Sunday, November 15, 2015

Is Brooks Simpson Making Himself Irrelevant

His crusade against the Virginia Flaggers, especially Susan Hathaway, continues, despite the fact that they are none of his business and have done absolutely nothing to him. And despite the fact that heritage folks don't think his opinions amount to a handful of desert dirt.

Nevertheless, his hobby of beating dead horses continues, too -- the Tripp arrest dead horse and the Rob Walker dead horse, both of which are years old, and a new one, the airplane banner dead horse.Yawn....

Are these worthy obsessions for a man in a responsible position at an institute of higher learning? I don't think so.

But the one he loves best -- the "Silent Susan" or the "Scared Susan" dead horse -- is unworthy of anyone claiming to be a decent human being. But then, we're dealing with somebody who leaves fraudulent book reviews at under a fraudulent I.D., so perhaps it's about what we should expect.

Apparently, it just KILLS him that Susan has a very good working relationship with her employer, because evidently he wants to see her get fired for her activism or something... in any case, he keeps bringing this up, apparently expecting it to finally get traction with somebody besides a few of his hater floggerettes...

Of course, nobody in Southern heritage pays any attention to that. Except me. And I note that his obsession with it recently took an absolutely hilarious turn. Sed Simpson:
"Friday the 13th proved to be an unlucky day for Susan Frise Hathaway’s reputation as a a staunch defender of Confederate heritage. Having told Confederate heritage advocates to “rise up,” Hathaway apparently stayed away from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the War Memorial Chapel on November 13."
Unlucky day for Susan's reputation as a heritage defender?  Is that an absolute SCREAM or what!  Exactly who does he think he's fooling? Susan is one of the most admired and appreciated people in the entire heritage community. She's been honored with countless certificates, tokens and proclamations of appreciation from heritage groups.** And it isn't hard to see why. She is extremely dedicated. Her accomplishments rest one upon another, rising higher and higher, like a lofty peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

And who cares about Simpson the way heritage folks love Susan? Well, maybe a handful of hypocritical floggerettes who visit his blog because they love how he pushes their hate-buttons....

Otherwise... nobody that I know of. Kinda pathetic that rallying hate is how one must stay relevant....

** In order to save face, or maybe to cover his butt (because it was online and anybody could see it, and see what a liar he is), Simpson grudgingly posted a photo of Susan at the Capital of the Confederacy Civil War show her holding a beautifully framed certificate of appreciation presented to her by the Jackson Rangers Camp, SCV. Obviously, Susan's reputation is better than fine -- it's growing, polished and glowing... 

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