Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Special Dedication to Bob Carey

and his comrades at XRoads. Mr. Carey is extremely proud of  his union ancestor CORRECTION: his native state of New York for helping to hold the country together so it could become Ronald Reagan's City on a Hill.

I wonder what he thinks about the "F-- Yo Flag" movement. You can see the video at Facebook -- it's public -- at this link: https://www.facebook.com/van.mayes.9/videos/o.102103716808586/157314737941180/?type=2&theater   (Warning, extremely filthy language.)

(I've featured another video from this movement, here: http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2015/07/fk-yo-flag-black-powah.html

Things like this put folks like the XRoads "anti-racist" crowd in a real quandry. You can get mad and show your righteous indignation when heritage folks don't show the proper respect for Old Gory, though I've never seen anyone on our side resort to blatant disrespect. If they've done it, it hasn't gotten wide play.

But the anti-racists can't criticize blacks for this breathtaking show of contempt for the US flag and, presumably, for the republic for which it stands, because that would be racist. Any criticism of blacks is racist. We're just supposed to understand what goshawful circumstances lead them to this point. Can't criticize their disrespect for the country and flag, can't criticize their thuggery at the D.C. flag rally, can't criticize riots, looting, arson because one of them got shot by a cop, even though the cop was cleared of wrongdoing by none other than Obama's Justice Department, can't criticize the filthy language and the sheer ignorance. Because. That. Would. Be. Racist.

Must be tough, being an anti-racist, when you look straight at reality and have to pretend it doesn't exist.


  1. I doubt that Bob Carey's Union ancestor would approve of either Bob, or many of the folks in floggerland. Their actions serve only to tear apart the very nation that his ancestors allegedly fought to keep together.
    Also keep in mind that the last image of those Union men was one of them standing across the stone wall at Gettysburg in 1913 and 1938 shaking hands with their former enemies and fellow Americans in brotherhood. They fought the war and they put it behind them....indeed most descendants of Union soldiers have no problem with Southern heritage in general today.

    So what keeps the floggers so bent on trying to re-win the war today (or at least Ken Burns and Edward Sebesta's neo-Unionist strange connection between the war and modern-day politics)?

  2. Dey see whut dey wants to see-
    Hear whut dey wants to hear-
    and dey ignores whut dey don't wanna acknowledge.


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