Monday, November 23, 2015

Congratulations, Virginia Flaggers!

Confederate battle flags have been going up across the Old Dominion since the first one in September 2013, thanks to the efforts of the Virginia Flaggers. Despite the efforts of hostile governments, truculent organizations, antagonistic individuals, clueless newcomers and lying, bullying non-Virginians, the VaFlaggers have been true to their mission -- to honor the men who fought, suffered and gave their lives to defend the Commonwealth from invasion.

Last Saturday, November 21, four flags were raised in Danville, Virginia.  Four flags raised. On the same day. They join five others raised earlier, bringing the Danville total to nine. The flag raisings are in response to the removal of a small Third National flag from the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, also known as the Last Capital of the Confederacy, by the city government of Danville.

Thank you, Virginia Flaggers, for not forgetting those heroic defenders of the South whose memory is caught in the crosshairs of political correctness -- especially now that P.C. is becoming outright cultural and political censorship. You are an inspiration to so many sons and daughters of the South.


  1. Connie, I cannot imagine how or why you spend so much time and energy firing messages back and forth with low life's like Brooks Simpson, Levin, Hall and the test of the snakes, homos, liberals and scum these liars are and support. Saving used toilet paper would bring more joy and be more useful I would think. These men, if they are men, are just like all the many things humanity hates, rust, mold, mildew, and things that smell and look bad.
    These rats, scum, miscreants, should be washed away with the disinfectant of decency and truth, but they are evil, and it will be GOD himself that takes care of these people, so communicate if you desire, but it only adds to the pollution of our nation.
    Jerry Dunford


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