Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well, Can You Read It Now?

More proof that certain heritage haters have no use for the truth.

One of my comments at XRoads, about this photo of the plane banner taken by Judy Smith:
You can see I'm right, just from looking at the image. The letters are lying flat on the ground and so you can't read the words.  I'm sure Simpson can see that, too.  Nevertheless, he says:

Well, duh. What did I say? " can't read the words with the letters lying flat on the ground."

You can read part of the word Confederate, but not the whole word, and none of the other words.

So what it proves of what he said is that she was there and saw the banner before it flew, and that it was laid out on the ground before her. And it proves what I said.

Can YOU read this? The words down at the end of the banner OPPOSITE from where Judy snapped the photo? Look, I enlarged it some, to help out:

Nope. Can't read it.

I even outlined those letters of the banner that are readable in the photo... Well, some of the outlined letters are readable, anyway.

Past the first E in Confederate, the letters start distorting too badly for you to make them out. Most of the D disappears. From the R onward, the word Confederate is completely unreadable. Only the cross pieces of the T and last E are distinguishable from the shadows of the upright sections on the ground.

And beyond that, no words can be made out. The letters of the last two words are completely indistinguishable as letters, and thus the words they form are totally illegible.

If you didn't already know what the banner read, you might not even be able to make out Confederate in this photo.

Judy's vantage point was the same as her camera's. She saw what the camera saw, and the camera proves she couldn't read the banner -- only part of one word, Confederate, which is not the word being made much of.

What this also  proves is that the rest of Simpson's comment is steeped in his usual hate and lying.

Sure you could ...  You do it all the time, Simpson. You fabricate or hallucinate nearly everything you call Flagger dishonesty and stupidity.

The photographic evidence proves what I've said -- Judy couldn't see, let alone spell check, the last two words in the banner when she photographed them.  It disproves what Simpson claims.

But what does he care for truth and proof? When it comes to the Virginia Flaggers -- nothing.

(P.S., um "professor" -- it's Fuh-huh-hun-nee, not Fun-hun-hun-nee. Um, just as a reminder, you're employed by Arizona State University, right?)

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  1. Perhaps the error should be cited as "intentional" in order to garner more attention. Such as Arizona State --

    "The only problem is that they left out a key part of the message. The sign reads "One of top 100 universities in the world." It is missing the word "the".

    A university spokesperson said it was intentional and that the shorter advertising message was meant to grab a driver's attention."


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