Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wallowing In It at XRoads

Mousy Tongue
December 18, 2014 at 10:53 am

Chastain is actively trivializing Lilly Baumann’s tragedy, using poor arguments to claim she is presumably safe.
She must be using the liberal concept of trivializing. What the rest of the world understands as trivializing is this:

to make trivial; cause to appear trifling, of very little importance or value; insignificant.

Well, of course, my pointing out the fact that the media reported that the little girl is with her mother doesn't trivialize anything. It is simply the truth. Would Mousy have us believe Lilly would be just as safe if she'd been kidnapped by a modern day Richard Hauptmann? Is she for real?
She is in fact campaigning against concern for the missing girl.
Ah, no. I'm rejecting the despicable implication that the Virginia Flaggers are involved in, associated with, have knowledge of (beyond news reports) or are in some way responsible for the kidnapping.
Brooks D. Simpson
December 18, 2014 at 11:51 am
 Chastain simply doesn’t give a damn about Lilly Baumann.
First, my understanding is that the little girl's name is Lilly Everett. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding.

Second, I give as much d--- about her as I do the 260,000+ OTHER kids who are abducted every year in the US. Obviously, she is the only one Simpson gives a d--- about.
Neither do the Virginia Flaggers.
Which brings us to the reason why Brooks Simpson, hypocritus monumentalus, gives a d--- about Lilly... She is a weapon to use against the VaFlaggers. Beyond that, what evidence to we have that he gives a d--- about her? Have you ever seen him express his "concern" about her in a post that doesn't attack the Flaggers and imply that they are involved in, associated with, have knowledge of the kidnapping?


  1. I still worry about having Missing Lilly's picture show up on Simpleton's blog, given its sordid past with certain....ah, unsavory types of folks.

  2. Simpson's feign concern for Lilly is disgusting.

    1. Its no shock he should feign concern for the missing child (and for some reason the mother's disappearance seems of little to no concern)...after all these are the same people who use faux "compassion" for minorities and their alleged feelings as the justification for their hatred of Confederate heritage and Southern identity.

  3. Indeed, gentlemen. Simpson doesn't even try to disguise his use of the incident to demonize the VaFlaggers. It's blatant.

    1. People like him think they're untouchable, that they can look down on anyone they want and throw mud without it sticking to them.
      The best way to deal with them is laugh at them and treat them like the low-level trash they are. All he CAN do is throw accusations around, and use "dirt" from online sources. Outside his blog, Simpleton has no real power or influence, and neither do the dozen assclowns who stroke his ego.

  4. Indeed Mr Simpson has an unusual hatred for all things Southern. I do understand he was educated in Connecticut but he is not a man of honor.How can a professor of history be so engaged in the case of a missing child and not launch a nationwide hunt for her. HYPOCRISY at its best.


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