Monday, November 16, 2015

KKK Basically No-Shows at the Stone Mountain Rally

For weeks, Spelunker/De'Stroy (allegedly the screen handle of one Jacob deNobel, although I have no confirmation of that) has been claiming on his hate blog that the Stone Mountain Rally planned for November 14 was a KKK rally.

 ~ It's not really a KKK rally but, by golly,
we'll make it look like one! ~

However, the Atlanta Magazine's coverage of the event says (in the language of spin), "No KKK members or white supremacists made their attendance known, though some people were later photographed making a four-fingered salute in front of the Confederate flags flying near the base of the mountain." -

What kind of KKK rally is it if "no KKK members made their attendance known"? The "four-fingered salute" photo was made AFTER the rally.

Judging by event photos, there were four people caught by the camera giving that salute:

Four people. FOUR.

That's about twelve percent of the purported attendance. What kind of rally organizers show up in such small numbers, and don't make themselves known during the event?

See more at:

Coverage by the Atlanta Journal Constitution was minimal, too.

There were photos posted at No mention of KKK that I could find.;_ylt=AwrC1DFM9UhWfT0A2DPRtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTB1NTJzaDk0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNpbWFnZQstone-mo/gCX6t/

The event was planned to protest the placement of a monument (in the form of a bell tower) to Martin Luther King, Jr., atop the mountain. Stone Mountain is, by Georgia Law, a dedicated Confederate memorial, and many people felt that a King monument was irrelevant to that, at best, and a violation of the law, at worst.

However, several days before the rally, several news outlets reported that plans for the MLK memorial had been "shelved" (although now that is disputed). Several Facebook pages dedicated to planning the rally received questions about whether the rally would be canceled. The purported shelving of the planned King monument likely accounts for the relatively small attendance -- one report said about 50 people attended.

Jacob/DeStroy pasted text from this article on his hate blog: Ernie Suggs at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution   It's an obviously non-journalistic article, replete with bias language, which no doubt has Jacob/DeStroy quivering. If I get time, I will analyze the piece here on Backsass and expose the biased writing, as I did to an SPLC "Intelligence" report years ago:

~ Facebook to the rescue
and spin, spin, spin ~

Although apparently delighted with the biased and slanted press coverage of the event, Jacob/DeStory is up to his usual desperate tactics -- ignoring reality and combing Facebook for photos and text about the event that he can spin with his obsessive viewpoint. For example, he showecases a comment written by somebody who wasn't even at the rally.

The reality of the rally makes Jacob/DeStroy look like a fool, with absolute zero credibility. His almost comical attempts at spin adds a touch of desperation to his dearth of credibility.

How sad a life must be when spent in the service of demonizing good people by falsely associating them with bad ones. Isn't demonizing people what the KKK allegedly does? What does such a pursuit do to a person's soul, I wonder....

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