Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My YouTube Comment to the Young Jerks....

A group has made A FOOL out of themselves? How can that happen? You are too IGNORANT to do proper syntax and grammar (not to mention ARITHMETIC), and you're complaining about a flippin' TYPO?

You can't even get your flippin' FACTS straight. It was not a Black Lives Matter protest, dipsticks. It was a group that pompously calls itself Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality (its members obviously can't do proper grammar any more than YOU can). You ignoramuses, you don't even know what the flippin' group was PROTESTING. And this is supposed to be a NEWS group? The Young Turks? The Young Jerks is more like it. Maybe you need to learn some flippin' JOURNALISM and check your flippin' SOURCES for accuracy instead of getting in front of a camera and GUESSING, bimbo.

And what does your flippin' error after error prove? That pretend-journalism and TRUTH are INCOMPATIBLE? Did you even CALL anybody in VIRGINIA to get the FACTS? The grammar deficient Defenders of Freedom, Justice and Equality were protesting the VETERANS MEMORIALS on Monument Avenue, and the banner was to counter their idiocy. So if y'all aren't racists, what do you attribute your stupidity and IGNORANCE to?

All this has been covered and it is easily researched. The Virginia Flaggers paid for the plane and banner -- they didn't put it together themselves, dipsticks. The banner plane company did that. I don't know why -- but then, you don't either. Maybe they ran out of E's. But the point is, you are talking about something you know NOTHING about. You are passing judgment on people and events you know nothing about. You know what that makes you, aside from ignorant? It makes you HATEFUL BIGOTS. Congrats. You're worse than ANYBODY you're complaining about. 
My parting shot to the Young Jerks, whose video is titled, "Misspelling Confederates Prove How Dumb Racists Are" --  "So, when criminal punks vandalize monuments with misspelled grafitti -- Black Lives Mater -- what do you attribute their dumbness and ignorance to?"

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