Sunday, December 21, 2014

For the Geography Impaired....

Found on Twitter:

No Susan Hathaway on the sidewalk in Pensacola? It's hard to be on the sidewalk in Pensacola when you're in Virginia. Impossible, in fact...


  1. Geography is a difficult concept for Neo-Yankees. I believe the distance between you and Ms. Hathaway, is nearly the same as that between her and the Floggers. Yet they seem to be awfully concerned about what goes on in Virginia. Even though it has no relevance to where they live and it's really none of their business.

  2. Another gem from Jimmy Dick
    "Why would the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia be flying in Florida? Why does someone want to flag anything in Florida? What is the point of flagging? If it is to prove one’s lack of historical knowledge, then she proved it in spades, but she does that via her blog all the time.

    If she wants to educate people on the purpose of the confederacy she should have been out with shackles and chains and offered to put them on black people to demonstrate what the confederacy was about."

    Ole Jimmy sure is a knucklehead.His grasp of history is real shaky at best.

    1. What Yankees don't understand is that after the war, the VBF became the symbol of the whole South, not just the ANV. It's also a symbol of resistance to Northern cultural hegemony. The Slavery thing is the moral straw they grab at to justify their aggression. Otherwise, their argument is lame and specious, given the North's political/cultural history up to 1860.

    2. Indeed, Mr. Owens. They don't seem to realize that history didn't stop at Appomattox Courthouse. What you say about the battle flag becoming a symbol of the whole South and of resistance to Northern cultural hegemony is, in fact, history.

  3. Well at least you have caught their eye now, you have a unique chance to help the cause congrats.

    A good website on Confederate flags----


  4. Yes, Simp, the map is approximate, the 900 miles is also approximate, which is why it sez "ABOUT", West Florida isn't bleeding and Susan isn't scared, but you are despicable for lying about her the way you do.

    Let me see how best to put this. What we wear, the color and style of our clothes and, in fact, everything about us is none of your flippin' business, capisce?


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