Monday, September 14, 2015

Just Some Comments In Passing ...

... to some of the folks at XRoads....

Simpson, nothing I wrote in the post you're lying about, or in the comments following it, indicates claiming victim status. It indicates other people are attempting to victimize us. Which isn't the same thing.

Sandi, hun, go play outside. (If you have to explain to people you're writing sarcasm by including "/sarcasm",  your attempt at sarcasm is a complete failure, capisce?)

Neal, your paraphrasing is totally in error.  Not even close to what I wrote and what Carl replied.

Ohioguy, you're missing the point, as usual.

Hyperbole, Ruminski? Well, you should know, I guess.

Lamp, no evidence the guttersnipes who opposed the rally were DC residents (not residence)... Coulda been from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Jersey... Coulda been from anywhere so no evidence DC is their town. It's the nation's capitol and belongs to the whole country. Heritage folks have as much right to go there as any other bunch, although I personally have little regard for the place and no desire to go there. It's the location of the most corrupt institution on the face of the planet -- the U.S. government. Still, the heritage folks' behavior put that of the filthy "anti-racists" to shame.

LaSquisha, "Neo-Yankee" is as much a word as "Neo-Confederate" is. One concept of neo-yankee is, a philosophical heir of those who came down South 150 years ago to kill Southerners.

Bob Carey, keep working on it; stop trying to misunderstand. And consider the ill-advisedness of getting your info about us from people who hate us. Ain't reliable.

Michael/Fundrums .. All? We are ALL ... drama queens? ALL? You have a history of being inaccurately all-inclusive about heritage folks, don'cha?


  1. Bravo Connie!
    I run into one or more of these assclowns myself in comment sections...most recently Sandi. I almost hate to take them on in an intellectual debate, considering how woefully unprepared few of them are. Even those who have something worthwhile simply parrot talking points that have been refuted over and over again.
    Anyhow do I want to know what Neal said about you and me?

  2. He said....

    “It’s everybody’s fault but mine!” or “Everybody hates me because I’m always right!” or some other self-righteous crap.

    I wish they would just read some real history.



    Nothing I said in "Be Careful Out There" or your comment following it, even remotely means what Neil says here. And he puts it in quotes, as if we actually said it. How is warning people to be careful -- that some bad folks could be after them -- equate to self-righteousness? Neil's hatred of us is apparently skewing his reading comprehension...


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