Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Communists Are Better Than Racists?

Jimmy Dick thinks so.  That's what he sez, anyway....

That means he thinks these guys....
Communist leaders ... mega-murderers, authors of untold human misery
...are better than these guys.
USA's founders ... slave-owning racists...
But lets look at this a little closer.

The Founders of the USA, including the racist slave holders, gave the United States the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and they founded a country where the government was answerable to the people, and where the liberty of the people would lead to great accomplishments for generations to come -- in medicine (developed cures, vaccines and treatments that benefit the whole world) invention (the airplane, the electric light bulb, the telephone, motion pictures, skyscrapers, air conditioning, the factory assembly line) and social enlightenment (outlawed child labor and inhumane treatment of animals) and on and on. Of course, the high ideals they bestowed upon the nation have been severely eroded since then, but still ... that was what they gave their posterity.

And what did the great communist/socialist leaders give the world? Governments that encouraged liberty and invention that benefited the whole world? Why, no. They invented government that murdered their own people by the millions....

According to R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii, the appalling figures are...
Murder victims of Communist Soviet Union -- 61,911,000
Murder victims of Communist China -- 76,702,000
Add in the communist murders in North Korea, Yugoslavia, Cambodia and elsewhere and the total body count for communism in the 20th century comes to about 149,469,610. That's one-hundred forty nine million, four hundred sixty-nine thousand, six hundred ten. These figures are independent of battle deaths in war (38,000,000).
You can't expect rational thought and discussion from somebody who believes those responsible for this unfathomable carnage are superior to racists -- a term and a concept that, in common, popular usage, doesn't even have an objective definition anymore, but is used as a tool of attempted control of individuals and society by socialists (socialism being "communism lite").

Socialism, and a tolerance for communism, has sadly become more commonplace in the USA's institutions of learning. This is a big part of the reason why the war against Confederate heritage is planned and waged partly in the halls of U.S. academia.

What makes Jimmy Dick different from most communist-friendly academics is that they don't get on the Internet and say things like....


  1. You forgot to include Lincoln in the racist line up !

  2. Simpson, he who writes and post fraudulent Amazon reviews under a fraudulent identity, sez, "And yet there were people (also racists) who wanted to leave that great nation to form their own …Really. What must this person think of those idiots?"

    Well, I think they would have made an equally great country, maybe a superior one, if they had got out from under the northern thumb. Many of the best known and most influential Founders of the USA were Southerners -- Virginians, to be specific. More than likely, Southerners would have repeated that great feat in the Confederacy, had it survived the war, or been allowed to leave in peace.

  3. I also noted, "Of course, the high ideals they bestowed upon the nation have been severely eroded since then..."

    The erosion started with the Union victory in the war on the South, and look at what we have now. I find it difficult to believe that if the Confederacy had survived, it could have screwed things up any worse than the USA has since 1865....

  4. At Simpson's slimy XRoads, Jimmy Dick sez, "Notice all the wonderful things she describes as being developed or accomplished? Note that every one of those things she lists came after the Civil War. That’s right. All those accomplishments were made by free people without slavery."

    Hmmm, maybe now we get a glimpse into why the north fought so hard to keep the South in the Union. I've asked before if they thought they couldn't make it as a nation on their own, without Dixie. Now we see Jimmy Dick noting that the north didn't come up with any of these great accomplishments until after it had bloodied and bullied the South back into the union.... Hmmmm....

    1. You notice Jimmy Dick doesn't have the ba**s to come here and defend his position. He is always attacking someone from the protection of another person s blog. he is nothing but a coward.



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