Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rules and Exceptions in the Simpson Floggosphere

Remember this? Back in January, Simpson said he was gonna "confine" his commentary on Confederate heritage advocates to a weekly column for "run-of-the-mill" items?  Well, we knew, and he knew, he couldn't do it -- he's too obsessed -- so he gave himself some wiggle room with this: "Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule, but only in cases I find particularly interesting."


So, we're up to week 38 of the 52-week year. There should be 38 weekly columns and some ... number of ... exceptions to the rule.

Thus far in 2015, Simpson has uploaded to XRoads 84 posts and/or comments about Confederate heritage. That would be ... lessee... 38 "weekly columns" and ... a whopping 46 "exceptions to the rule" that he found "particularly interesting."

Talk about yer wiggle room... It's bigger than the whole house.

Most of the 84 posts/comments are about the Virginia Flaggers....

And there are fourteen weeks left in the year.

The little man from sunny Arizona, home of grammar deficient universities ... a man of his word? Or a little man with a big obsession?


  1. Wow we really must prove to be "really interesting" to the dear professor from Arizona. Not sure if I find being interested by an internet stalker like Simpleton to be a good thing though.

  2. And I guess he still expects us to believe he's interested in the VaFlaggers because he finds them "amusing"....


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