Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Interesting Exchange at...

...the alleged Jacob deNobel's "Destroy the Honor" blog between (mostly) me and Jimmy Dick. Keep in mind that this puerile, all-emotion, no-cognition specimen Jimmy Dick is an academic (albeit at some little podunk college in Missouri, the same state where the leftist campus young are making news for devouring their leftist elders -- teachers and administrators -- who created the leftist environment where they now go to school, but apparently not to learn or get an education).... 

Really, conversing with Jimmy is like conversing with some hothead high school boy-child who thinks he knows everything, but whose conversation reveals he know very little, and thus says the same thing over and over.  I also note that in all the comment threads on all the blogs where I've seen him comment (and I'm sure there are many I don't know about), he rarely if ever offers independently verifiable, third-party documentation of his claims ... which puts them squarely in the classification of opinion. And frankly, folks, I could not care less about Jimmy Dick's opinions.

But it is kinda fun to verbally spar with somebody who hates you, but who can do nothing but scream the same opinions over and over and over and over and over.....

I will end this post with the observation that when he says "caught repeatedly" in lies over the years, he's probably talking about (primarily) Brooks Simpson's phony accusations of lying that are, in actuality, his slick spin, glib false interpretation, and calling something else "lies" that, in fact, are not lies (do they teach this kind of leftist manipulation of the language at Phillips Exeter Academy, or is it something little leftists pick up at home or from their associates, or does it just come from some black desire in what passes for their hearts?) In any case, nobody has ever proved any accusations of lying against me.  Wanna give it a try, Mr. Dick? Comments are open....


  1. Remember, too, that Jimmy Dick sez communists are better than racists ... meaning that Uncle Joe Stalin, who murdered millions, including 7 million Ukrainians by starvation, is better than Charles Lindbergh, or Mao Zedong, whose "cultural revolution" murdered millions of Chinese peasants, is better than Henry Ford....

  2. Funny reading and observing Dick's escalating anger and lack of self control.

  3. Jimmy (the) Dick has about as much emotional self-control as a five year old. I know I should not enjoy watching you push their buttons Connie...but sometimes it's just way too easy. I may have to check out that little blog sometime and throw in my two cents, at least until the cowards block me like they usually do. He he.

  4. Well………………. Jimmy is a Dick

    1. http://dilbert.com/strip/2015-11-19

  5. Carl and Jessie, one time somebody called Jimmy what you fellows have called him in a comment thread at Andy Hall's pathetic "history" blog. If memory serves, Odious Andy got quite angry about that.

    But Andy is a master wielder of the Double Standard, a Colossal Hypocrite...and likely wouldn't have a bit of trouble with Jimmy calling me "lying bitch weasel".


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