Monday, November 16, 2015

Follow Up -- Is Brooks Simpson Making Himself Irrelevant

No, he's not making himself irrelevant -- he's showing his odious motives and methods.

He continues to reveal for the world to see, how rotten and putrid his thought processes are by showing the equally foul, reeking motivation they generate. He deliberately mischaracterizes why Susan does not participate in one activity -- that's one, count it, (1), O-N-E -- although it's actually only one aspect of that activity where her participation is limited; she is still the dynamo that keeps it all in motion. 

Of course, he doesn't mention that, which makes him look both dishonest and stupid to people in the know ... people who know Susan and how deeply engaged she is in promoting and preserving the heritage of the Confederate soldier.

But the question comes -- why does Simpson want to lie about whatever relationship she has with her employer and how it may affect her non-work activities?  He either wants to paint her employer falsely, or paint Susan herself falsely. Of course, he's been lying about Susan for years, we know that ... but what has the got against her employer?

Perhaps we can chalk it up to the ignorance of those in academia who have no actual knowledge of and experience with how the business world works.

But that's still no excuse for the lies, because none of it is any of his business, anyway. Why the years-long carping about this on his hate blog? Who is he trying to convince, and to what end, if not to stir up contempt, even hatred, for Susan and the VaFlaggers and Confederate heritage in general?

Does he really want to see her lose her job? Her livelihood? He's already told us it does no good for people to contact his own employer, because they won't do anything to him, so complaints that people have contacted his employer do not justify his repeated mischaracterizing Susan's employment situation, regardless of his whitewashing the subject with his phony concerns about her "free speech rights." Does he want someone to be moved to contact her employer (is that why he has identified them more than once), and lie to them to perhaps try to turn them against her?

Here's another question. How does Simpson, who is 2,250 miles from Richmond, know what happens there enough to "report" on it on  his hate blog, often the same day it happens? Take the most recent event he's "reported" on, the infamous Light Show on the VMFA grounds, which he did not attend. How does he know what happened? What knowledge does he have that permits him to bloviate about it on his hate blog, and how did he get it? Don't his readers deserve to know that?

Perhaps he wants us to believe he puts his hands on his computer monitor and Richmond-knowledge just flows through his fingers and arms up to his alleged brain? Nah, we understand that he is fed the information. By whom? To what purpose? From what motivation? And what does he do to vet the info he receives? Does he just trust his sources without vetting, because they happen to be on "his side"?

Since it is obvious he was not there and cannot possibly be reporting from first hand knowledge and experience, he needs to come clean about his sources. He needs to identify them all, reveal their motive for supplying him with information, and give a realistic assessment of their knowledge and credibility.  Remember, this heresay "reporting" of his has been going on for years.

Once your sources are identified, Simpson, how about revealing the raw info you receive they send you from 2000+ miles away? Post the raw emails, instant messages, photos, videos you receive, and recap any phone calls you get, and thus let your readers see just how credible they are. Let us compare the raw info with the reeking finished spin that ends up on the pages of your hate blog.

It should give us a clear, stark view of your true motive. Don't tell us you just post about Susan and the VaFlaggers because you find them "amusing". Amusement is not the kind of motivation that would cause you to repeatedly contact people in the Richmond media and try to sic them onto the Flaggers. Tell us your motive for doing that. You know, in the interest of full and honest (smirk) disclosure.

The more I see of your blog, Simpson, the more I'm reminded of the words of Jesus....  for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.  A very apt description of "Crossroads."

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  1. No, Simpson, I don't demonize people. They attack, I defend or counter-attack.


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