Monday, December 29, 2014

Thinkin' and Sayin'

Simpson quotes Jerry Dunford...
You use history as your vehicle to blog and to spread the mistrusts about the flaggers and Southern heritage groups and history.
...and then replies....
Absolutely. Several bloggers have been very active in sharing their understanding of history through their blogs (as well as through other venues).
Ah, no. Both of these statements are incorrect. 

The floggers don't use history as their "vehicle" and they don't "share their understanding of history" -- they use history and their blogs as  WEAPONS.

They don't just "spread mistrust" about the Flaggers and Southern heritage groups. They (especially Simpson) LIE about them, attack, denigrate, harass and attempt to persecute them.

In fact, there's a typical Simpson lie in this very post: "This, of course, is why Confederate heritage apologists advocates spend so much time telling us that they don’t care what their critics say."

This is in response to something I wrote -- only I didn't write "what our critics say about us." I plainly, clearly said we don't care "what they think of us."

Do you suppose somebody with all of Simpson's edumucation doesn't know the difference between THINK and SAY? (See, Jacobson? THIS is why dictionary definitions are necessary.)

And in this case, online writing (i.e., blogging)  is a form of saying.

So, yes, I take great interest in what they say -- in the lies, the denigration, the harassment and attempted persecution. And THAT is what I monitor their blogs for (especially XRoads).

But me care what Simpson thinks of us? It'll be a cold day in hell before that happens.


  1. Connie,

    You should read what I stated in it's full and complete context, using Brooks Simpsons version is wrong, incorrect, and only supports Simpson in his Liberal left wing anti-South Lies. Yes I stated the part he quotes, but there was more stated than just what you printed, I am and have been 150% in support and agreement with the Virginia Flaggers, so please make sure you acknowledge this fact.

  2. Connie, shame on you for posting my comments that were taken out of context by Brooks " The Simulator " Simpson. Are you getting confused as to who he is and what he does. This was wrong of you.

    1. Jerry, I'll say it again: "I know he misquotes, cherry-picks and distorts what he chooses to 'quote.'" That's what my whole post was about.

  3. Jerry, believe me, I know he misquotes, cherry-picks and distorts what he chooses to "quote."


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