Friday, September 11, 2015

Be Careful Out There

In case you haven't noticed, the hate and vitriol aimed toward Confederate heritage folks is rising alarmingly, and the incitement to violence against us grows.

The cowardly anonymous blogger I call De'Stroy posts dozens of images of heritage folks who are very clearly identifiable in them, and portrays them as contemptible -- after all, they pal around with "white nationalist" League of the Southers -- although I've never known League people to be violent.

You occasionally find non-credible threats on social media by folks in our community, but there is no evidence they were made to incite anyone to violence. They're virtually always an emotional response to some outrage against heritage, tradition, Christianity, etc. I have never seen any report of actual violence that was incited by this kind of non-credible threats. The closest thing is comments encouraging physical defense against violent attacks.

Threats, of course, are not in the heritage-hater's arsenal. These are tolerant progressives -- they would never stoop to making threats. But their methodology is to portray heritage defenders as the kind of people worthy of being targeted, although they aren't actually targeting them, don't you know. They'll gladly tell you they abhor violence. But the constant drum-beat of hatred for heritage folks by people like Brooks Simpson and De'Stroy will, sooner or later, have that effect. If violence is not the result they want, why are they encouraging it?

And their hate-mongering is on the Internet -- the WORLD WIDE WEB -- where anyone can see it, and be provoked by it. Presumably, that's what they want. There's no other way to interpret what they're doing.

These are dangerous times, and getting moreso. The social media campaign encouraging the theft and vandalism of Confederate flags on private property, the  Black Lives Matter and the F--- Yo Flag movements -- these are deliberately provocative. They are incitements to violence, particularly in crowds where a mob mentality can take hold quickly, like a flash fire. The recent response to a flag rally in the nation's capital illustrates this. Fortunately, due to the restraint of heritage folks, the mob was only successful at property damage and arson -- violence against the participants was averted.

As soon as I'm physically and medically able to do so, I will resume sidewalk-style activism, and at this point, I'm not particularly worried about violence in my area. There are lots of places far worse than northwest Florida. But as our heritage community grows and activism increases, we will be more likely to draw the attention of heritage haters and their, ah, " unintended" enforcers. So I will be taking my own advice and be constantly aware of my surroundings at events and prepared to dodge bullets, to pour oil on the troubled waters, as it were, if there is opportunity to do so, and avert confrontations that could result in violence.

Confederate activists everywhere, do the same. Prepare to de-escalate possible violence by avoiding confrontations, and hope that the hate being drummed up against you, your flags, your monuments, your heritage, stays online and doesn't materialize on the sidewalks of your community.


  1. Connie, these far-Leftist people do not consider us worthy of existing, let alone the dignity of being treated as human beings with rights. Their own rhetoric and lack of empathy show mindsets that are full of hatred (both self-hatred and hatred of others) and - in a few cases - border on psychotic.

    It is as I have said before, it is only a matter of time before another potential Bryce Williams out there with only two brain cells and no emotional control gets inspired by one of those movements, or something some Wonkette says and commits some Columbine/Aurora/Charleston/UVA/Boston-type act of retribution for some alleged "crime"...more frightening considering that may young people and children attend these events.

    Regardless I will not lower my flag, nor will I hide. If like those who followed Ghandi or King I must take a beating in order to openly be proud of who I am and who my ancestors were - then I would be proud to take that beating. I am not afraid for my own life, that debt has already been paid and my soul belongs to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of the true and living God. They can beat my body, break my bones, even kill me. All they would have is my dead body, not my obedience, or compliance to their misguided stereotypical worldview.

    Still, I will pray that cooler heads prevail, but I fear that the most radical members of the Opposition will not allow it. God be with all of us as we continue to stand against PC bigotry and the mentalities of racial identity politics.

  2. Replies
    1. It is the truth, I am incapable of saying anything less on this subject.

  3. The people arrayed against us are children of the Great Deceiver. They pretend to be tolerant and the champions of the downtrodden, but basically, they are socialists with socialism's true goal. And what is that?

    Well, the visible goals are:

    1. Destruction of private property
    2. Destruction of the traditional family
    3. Destruction of traditional (Christian) religion

    But as Igor Shafarevich knew, their true goal is far different....

    "...socialism had endured throughout history, usually in the form of one or another Christian heresy. It gives expression to the gnostic urge to rebel — the rebellion of the educated against the constraints imposed by Creation and by God. In earlier periods, when of course the socialist label was not used, it could be identified by its insistent, unvarying emphasis on certain goals: the destruction of private property and of the traditional or 'nuclear' family; and above all, the dismemberment of traditional, or orthodox religion. Throughout history, the phenomenon has been obsessed with material equality, and with the eradication of individual and gender distinctions. It wars incessantly against the normal. Shafarevich concluded that a 'striving for self-destruction,' for nothingness, for the “death of mankind,” was the true goal of socialism. Instinctively, without stating it or even seeing it as the conscious goal, the socialist phenomenon seeks the death of the human race."

    It strives for self-destruction, for the death of mankind, for the death of the human race. Nothingness. That is socialism's goal....

  4. Simpson, predictably, responds, "From questioning the display of the Confederate battle flag and decrying white supremacy and bigotry to wanting to kill Confederate heritage advocates to desiring a socialist order … yup, that’s how these fine minds work." He meant to be flippant, but he actually described the situation accurately.

    Presumably, he wants us to think that he is "Questioning the display of the Confederate battle flag and decrying white supremacy and bigotry," but he has beat the drum of hate against the Virginia Flaggers for four years now. He's up to over 300 posts or comments about them now. And note that implying that Susan Hathaway was involved in a kidnapping has nothing to do with Confederate flag displays or decrying white supremacy and bigotry. Her job has nothing to do with it, either. He would just like to see her lose her livelihood.

    It has to do with leftist need to control; to eradicate what they disapprove of. "Live and let live" is not in their mentality.

  5. Connie
    As your echo I feel its my duty to agree with you. Brooks is a man on a mission to lead his followers in constant attacks on folks that he feels are not his equal. There is few who do not tow the party line but sadly, they are careful with their disagreement with him least they be branded a neo-confederate. If someone dies because of these learned folks constant attacks on folks who only wish to honor their family I am sure they will disavow any responsibility for their actions or words.Oh by the way I am still waiting on RBlee to reveal his/her true identity. And also what happened to my friend from North Mississippi Leo?

    1. Thank you, Jessie. I appreciate the support of my echoes. I think some of his readers get tired of his bashing and wish he'd stick with history, but he gets too much pleasure from the bashing to do more than let up a little now and then. Rblee will never identify him/herself, he's scared to. And Leo -- well, she comes and goes....


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