Saturday, November 7, 2015

Here Come De Judge

From Simpson's filthy hate-blog:
Hathaway’s protest (of the hoax Anonymous list -- cw) revealed her fundamental hypocrisy, because she declared that no Flagger would behave the same way** … overlooking the widely suspected antics of Virginia Flagger Norwood “Tripp” Lewis, who reportedly styled himself “Anonymous CSA” in an effort to go after people. It should be noted that none other than Connie Chastain had no problem with those antics, and hypocrite Hathaway, who rushed to deny that she was a member of a white supremacist group, remained silent when it came to defending Lewis.
This little exercise in judgmentalness, based on information "suspected" and "reported", is typical blogger fare, especially Simpson fare, made all the more outrageous by the fact that it comes from somebody who likely posted fraudulent book reviews on using a fraudulent identity (that got changed three times), in an effort to hurt the targeted author's books.  He has been asked about this and refused to deny it.

Note, too, that this selfsame self-appointed thought-cop judge (1) made accusations, or implied accusations, that the Virginia Flaggers would "disturb Confederate graves" with the raising of their Chester memorial battle flag; (2) accused two Flaggers of putting Kristen "Wonder Woman" Konate's address on the Internet when she did that herself (called them Susan's "henchmen"); (3) hosted Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamp's threat to the VaFlaggers on his blog... (4) hosted comments accusing the Flaggers of reporting Grayson's excavator stolen for "publicity" or insurance money (i.e., insurance fraud); (5) implied the Flaggers, specifically Grayson, illegally cut trees on the VDOT right of way... and on and on....

That's just the tip of the iceberg of Simpson's hate, lies, and persecution of the Virginia Flaggers and Southern heritage in general, and Susan Hathaway in particular.

Methinks Simpson does not have a scintilla of moral authority necessary to accuse and judge.

** "...because she declared that no Flagger would behave the same way..."  Another baldfaced Simpson lie.

Here's what Susan actually said: "This latest assault serves, once again, to accentuate the clear and very real differences between those of us who have decided to take a public stand for our Confederate Ancestors, and those who are clearly threatened by our very existence." 

This kind of deliberate distortion of what someone says, which sometimes completely changes the meaning, is a Simpson hallmark. 

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  1. Connie,

    I caught Levin making a racist statement here-----

    These are gems, George.

    "So, now there are “Negro officers” in the Confederate army. Are you working with Ben Carson on this project? Your 15 minutes are up here. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the laugh. This will be your final comment."

    he could have used any repub as an example, but he chose to use the only Black man in the repub race.



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