Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Liars Lie.... Again.

The recent quivering hate-denigrate-and-persecutefests at Simpson's and DeStroy's flogs have been fascinating to watch. Simpson, of course, can't post about the Virginia Flaggers without hatin' and denigratin' .... and DeStroy, who appears to be bucking for a job at the Southern Pecunious Lawyer Center, (watch out Mark Potok -- s/he's coming for your job!) gets quite a bit of hate on himself (or herself, as the case may be).

So I made a comment at XRoads about the recent plane banner-gate issue, truncated here to the salient points:

Notice I didn't say this was what happened. I simply said it was the simplest explanation for the banner misspelling. Note I also said, "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one" (emphasis added). I didn't say always the correct one, or the only correct one. Anybody that's edumuhcated and has reasonable reading comprehension skills ought to not need to have these things explained.

So look at DeStroy's blatant lie: 

Keep stories straight? There was no "story" to keep straight. I had seen no mention of it on any of my VaFlagger info feeds, so I surmised what might have happened and offered that surmise as an observation in my XRoads comment. My comment clearly indicated that I was offering a conjecture, not the stating exactly what happened. 

But DeStroy says "Con-job says on your post yesterday by phone." Nope. Ah, no, that's not what I said, DeStroy. I said, "...the simplest explanation is usually the correct one... Simplest explanation ... Whoever hired the plane/banner company did so by phone, stated what they wanted the banner to say, and assumed the banner people knew how to spell..."

But Simpson falls right into line....

How can one be caught in a Flagger lie when there was no lying, just a conjecture indicated by the phrase, "simplest explanation"? You'd think that, being a college professor (albeit at a University that gets their billboards wrong) Simpson would have enough on the ball upstairs ... um ... have enough on the ... um, be smart enough to distinguish between the two.

You know what? I believe he does. I believe he knows he was perpetrating a lie, pretending I had offered THE explanation, which contradicted Susan's, when I was simply surmising and suggesting.

Oh, and no, Simpson, I didn't write what DeStroy is implying. I wrote a suggestion, as you well know, or should know.

It's all another lesson in the blatant dishonesty and lack of integrity on the part of certain critics of Confederate heritage. As to why they do it, we'll leave that for later.

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