Friday, September 18, 2015

Confederate Students and the Knockout Game

So while Simpson and his Sick-o-fants are in an uproar over some "uncooperative" kids in Virginia  who wore Confederate-themed clothing to school and were harassed by the school for it, HERE's what they ignore. And ignore. And ignore.

This kind of thing is happening constantly, from one end of the country to the other. Yes, the media ignore most of it, but we have social media now, and a lot of it gets posted on Facebook...and people who constantly go over Facebook with a fine-toothed comb looking for Confederates who say bad words or support their heritage can certainly find this stuff.

But, of course, they are not interested in real crime and real criminals -- depending on skin-color, of course. Because to find it and acknowledge it might lend a certain amount of credibility to things evil "racists" have said on Facebook...

So while Leo and Andy Hall get all bent out of shape because kids in Mississippi and Georgia fly Confederate flags from their pickup trucks and exchange insults with screaming black crowds, pay attention to what they ignore.

I guess Simpson and his followers think black kids playing the knockout gang is okay ... or at least, not all that bad.  Not nearly as bad as wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt to school or flying a flag from a pickup truck bed. How do I know?  Well, they never mention it, never say they disapprove -- and by the standards they impose on others, you HAVE to get online --  where they can see it -- and SAY what you disapprove of -- and if you don't, that means you approve of it.

Since they don't publicly disapprove of the increasing level of crime committed by young blacks, they approve of it. But we know they disapprove of Confederates who simply TALK -- who don't beat anybody up, don't stomp on their heads, don't knock them off bikes and kick their ribs....

It's possible some have issued half-hearted condemnation of black violence, the knockout game, flash mobs, etc., but there's a reason why they have to be circumspect about it... as we shall see.

Here's another example of senseless black violence -- something you rarely ever see white kids do, even those wearing Confederate T-shirts ... follow the link to Facebook.

Posted by Grand Rapids Police Department on Monday, August 3, 2015

When Johnny Cooper of Hazel Green, Alabama, walked to D.C. with a Confederate flag and certain folks threw bottles at him and tried to run over him, Ohioguy said we're supposed to just understand that the site of the flag creates emotional responses of such magnitude, they can't help but want to be violent, and we should just understand...or something like that.

Frankly, I don't think flags have much to do with it. Most of the reports of black "teen" violence are not associated with the Confederate flag in any way. 

Meanwhile, Southerners who see their heritage lied about, crapped on and targeted for erasure are supposed to have no emotional response? We're supposed to accept the "interpretation" that floggers and other "progressive" critics put on it, as if only their views matter?

Ah, no. The answer is no.

Of course, floggers and floggerettes can't be as blind or as stupid as their silence suggests. They know about black crime; they just can't say so because ... well, just NOTICING it makes you a virulent racist. And if you don't interpret Confederate teens "uncooperativeness" in their choice of school garments as violent and racist and far worse than some black knockout game player, well that makes you a virulent racist.  If they are cornered, and have to admit knowing about it, well, the standard fallback for self-styled anti-racists  is to blame "white racism" and just "understand" the emotion behind it, a la Ohioguy.

Of course.


  1. I guess Chastain and her followers think that ethnic cleansing, the Jonestown cult, African genocide, starvation, disco, and the films of Gerard DiPardieu are okay ... or at least, not all that bad. How do I know? Well, they never mention it, never say they disapprove -- and by the standards they impose on others, you HAVE to get online -- where they can see it -- and SAY what you disapprove of -- and if you don't, that means you approve of it.

  2. That's Simpson's meme, Woodro12, not mine -- the one HE tries to hold OTHERS to, but exempts himself from. I don't buy that standard and I don't use it. I mention it in this post only as an illustration that HE doesn't apply it to HIMSELF, making him a colossal hypocrite.

    No, I do not automatically assume people approve of something unless they say they don't. I established that on this blog a long time ago. See here:

    "You see, Ferguson, it isn't necessary to disavow support for everything one doesn't support. As long as one has not openly supported or advocated it, it can safely be assumed that one doesn't support it. Capisce?" -- Connie Chastain, Unless You Say Yer Agin' It, You Must Be Fer It?

    This current post is just to illustrate what hypocrites and haters Simpson, his fellow floggers and their floggerettes are. They impose on others a standard they do not apply to themselves.

    Do try to keep up.

  3. Connie,
    a long time ago I learned a saying that fits the Simpsonite's
    "Don't do as I do, do as I say"


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