Monday, September 28, 2015

Speaking of Charles Manson Qualities....

Sez "Lamp" (aka "Liberty Lamp" aka "LibertyLip" aka "Lamprey") in a recent comment thread at XRoads....
Both Hines and Hill are off their gourd.

Hines is very much like the Connie for the LOSers, while Hill babbles racist overly dramatic cheerleading nonsense at his half witted followers all day, much like “red shirt Susie”.

I agree, he has a Charles Manson quality to him. Crazy-ass and conman all rolled into one.

They must all be following the same lunatic fringe guide book…

It’s where misfits can find other misfits to mumble with about their racist ideas.

Pretty interesting, coming from a demented, self-style "anti-racist" with a death fetish  -- as found on his/her Twitter account....

In the "Nazi-killin' bizznizz..."


From Nazi-killin' to kill whitey....  Why would anybody in their right mind think this is okay?

Tarot death card ... just lovely.

Dead body-style chalk outline photoshopped into a blowup of its own head.  Talk about outta his/her gourd....

God is a myth for weak-minded morons who cannot think for themselves... Yet atheism, in just one century, was responsible for murdering more human beings than any other ideology or religion ...  Murderous atheistic communism --  "strong-minded homicidal maniacs thinking for themselves...."

This is the kind of people who oppose Confederate heritage, much like the guttersnipes who carried profane signs, screamed and threatened at the Confederate rally in DC and stole and destroyed property (keyed cars, stole and ripped apart a flag).

These amoral "anti-racist" haters can make some white supremacists look lofty by comparison.


  1. Oooh Connie, your last line. You're in for it now, hon!
    Pfft! No doubt the Simpleton will come up with some way to put it out of context.

    As for me, he can quote this one from me....ON THE RECORD:

    As far as I am concerned there is only a hair's difference between a white supremacist and a faux history blogger, or any other anti-Confederate heritage reactionary.

  2. We will wait with bated breath for Simpson to condemn this individual, he is after all a frequent commenter on his blog.Off topic but ole Jimmy Dick just had his butt handed to by someone named Anders good job sir!


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