

Veterans Memorial Park
Bayfront Parkway
Home of The Wall South

The Hawkshaw Lagoon Missing Children Memorial, Inc.
Bayfront Parkway
Across from Veterans Memorial Park

St. Michael's Cemetery
Downtown Pensacola
Resting place of many Pensacola notables including
Stephen Russell Mallory, Secretary of the Navy, CSA
and Delity Powell Kelly, a CSA army nurse, and others

Ft. George and the bust of Bernardo de Galvez
Palafox St.
Downtown Pensacola

Lee Square & Confederate Memorial
Palafox Street
Downtown Pensacola

Old Chimney Park
Scenic Highway

Naval Live Oaks
Gulf Breeze

Ft. Pickens
Santa Rosa Island

The beach, the sound, the Gulf
Santa Rosa Island
Restaurants (all over the area), especially seafood
(Some people say the tarballs actually enhance the flavor)

Ice Flyers, Civic Center
(Hockey is a yankee sport, so you might like this; have no idea whether the team's any good or not.)
Diving locations, if you're a diver
(many shipwrecks and the USS Oriskany artificial reef).
The Flora-Bama Lounge
Perdido Key

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  1. Whereas I don't agree with killing civilians. I do, however, understand Mr. Hines' sentiments very much. I've felt them myself on many occasions. I won't defend his statements, though. However, the number of genocidal, homicidal comments made by Yankee types on the net and elsewhere, on a daily basis, far exceeds the occasional lapse in composure by a rare Southerner. Most Southerners are too busy living their lives, to notice the hostility of their "fellow countrymen." Yankees, on the other hand, being how they are, thinking they're the only ones with rights or opinions, are shocked and angered when anyone expresses negative sentiments towards them. That the people they hate so much might actually be real Human beings with real feelings and opinions, is beyond their comprehension. Simple as it is.


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