Sunday, September 6, 2015

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My Latest Meme
Getting lots of shares on Facebook.

If I Decide to Vote
I'll vote for Trump.

No, I don't believe he will save the country.  He can't; nobody can. It's not a matter of the country being "too far gone." It's because it's completely gone.  You can't save something that's already dead.

So, no, it's not for the country, but for people. I believe he may be able to do something about the economy and bring back jobs so people won't be hurting so bad. May even be able to help in other ways. I hope so.

The Strange Case of Sandi Saunders
There's this woman, from somewhere in Virginia or North Carolina or someplace in North Dixie, who claims to be a Southerner who honors Confederates the right way. And she hates us heritage folks because we do it, in her estimation, the wrong way.

So she posts comments in various flogger flog threads, most often Simpson's XRoads, complaining to floggers and their sick-o-fants about how wrong we are and what evil people we are and talking real ugly about us, as if the floggers and floggerettes are her allies. I am truly dumbfounded by her utter cluelessness. They are not on her side; they do not share her purported respect for Confederates, and they do not applaud her "honoring" them correctly.

Sandy, hun. Open your eyes. Those people HATE the Confederacy. They hate us heritage folks. They don't care if you honor Confederates the right way -- they HATE Confederates.  Wake up. They are not your friends.

Racism Defined
If you’re more interested in words than behavior, you likely do not agree with my concept of racism. But it is well illustrated in these two video clips from Rescue Me, where a group of firemen are being forced to take “sensitivity training” — apparently because a female fireman … fireperson? … complained about namecalling. Particularly listen to what the Dennis Leary character says at the end of the second video — if he goes into a burning building and refuses to rescue anyone except those of his own color, THEN he will take “sensitivity training.”

That fits my concept of racism — behavior, not words. Self-styled “anti-racists” and Confederate heritage critics are focused totally on words. When the words are objectionable AND the behavior matches, then you have a case. When they don’t match *I* go by the behavior.

If anyone says all sorts of nice things about, say, blacks folks, but then exhibits objectionable behavior toward them just because of their race, I wouldn’t trust the words, get it? By the same token, if somebody “talks racist” but doesn’t exhibit racist behavior toward someone, I’m not going to be overly concerned with what they say, particularly now, when the whole country is in a racial uproar. I may disapprove of that kind of language, but to me, how people treat others is what’s important.

I know a man, a rather well known heritage advocate and activist, who is excoriated as a “racist” by race-obsessed bloggers because of things he’s said, (generally namecalling) but this man does business with blacks, counts them among his clients, has cordial relationships with them, has interacted with them socially. Like the Dennis Leary character, his behavior negates his objectionable words. He is not a racist. But floggers don't care about how well he treats people of other races. They are about words only.

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