Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remember This From Kevin Levin?

Is This Image Really Controversial?
Generated quite a comment thread at his blog.

Since he is so, so, so focused on slavery (at least, as it is connected to the Confederacy and the South), I wonder if he'll blog about this.

‘New Age of Slavery’painting by Patrick Campbell

Nah. What a silly question. Of course he won't. First, although floggers can make nearly anything civil-war related, I suspect they won't try too hard with this. "It's not civil war related so we ain't touchin' it."

After all, it puts the flag of the floggers' glorious union in a really bad light.

It's a striking image but I suspect it won't resonate with floggers.

At all.


  1. Not "civil war related"....and I suppose the Confederate Santa Village was eh Kevin?

  2. Men with no honor who have nothing of importance to say.

  3. The floggers are probably not even aware of Campbell's work. If they are, they couldn't care less. It's no threat to Northern supremacy anyway. Their favourite delusion remains intact. Since we all know that the sixteen state oligarchy IS America, and the rest of us are not, the floggers, and other Northerners, will chalk it up to a much needed "national self criticism." In fact, they'll applaud it as brilliant and "necessary."


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