Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hoax List Incites Hate and Threats

Although the Anonymous hacker collective has verified, via statements reported by various news outlets, that the list of KKK members released before November 5 are not part of their Operation KKK, and although the list containing names of heritage people posted at Pastebin is an obvious hoax, it nevertheless generated lots of hate aimed at the people on the list. At the end of this post are just a few Tweets sent to the Virginia Flaggers twitter account as a direct result of the hoax kkk list.

Posting information like this is likely to elicit commentary in the floggosphere (especially from folks like Preacher Sandi Saunders and Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamp) that Confederate heritage folks are always "playing the victim" or "claiming victim status." I'm not posting this small sampling of tweets to claim victimhood (and the person they were sent to would be the last to proclaim herself a victim), but to show the kind of people our critics and opponents are.

The recipient originally shared these tweets with me privately, via instant message, just to illustrate for me what the hoax list had resulted in, but when I suggested that I put some of them on my blog so my readers could also see, she agreed. Other heritage folks on that list have received similar hateful and threatening communications, some via the Internet and some by phone. What you see here on Backsass is just a sampling.

Remember these tweets the next time a flogger writes about how hate-filled and threatening heritage folks are... and note how often they do not acknowledge this kind of hate and threats aimed toward our people from folks on their side.

My apologies for the filthy language in some of these Tweets...


  1. The list has flogger/floggerette written all over it...

    "This has prompted several individuals targeted on the "kkk" list to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation and appropriate law enforcement agencies in their areas."

    Good. Y'all could also hire some internet sleuth(s) to look into this.

  2. I hope somebody does hire some internet sleuths to jump on this, BR.

    And I certainly agree it has flogger/floggerette written on it. I note that the method of digging up whatever dirt one can find using Google, Facebook, etc., is a perfect fit with DeStroy/Spe-lun-ker. Of course when he can't find anything incriminating enough, he embellishes it (like Simpson, but without Simpson's slimy slickness).

    I also remember "Kill Whitey" Lamp posting some comments at Xroads about the Anonymous hacker collective with the sort of superior air of one who knows more than the average person....

    If I was going to suggest anyone responsible for the hoax list, I would suggest those two -- they are acquainted with each other, at least via the net, and connected by their somewhat insider knowledge of the white supe community, and they both seem to have developed an interest in demonizing Confederate heritage since the VaFlaggers raised their first Interstate flag in Chester...

    All their blogs --

    are vaguely similar, and, like Simpson, there's a similar preoccupation with utilizing Alinsky's Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    Ridicule is the devil's tool. It's hard for many Christian folks to bring themselves to use it. But it's also something the devil hates..."Above all else, the devil cannot stand to be mocked." I've seen that attributed to C.S. Lewis, but also to others.

    In any case, the list didn't have a chance to percolate out through the Internet before it was debunked by Anonymous... Aw... too bad for whoever put it together, but great for the people on it.

    Actually, it was a different list that prompted Anonymous to make their announcement ... it had mostly politicians on it. But when Anonymous announced it wasn't their list, that no list released before Nov 5 was their work, that proved the one heritage folks were on is also a hoax. I suspect Anonymous didn't even know about these Pastesbin lists until politicians started releasing statements denying KKK affiliation and decrying the list.

    1. http://spe-lunk-ing.blogspot.com/

      I believe all of these are generated from "One People's Project."

  3. seems pertinent --


  4. Wow ! Talk about" A Heritage of Hate and Terrorism"
    But I guess this incident has slipped past Simpsons unblinking eye !


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