Sunday, November 15, 2015

This 'n' That -- In the Aftermath of Paris and Columbia....

Interesting items found around the web.... 


Author Stephen King: "Hating all Muslims for what happened in Paris is like hating all Christians because of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church."

Matthew K. Burke responds:

Westboro Baptist Church, as vile and hateful and despicable as they are, is one ‘church’ in America, among tens of thousands. In fact, they are not even associated with the Baptist faith. It is a small handful of nutjubs practicing a religion that in no way represents the teachings of Jesus Christ of The Holy Bible.

Islamic groups like ISIS, however, are accurately representing the actual tenets taught in the Koran (or Quran), which are to “kill the infidel,” i.e., those who aren’t Muslims. (Emphasis added.)

As points out, there are at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of totalitarian Islamic rule.



"The attacks on Paris are a wake up call. This is not a grievance-based conflict. This is a clash of civilizations. Either they win or we win." ~Marco Rubio (Emphasis added.)

He wouldn't make a good president, but he's right about this.


Mizzou Protesters Are Furious the Paris Terror Attacks Are ‘Stealing the Spotlight’ -- See Tweets here:


Facebook post edited New York Post article, with comments added by the poster. Chilling....

The jihadis’ master plan to break us
By Amir Taheri

The islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another “ghazva,” promising many more. The aim is to terrorize all mankind into submitting to the diktats of The Only True Faith.

This is how Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.”

The sheikh recommends “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable rather than a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11. The idea is that the “infidel,” leaving his home every morning, should not be sure whether he would be alive in the evening. ( FELLOW INFIDELS ..DO U SEE WHY MORE MUSLIM IMMIGRATION WILL ALLOW THIS HORRIFIC SCENARIO TO COME TO PASS ...MUSLIMS ARE NOW ATTEMPTING JIHAD BY IMMIGRATION AND POPULATION JIHAD... do the math, the more muslims the higher the % of jihadists among them and the higher the statistical risk of this scenario being realized.... )

The sheikh believed that if subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims, especially in the West, would submit to Islam in exchange for a minimum of tranquility. The only Western power still capable of resisting was the United States. But that, too, would change with a new president. (That was before Obama was elected). In any case, the sheikh quoting historian Paul Kennedy, has no doubt that “America is destined to fall.”


“For those of you who are just now getting attuned to what’s happening during the day, the University of Missouri’s embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned, because of committing the crime of being a white male.”  ~Rush Limbaugh

So is it a crime for all white males to be white males, or just some? And when will it become criminal to be a white female?

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