Saturday, September 19, 2015

Proof Positive Simpson Hates the Virginia Flaggers

He says he doesn't hate them -- he just finds them amusing. Actually, what he means by that (judging by the reality of his blog) it that he finds them to be fodder for his visceral lust to ridicule.

Of course, when you have to twist, distort, and sometimes outright lie about events and circumstances in order to make them ridicule-able, the claim that he finds them amusing shows itself to be a lie, and him a liar.

Take the latest gust of hate-ridicule at XRoads, over a misspelled airplane banner.

What the floggers desire most in their hearts is to paint heritage folks to be the most heinously evil people on earth. And what makes one heinously evil to these folks? Racism. Never mind that today, the word no longer has an objective definition -- everything from sandwiches to brassieres have been called racist in Obama's PC America. But specifics don't matter to these people, anyway. All that matters is evilizing people they don't like (partly because those people see history differently -- can you believe it? Hating somebody and trying to get others to hate them because you don't approve of their views of history?)

But anyway, the Virginia Flaggers have become a beloved force in Confederate heritage, and this, on top of the fact that they are ordinary, decent human beings and make the most minor, harmless mistakes and infractions, because nobody's perfect, infuriates Simpson and his like-minded friends and followers.

What's left? When school age kids from other groups are rioting, burning, stealing, vandalizing, these floggers lose their minds because some kids wear Confederate clothing to school and are "uncooperative" when school officials try to bully them about it. Never mind that they didn't then burn the schoolhouse down or bring a fake bomb/clock to school ... these kids are nevertheless the most evil school kids on earth, to observe the reaction of flogger-types.

Ditto the VaFlaggers. What's the WORST thing Simpson and Co. could get on them this weekend? A misspelling. A typo in an airplane banner.

The hurricane of ridicule from XRoads bespeaks the barely hidden rage of haters. Who flippin' cares if heroes is misspelled? Besides, how do they know the Flaggers were responsible for the misspelling?

I left a comment at XRoads that, applying Occam's Razor (the simplest explanation is probably the correct one), the VaFlaggers probably contracted for the banner flight by phone, told the banner folks what they wanted it to say, and assumed they knew how to spell heroes.

It turns out I was wrong. Susan posted on Facebook that she did tell the banner guy the correct spelling.

Maybe he couldn't find another E. But whatever the reason, he got it wrong, not the VaFlaggers.

But why should Simpson and the rest of the flogger hate-band let a little thing like truth deprive them of a pleasurable, gut-quivering session of hate? With people like that, judging by their responses, truth takes a very distant second place to hate.



  1. Spelling be darned. The message was abundantly clear, otherwise the haters would not be going on about it. Well Done, Virginia Flaggers!! [><]

  2. Indeed, Eddie. These haters are soooo transparent. Simpson soooo badly wants to portray the VaFlaggers as eeeeevillle racists ... but the worst he can find to complain about is spelling? I wonder what the rot inside him feels like....

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