Sunday, December 28, 2014

Just for Yuks


  1. LOL! Simpson says this is a joke about rape. How is it that all his great edumuhcation fails him so? It's a Joke about FEMINISTS, about FEMINISM, and their slavering obsession with a non-existent "rape epidemic."

    1. To clarify...despite idiotic claims by floggerettes like LibertyLamprey, I do not take REAL rape lightly. It's both a crime and a sin. However, the feminist crusade against "rape culture" and "rape epidemic" is simply a manifestation of what feminism actually is -- misandry. Hatred of men.

      I think sex before or outside of marriage is wrong, sinful, for both men and women. But the reality is that it's very widespread, and in the culture we're living in, feminism's screeching about rape, rape culture, etc., is simply acrusade to criminalize male sexuality.

      Female regret afterward does not make consensual sex rape, and that is a LOT of what feminists are trying to palm off as rape. And some rape accusations are just out-and-out lies...


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