Sunday, April 13, 2014

What a Gulli-Bull, What a Nin-Cow-Poop....

Al Mackey sez, "The RVA post identifies the flaggers as a group of white supremacists.  If that is not the case, then Ms. Hathaway needs to prove it."

Al, Austin identifies you as a fraud and a liar. If that is not the case YOU NEED TO PROVE IT.

Besides, who gives a flip WHAT the RVA post identifies? Who is the RVA poster that we or anyone should pay a bit of attention to him/her?

The "RVA" post Mackey is talking about is from "Active RVA" which is the personal blog of somebody who identifies herself as "Kat," a "cisgender woman" and "socialist." Without a last name, the blogger basically renders her blog useless -- at least, as far as VaFlaggers info is concerned..

Mackey also cites "Spe-lunk-ing", who is also anonymous and therefore not a reliable or reputable source re: the flaggers.. Spe-lunk-ing does identify Kat as "Kat McNeal of Active-RVA," (why can't she do it on her own blog?) but that still tells us nothing.

Why? Because there is no information given on either McNeal's or Spe-lunk-ing's credentials, no good reason at all given for why anyone should believe anything the say about the VaFlaggers -- or anything else, for that matter. The only thing we know is that they are against/opposed to the VaFlaggers ... so how reliable can their reports about them be?

I'm truly amazed at how people of seeming normal intelligence are so easily duped by something on the Internet. When did Americans get so gullible? I don't know how many times I've had to post to Facebook threads proving that the Dearborn MI city council did NOT vote to "fully implement" Sharia law ... that people in Hannah, Wyoming have NOT been microchipped for Obamacare implementation ... that Gen. Petraeus did NOT stage a coup in D.C. ... that a horrifying photo of a screaming man being tortured with a cattle prod is NOT Ambassador Chris Stevens ... that Florida's four "FEMA Camps" (on the infamous list of 800 FEMA camps nationwide) do NOT exist ...

And yet people believe this stuff. They don't take even minimal time to determine whether the source is real or bogus.

Makes you wonder how many of the floggers get their news from the National Report. I mean, if they'll believe Kat and Spe-lunk-ing, there's no reason for them to NOT believe Nigel J. Covington III at the National Report.... 

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  1. "I'm truly amazed at how people of seeming normal intelligence are so easily duped by something on the Internet."

    Well there is the problem-- Al Mackey doesn't have normal intellengence. That fact is easily proven just by reading his one sided blog. Which brings to mind this question -- Mackey when are you going to post the documents you are supposed to have that proves the war was about slavery? I am still waiting.

    And Connie, thanks for this blog, it workls better than than piece of trash Simpson has up

    George Purvis
    Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education

  2. Over at Mackey's worthless blog, he is grandstanding and posturing about "racism" again. Now remember, Mackey never ever tires of loudly and ceaselessly telling all the world what a fierce advocate of diversity and multi-culturalism he is, and how he has zero patience, zero patience, for any, any, displays of discrimination. He simply will not stand by and allow it.

    The Uinted States Air Force has eleven major commands. Of those eleven commands, eleven have commanding Generals who are white. The Secretary of the Air Force is white, and the Air Force Chief of Staff is white. Al Mackey tells us he spent 28 years in the Air Force. Now we have seen how viciously and aggressively Al goes after the "racists" in the Flagger movement.

    So here is the question: Is Mackey a miserable, grandstanding hypocritical fraud, or is he going after the Air Force leadership as aggressively as he goes after the Flaggers for their "racism" and lack of diversity?

    You get after 'em now, you here Al? We are all behind you!

  3. OK, I just checked Mackey's blog expecting to see a copy of the searing letter he wrote

  4. As I was saying...I checked Mackey's blog to see if he has posted that searing letter of protest he sent to the Secretary of the Air Force where he ruthlessly criticizes the complete and utter absence of African-Americans from the Air Force Senior Leadership. It is not up yet, but rest assured it will be. Especially now that I will also remind Mackey that the Superintendent of the Air Force Academy is white, as is the Commandant of Cadets at the Academy. You guys may think Mackey is nothing but a grandstanding, hypocritical fraud who enjoys bullying and taking cheap shots to score political points and curry favor with his coterie of limousine-liberals, but I know better. You guys just wait. Now that Al knows there is rampant discrimination and racism in his beloved Air Force, look out!

    Yessiree, Al will have that letter posted on his blog just as surely as the Air Force has eleven major commands, and all the commanding Generals are white. Go get 'em Al!


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