Monday, November 30, 2015

More Slime Tweets from Thimpthon....

Keep in mind, folks, that this man is a professor at a major state university, charged with the responsibility of educating young adult minds....

He has uploaded a remarkable series of slime-tweets the past couple of days that I have received in email notices ... a flurry of them -- five in 13 minutes, and eight total in less than 24 hours.  He must have erased them or put some kind of  block on them because they're not viewable by me in Twitter itself. I guess he didn't want folks who can see his Twitter feed to know just how nasty he can be. Or maybe he didn't want his followers to see my replies....

Here are a couple of his slime tweets.

Tweet One:

Remember, this man was likely the person who left nasty reviews of my books at under several false profiles ... fraudulent reviews, since he acknowledged that he had not read my books.

Tweet Two:

Well, that's interesting. De'Stroy has hinted at something similar before, as well.

Speaking of De'Stroy, he ripped off Simpson's tweets and my blog posts and feigned outrage over my "mocking" people with a speech impediment. Sez DeStroy:
This little twerp says the Virginia Flaggers are deeply depraved because *I* wrote with a lisp. Ah, no. They have no responsibility or connection to what I wrote and how I wrote it. Moreover, his use of "depravity" is just bizarre.  A Google search gives the definition of depravity, and some synonyms:

moral corruption; wickedness.

corruption, vice, perversion, deviance, degeneracy, immorality, debauchery, dissipation, profligacy, licentiousness, lechery, prurience, obscenity, indecency; wickedness, sin, iniquity; turpitude

I can't think of a better example to show the distorted, unhinged view held by leftists ... These people are really messed up if they think "writing with a lisp" fits in that list somewhere. Besides, I wrote it; it has nothing to do with the Virginia Flaggers. But that's how their minds work -- links and ties, guilt by association, group think, clone-think...

These are leftists, remember -- people who think slicing up babies and selling their body parts is not depraved.

De'Stroy says my writing with a lisp is mocking people who have a speech impediment.  Simpson calls it "ridiculing people with a speech defect." Nope, it isn't either one. I named nobody.

Thimpthon, on the other hand, has ridiculed people by name, implying they are mentally deficient and then calling them idiots and such.  Not, "They are mistaken;" not "I disagree with them;" but "They're idiots."

Simpson and his new sidekick are doing their best to destroy the Virginia Flaggers organization -- with absolutely zero success -- with the weapons of lies, portraying them in a false light, harassment, veiled threats, distortion, verbal persecution and more ... over something that is none of their business. It is also my personal belief that they will not be happy until they bring actual harm of one kind or another to the VaFlaggers as individuals. 

Talk about depravity.....

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