Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Lure of Confrontation

I have to give De'Stroy credit for opening my eyes... well, no, not opening them. They've been open. Let's just say credit for putting more in my field of vision. For moving some less important things out of the way so I can see what's behind them that's far more crucial.

And folks, the evil is more extensive and better disguised than I ever knew. But I'm finding out now... 

Despite being colossal and monstrous, the evil is not invincible. It will be a challenge to learn about its nature and true extent ... and  to confront it. But the challenge, the learning, the confrontation do have their attraction, especially for somebody with an extra endowment of pure cussedness such as myself...

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  1. They don't bother to disguise who they are anymore because they know their time is short.


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