Saturday, November 28, 2015

More Thimpthon Jealuthy

Thez Thimpthon:
It’s always interesting when someone tells you at great length and in great detail how they aren’t listening to you in a communication that betrays precisely the opposite. It’s even better when they do this time after time after time.

So it is with Susan Hathaway, the most visible member of the Virginia Flaggers (well, except outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), who took time this week to tell us all once more that she doesn’t listen to what her critics have to say. She pays them no heed and they don’t bother her.
When Susan does this, she is virtually never talking to Simpson or any other flogger who's attempting to harass and persecute her. She is almost always inspired to post comments about it after receiving emails and messages from people who have seen the attacks or harassment and (a) want to let her know about them or (b) are concerned about her because of them. In fact, the very first paragraph of her November 27th blog post titled, in part, "Holiday Reflections," makes this unmistakably clear.

Only somebody with a colossal but, paradoxically, petty ego would imagine her post was TO him.

And nowhere in Susan's blog post will you find her saying she pays her attackers no heed and the attacks don't bother her. This claim is a great example of Simpson's slimy manipulation of the language that, frankly, amounts to lying. What Susan said was that she has no plans to sue these attackers, no doubt a reply to emails and messages asking, or encouraging, her to.
I am glad to see that Susan can do (sic) into so much detail about how she does not pay attention to what is said about her.
More slimy language manipulation that amounts to a lie. So much detail? Susan doesn't go into detail about not paying attention to what is said about her. She states, "...I decided long ago not to read or pay any attention to what they had to say." And that's it.  Short, sweet, not detailed at all. One sentence in the entire post. The rest of it is about other aspects of the attacks on her. 
I only wish she had taken the opportunity to tell her fanbase why she does not feel it is important enough to protest in person at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Why does he wish that? What business is it of his? No, he doesn't "wish" any such thing; this is just the latest effort in his ongoing attempt to smear Susan with something that doesn't amount to a hill of beans and that heritage peeps don't give a flip about because they understand and he doesn't (or he does, but pretends not to so he can wield the beloved put-down).

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