Monday, November 30, 2015

Floggers as Haters: Brooks Simpson and De'Stroy

(who is such a coward he has to hide in anonymity).   

Setting Simpson straight on his recent blog post that's breathtaking in its lies, distortion and animosity. Says Simpson:

Courtesy of Restoring the Honor, we have yet more evidence of the degree to which the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters in their quest to promote Confederate heritage.

No, you have distortions and lies of your own making. De'Stroy at that blog is as vicious a hater as you, and thus cannot be given any credence -- just like you can't.  You need to retire that term "embrace" because your use of it is a blatant lie.

Like its blogger, "Restoring the Honor" blog is anonymous and thus cannot be given credence. If we don't know who is writing the blog, suspicion of the blogger's motives (and veracity) is legitimate and understandable. Otherwise, why the need to hide his identity?

And then there is the webmaster of the Virginia Flaggers, Connie Chastain, who decided to go on a rant ridiculing people with speech defects. When called on this on Twitter, Chastain continued to make fun of such people.

I wasn't making fun of such people. Maybe if you did such a thing, it would be making fun -- you have long exhibited a love of ridiculing people -- so that's why you assume the same about me. But, frankly, I believe you interpreted that way because you're a hater.

I was called on it by you, but, see, you have no moral authority for calling me or anybody on anything. (1) You ridicule and name-call people that you imply are mentally impaired. (2) You are likely the person who posted fraudulent negative reviews of my books on Amazon intending to hurt me by hurting the sales of my novels, because you seem to enjoy hurting people you don't like. (3) This is seen most clearly in the way you have lied about, harassed and persecuted the Virginia Flaggers almost since the day they were formed. (4) You have done your best to drum up hatred in others for the Flaggers, and (5) it is not out of the realm of possibility that you are pushing some unstable character closer and closer to attempting real harm against the Flaggers. All this makes you totally unfit as any kind of moral judge.

Just pathetic … and of course she shared her tweets with Virginia Flagger leader Susan Frise Hathaway, who just told us what an innocent victim she is.

Total lie, the worst lie of your post, because your hate for Susan is your biggest hate. Susan didn't tell what an innocent victim she is. She was answering inquiries from people who are concerned about her, thanks to the likes of you who constantly, many times every month, for YEARS, have posted lies and distortions about her designed to engender in others the same hate YOU have for her. Although WHY is the biggest mystery. She has never done anything to you.

There’s something twisted and sick about Cash and Chastain … and about the organization that embraces them. Then again, Chastain charges that to highlight the lack of logic in her posts is to accuse her of mental disability.

But the "highlighting" was done by you, and the "lack of logic" was yours, not mine, and it was deliberate, written solely to smear me. Your blog writing  (and maybe other writing by you) is dirty-trickster writing, a leftist ability that people with decent minds don't relate to.

Wow. Nor was she adverse to posting pictures of herself using a walker (as well as the walker standing by itself) as well as sharing her own health problems on her hate blog.

So? You're going to try to drum up hate about THAT? Nobody asked you to to view those pictures; you visit heritage sites, blogs and FB pages solely for the purpose of looking for things you can lie about, ridicule and use in drumming up hate.

I guess she wanted us to feel sorry for her.

I don't want you to feel anything about me, Simpson. In fact, your attention and the feelings you betray in your writing are starting to get creepy, and worse than creepy....stalkerish. Unstable. Flaky.... Please, don't feel anything about me....

But these rants suggest that she doesn’t care about mocking people with speech impediments. How sad.

They suggest no such thing. That is a point you are trying to make, sure, but it isn't true. Mocking implies trying to hurt somebody with derision, contempt or scorn (you know, the way you do it). My written "lisp" in no way implies derision, contempt or scorn. But you have those motives constantly in your mind and your heart, and they evidently shape your perception -- they're like glasses you look through, so you see them even where they don't exist, in people who don't possess them.

Of course, Chastain hates a lot of things, so this really should surprise us. She also defends haters and claims they aren’t haters … like antisemites.

I have not defended antisemites anywhere. I simply once pointed out that a statement (not a person, a statement) described as antisemitic wasn't antisemitic. But it's typical of you to lie about things like that.

But it amazed me to see the voice of Virginia Flagger intolerance (also known as Hathaway’s heavy hitter) take on new targets.

I'm not the voice of the Virginia Flaggers and you know it, so you are purposely lying. The Virginia Flaggers are not intolerant, and you know it, so you are purposely lying. I have no targets, old or new. The closest thing I have to a target is a shield -- but it is defensive, not offensive -- designed to defend, as much as possible, from your constant targeting of people who haven't done a thing to you and don't deserve your hateful attention and treatment.

With supporters like these, Confederate heritage is in trouble.

Baloney. Confederate heritage is fine. The trouble resides totally in your wishful thinking and your attempts to smear.

It’s hard to claim that you’re all about “heritage not hate” when your ranks are filled with haters who simply cannot restrain themselves when it comes to expressing their hate.

Although hate is not a part of my heritage, I do not use that term "heritage not hate" and never have because to do so would seem to legitimize the accusations of hate made by people like you, and I won't do that -- because the accusations are not only wrong, they are intended to cause harm to innocent people.

The ranks of Confederate heritage are not filled with haters. The number of actual haters is very small; as a percentage, probably no more than you'd find in the general population, including heritage-hating floggers and their floggerettes... the rest of the "haters" are made up, fabricated.

Besides, the few examples of "expressions of hate" you've cited are simply a drop in the bucket compared to your expressions of hate ... your whole blog is about hate for Confederate heritage and those who support it, but especially the Virginia Flaggers.

What a bitter bunch of losers.

Says the man who has done his best to engender hatred for this "bunch" for four years.

Haters gotta hate, I guess …

As you unmistakably, repeatedly and constantly demonstrate.

...and the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters to carry forth their message. No wonder people think it’s a message of hate. 

Only people who already hate them think it's a message of hate. Only people trying to create hatred for the VaFlaggers, destroy their organization, and perhaps even bring harm to individual members think it's a message of hate.

Ironic, Indeed

Leftist Language Manipulation

I have mentioned several times Simpson's manipulation of the language, and called it slimy (i.e., slippery, slick). But there's more to this kind of language manipulation than facility with the spoken/written word ... there is the sheer nastiness of the motivation behind it, revealed often (but not only) by the leftist love of the putdown.

You find this nastiness -- this love of slander, lying, smearing -- manifested far, far more often in leftist writings than right-wing ones. It is sometimes called intellectual bullying, although in Simpson's case, there is a great deal of emotional manipulation in the "intellectual" component.

Right-wingers will never have the ability to do it that leftists possess because (1) leftists are working on the emotional level; their purpose is emotional manipulation and emotional motivation ... and truth, if it matters at all, is secondary (and discarded when it get in the way of emotion), and (2) rightwingers can't let go of reason and can't discard or distort truth, so their nastiness is diluted with the inclusion of truthful matter and the need to make a point with it.

Among the rightwing pros, only Anne Coulter and, to a lesser extent, Michelle Malkin have learned how to write mean and nasty. Doug Giles is trying, maybe he'll make it eventually. There may be others, but my reading of right-wingers has drastically tapered off since 1998, when I left my job as a Republican Congressional staffer, so I wouldn't know of any others.

Left-wingers are extremely capable in this area. You find it in both professional writers and common folk at the Facebook-post level. I've often wondered where they learn children from left-wing parents? From left-wing facilitators in education? Does it just flower naturally in the absence of being taught to respect others you disagree with?

To see how this exists, let's look at the personal blog level of the heritage wars. Yes, the element of emotion is very much in evidence of both the proConfederates and the anti-Confeds. The difference is that proConfederate writings are often (though not always) the expression of emotion (for example, jerryd14), whereas with antiConfederate writings, emotion is the motivator.

Specifically,  emotions motivate such writings (scorn for those they disagree with coupled with their love of ridicule are the motivating emotions) and the writing is designed to manipulate the emotions of the reader and thus shape the reader's attitude toward something or someone. Yes, there can be the expression of emotion in these writings, but it serves to support one of these two elements, motivation and manipulation.

I hope to make more posts in the future about how the leftist mentality manipulates the language.

More Slime Tweets from Thimpthon....

Keep in mind, folks, that this man is a professor at a major state university, charged with the responsibility of educating young adult minds....

He has uploaded a remarkable series of slime-tweets the past couple of days that I have received in email notices ... a flurry of them -- five in 13 minutes, and eight total in less than 24 hours.  He must have erased them or put some kind of  block on them because they're not viewable by me in Twitter itself. I guess he didn't want folks who can see his Twitter feed to know just how nasty he can be. Or maybe he didn't want his followers to see my replies....

Here are a couple of his slime tweets.

Tweet One:

Remember, this man was likely the person who left nasty reviews of my books at under several false profiles ... fraudulent reviews, since he acknowledged that he had not read my books.

Tweet Two:

Well, that's interesting. De'Stroy has hinted at something similar before, as well.

Speaking of De'Stroy, he ripped off Simpson's tweets and my blog posts and feigned outrage over my "mocking" people with a speech impediment. Sez DeStroy:
This little twerp says the Virginia Flaggers are deeply depraved because *I* wrote with a lisp. Ah, no. They have no responsibility or connection to what I wrote and how I wrote it. Moreover, his use of "depravity" is just bizarre.  A Google search gives the definition of depravity, and some synonyms:

moral corruption; wickedness.

corruption, vice, perversion, deviance, degeneracy, immorality, debauchery, dissipation, profligacy, licentiousness, lechery, prurience, obscenity, indecency; wickedness, sin, iniquity; turpitude

I can't think of a better example to show the distorted, unhinged view held by leftists ... These people are really messed up if they think "writing with a lisp" fits in that list somewhere. Besides, I wrote it; it has nothing to do with the Virginia Flaggers. But that's how their minds work -- links and ties, guilt by association, group think, clone-think...

These are leftists, remember -- people who think slicing up babies and selling their body parts is not depraved.

De'Stroy says my writing with a lisp is mocking people who have a speech impediment.  Simpson calls it "ridiculing people with a speech defect." Nope, it isn't either one. I named nobody.

Thimpthon, on the other hand, has ridiculed people by name, implying they are mentally deficient and then calling them idiots and such.  Not, "They are mistaken;" not "I disagree with them;" but "They're idiots."

Simpson and his new sidekick are doing their best to destroy the Virginia Flaggers organization -- with absolutely zero success -- with the weapons of lies, portraying them in a false light, harassment, veiled threats, distortion, verbal persecution and more ... over something that is none of their business. It is also my personal belief that they will not be happy until they bring actual harm of one kind or another to the VaFlaggers as individuals. 

Talk about depravity.....

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why They Hate the Virginia Flaggers

Comment exchange at Kevin Levin's flog:
Eric A. Jacobson:  What is occurring in the heart of the old Confederate capital It is just another example of how the public is moving beyond the one-sided imagery of the Lost Cause. It is also happening across the nation.

In fact, one very important factor that the Flaggers folks, Chastain, etc, don’t understand, and likely never will, is that the vast majority of people really don’t “support” their view of the flag. I deal with guests and tourists who are actually visiting a Civil War battlefield site and the flag issue is so far down on the list it doesn’t even rank.

Odious Andy Hall: That’s a central conceit of the “heritage” folks generally — they have convinced themselves that support for Confederate symbols runs wide and deep, at least among “real” southerners, and if only they could be made aware of their heritage, they’d come out in full-throated support of it the old Confederacy.

At the same time, though, they find it increasingly necessary to go through rhetorical gymnastics to show that people who disagree with them aren’t “real” southerners by one or another measure they find suitable at the moment. Fine, whatever. If they want to wall off increasingly-large swathes of the community — people who shop, and vote, and go to museums, and attend college, and go to church, and all the other things that people do — then they’re only marginalizing themselves as butternut revanchists, more worthy of ridicule and scorn than serious consideration.

"... public is moving beyond the one-sided imagery of the Lost Cause...."

Ah, no, it's not moving away. It is being pushed away. The NAACP has been orchestrating a war on Confederate heritage for years, perhaps decades, beginning with their resolution that the Confederate battle flag is an "odious blight on the universe."

Really. On the whole flippin' universe.

Local NAACP chapters across the South (or other groups that are NAACP lookalikes -- in Pensacola, it's the "Movement for Change") have been leading the way in their communities -- being "offended" and then telling local governments how offended they are and they need to have Confederate this or that removed from the community. These efforts in individual communities are so similar, you can tell they've been scripted.

Fellow travelers in other leftist and anti-tradition organizations and, of course, academia and the media, jump on their bandwagon and help push for the change. "Pushing for the change" involves demonizing those who oppose it -- those who support visible items of Confederate heritage and have the gall to say so -- as "racists" and "white supremacists" and, no joke, "KKK."

As time passes, being labeled a "racist" and "white supremacist" and "KKK" has become increasingly charged with serious, negative consequences, and so fewer and fewer people have visibly opposed this war on their heritage, even when they do not agree with it and are appalled by it.

They don't speak out because we in the USA no longer have the freedom to do so without repercussions.  It's not that people don't "support" our view of the flag, Mr. Jacobson.  And yes, Odious Andy, support for Confederate symbols does run wide and deep, at least among “real” southerners -- but they are disinclined to express it. Well, let's just say it like it is -- they are afraid to show their support for it because of the increasingly negative repercussions.

High school kids are singled out for demonizing if they wear a Confederate flag on their clothing, or fly one from their vehicle -- forced to turn their shirt inside out, or sent home, or expelled from school. People who visibly support Confederate heritage are harassed at work, demoted, fired. Worst of all, heritage supporters have been victimized by crime.  A Mississippi man's flag is burned while it is displayed on the owner's property ... a woman and her toddler are shot at and she suspects its because she had Confederate symbols on her car. Bricks through windows, slashed tires, beatings ... People who experience this aren't difficult to convince -- you're safer denying the heritage you love.

Levin has a long-standing position of claiming Confederate heritage is "receding," that more and more people are either becoming disinterested in or averse to it. I'm sure he knows this is not true, and that the incidents of harassment and persecution are increasingly responsible for the effectiveness of the war on heritage. But he continues to pretend.

Which brings me to a group of people who are not afraid to stand up for Confederate heritage in a very public way -- the Virginia Flaggers. Why do the floggers Levin, Simpson, Hall and their fellow floggers and floggerettes so hate the VaFlaggers? Why have they kept up a steady drum-beat of lies, ridicule, harassment, and persecution of the VaFlaggers for years, demonizing them as "racists" and "white supremacists" while, paradoxically claiming the group has no effect? Why do they take an exceedingly small number of genuine but tiny negatives about the group (because no human endeavor is perfect) and push the idea that this totally defines them?

Well, I'll tell you why. What the Virginia Flaggers are showing the world is that you CAN publicly and visibly stand in support of Confederate heritage -- and withstand the repercussions that follow. You can push back against the efforts to eradicate Confederate heritage from the daily, public life of the South. You can become a heritage warrior, fighting not only to preserve Confederate heritage but also fighting for the right to honor our Confederate ancestors without repercussions.

Their message to critics and enemies is, "We do not demand that you join us, or even agree with us. However, we do demand that you respect our right to honor our heritage, and that you stop the war on all things Confederate, stop the blatant disrespect of our heroes and their history, stop the removal our flags, monuments and other Confederate artifacts."

Their message to the like-minded but intimidated is, "Join us! We are making a difference in this culture war." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Virginia Flagger message that the floggers fear and hate the most. The last thing they want is a resurgence of the Southern pride our battle flags engender, and a vibrant and growing heritage community.

The other Virginia Flagger activity critics hate is the raising of large battle flags beside major thoroughfares on private property where they are highly visible -- and where they teach an unmistakable lesson. Battle flags flying as a symbol of the South's culture and heritage, and especially as memorials to the men who fought to defend the South from invasion, don't hurt anybody.

Cities in Virginia where the flags fly have not crumbled; tsunamis have not wiped out the Virginia coast. The flags have not caused crop failures or the breakdown of civil government. As this begins to dawn on the public, they might look at the war on heritage, the flag removals, the name changes and so on, as excessive and unnecessary -- even detrimental to the culture of Virginia and the South.

So, no, Levin, Odious Andy and Jacobson -- the public isn't "moving" away from Confederate heritage. They are being pushed away -- manipulated by a deliberately orchestrated culture war. And we heritage folks are fighting back.  We're not very savvy about it yet -- we're not trained "community organizers" and "social justice warriors" carefully schooled in Alinsky-ite rules. We are having to learn OJT. But, inspired by the work and success of the Virginia Flaggers, we are learning.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

More Thimpthon Jealuthy

Thez Thimpthon:
It’s always interesting when someone tells you at great length and in great detail how they aren’t listening to you in a communication that betrays precisely the opposite. It’s even better when they do this time after time after time.

So it is with Susan Hathaway, the most visible member of the Virginia Flaggers (well, except outside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts), who took time this week to tell us all once more that she doesn’t listen to what her critics have to say. She pays them no heed and they don’t bother her.
When Susan does this, she is virtually never talking to Simpson or any other flogger who's attempting to harass and persecute her. She is almost always inspired to post comments about it after receiving emails and messages from people who have seen the attacks or harassment and (a) want to let her know about them or (b) are concerned about her because of them. In fact, the very first paragraph of her November 27th blog post titled, in part, "Holiday Reflections," makes this unmistakably clear.

Only somebody with a colossal but, paradoxically, petty ego would imagine her post was TO him.

And nowhere in Susan's blog post will you find her saying she pays her attackers no heed and the attacks don't bother her. This claim is a great example of Simpson's slimy manipulation of the language that, frankly, amounts to lying. What Susan said was that she has no plans to sue these attackers, no doubt a reply to emails and messages asking, or encouraging, her to.
I am glad to see that Susan can do (sic) into so much detail about how she does not pay attention to what is said about her.
More slimy language manipulation that amounts to a lie. So much detail? Susan doesn't go into detail about not paying attention to what is said about her. She states, "...I decided long ago not to read or pay any attention to what they had to say." And that's it.  Short, sweet, not detailed at all. One sentence in the entire post. The rest of it is about other aspects of the attacks on her. 
I only wish she had taken the opportunity to tell her fanbase why she does not feel it is important enough to protest in person at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Why does he wish that? What business is it of his? No, he doesn't "wish" any such thing; this is just the latest effort in his ongoing attempt to smear Susan with something that doesn't amount to a hill of beans and that heritage peeps don't give a flip about because they understand and he doesn't (or he does, but pretends not to so he can wield the beloved put-down).

More later....

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thimpthon's Jealuth

His passionate hatred for Susan Hathaway wouldn't let him wait even a day to belch out his response to her Facebook and blog post explaining why she doesn't pay attention to hate-filled posts, accusations, attacks and spin such as that which Thimpthon has been spewing at her, and about her, and the VaFlaggers for four years, now.

Susan is loved, admired and appreciated by multitudes of people in the heritage community, while Thimpthon has a handful of sycophants who visit his blog to get their hate stoked. That has to just gall somebody with a delicate, New York-sized ego.

If nothing changes my mind, I will post more about this in future blog entries....

Monday, November 23, 2015

Congratulations, Virginia Flaggers!

Confederate battle flags have been going up across the Old Dominion since the first one in September 2013, thanks to the efforts of the Virginia Flaggers. Despite the efforts of hostile governments, truculent organizations, antagonistic individuals, clueless newcomers and lying, bullying non-Virginians, the VaFlaggers have been true to their mission -- to honor the men who fought, suffered and gave their lives to defend the Commonwealth from invasion.

Last Saturday, November 21, four flags were raised in Danville, Virginia.  Four flags raised. On the same day. They join five others raised earlier, bringing the Danville total to nine. The flag raisings are in response to the removal of a small Third National flag from the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, also known as the Last Capital of the Confederacy, by the city government of Danville.

Thank you, Virginia Flaggers, for not forgetting those heroic defenders of the South whose memory is caught in the crosshairs of political correctness -- especially now that P.C. is becoming outright cultural and political censorship. You are an inspiration to so many sons and daughters of the South.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Told Y'all U.S. History Would Be the Next Target

Black Lives Matter activists have taken over the president's office at Princeton University, demanding that Princeton acknowledge that President Woodrow Wilson was a racist. They want the name changed on everything that honors him on campus.


Do the people who cheer the removal of Confederate symbols and the trashing of Confederate history and heroes approve of this? Are you prepared to erase every part of U.S. history they don't like? Are you prepared to see Wilson, and whoever else they get it in for, as total evil, and refuse to acknowledge any of their honorable or notable accomplishments and their positive contributions to the country?

Don't be shy, Levin, Simpson, Hall ... come visit my comments section and let us know how you feel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Interesting Exchange at...

...the alleged Jacob deNobel's "Destroy the Honor" blog between (mostly) me and Jimmy Dick. Keep in mind that this puerile, all-emotion, no-cognition specimen Jimmy Dick is an academic (albeit at some little podunk college in Missouri, the same state where the leftist campus young are making news for devouring their leftist elders -- teachers and administrators -- who created the leftist environment where they now go to school, but apparently not to learn or get an education).... 

Really, conversing with Jimmy is like conversing with some hothead high school boy-child who thinks he knows everything, but whose conversation reveals he know very little, and thus says the same thing over and over.  I also note that in all the comment threads on all the blogs where I've seen him comment (and I'm sure there are many I don't know about), he rarely if ever offers independently verifiable, third-party documentation of his claims ... which puts them squarely in the classification of opinion. And frankly, folks, I could not care less about Jimmy Dick's opinions.

But it is kinda fun to verbally spar with somebody who hates you, but who can do nothing but scream the same opinions over and over and over and over and over.....

I will end this post with the observation that when he says "caught repeatedly" in lies over the years, he's probably talking about (primarily) Brooks Simpson's phony accusations of lying that are, in actuality, his slick spin, glib false interpretation, and calling something else "lies" that, in fact, are not lies (do they teach this kind of leftist manipulation of the language at Phillips Exeter Academy, or is it something little leftists pick up at home or from their associates, or does it just come from some black desire in what passes for their hearts?) In any case, nobody has ever proved any accusations of lying against me.  Wanna give it a try, Mr. Dick? Comments are open....

Monday, November 16, 2015

Follow Up -- Is Brooks Simpson Making Himself Irrelevant

No, he's not making himself irrelevant -- he's showing his odious motives and methods.

He continues to reveal for the world to see, how rotten and putrid his thought processes are by showing the equally foul, reeking motivation they generate. He deliberately mischaracterizes why Susan does not participate in one activity -- that's one, count it, (1), O-N-E -- although it's actually only one aspect of that activity where her participation is limited; she is still the dynamo that keeps it all in motion. 

Of course, he doesn't mention that, which makes him look both dishonest and stupid to people in the know ... people who know Susan and how deeply engaged she is in promoting and preserving the heritage of the Confederate soldier.

But the question comes -- why does Simpson want to lie about whatever relationship she has with her employer and how it may affect her non-work activities?  He either wants to paint her employer falsely, or paint Susan herself falsely. Of course, he's been lying about Susan for years, we know that ... but what has the got against her employer?

Perhaps we can chalk it up to the ignorance of those in academia who have no actual knowledge of and experience with how the business world works.

But that's still no excuse for the lies, because none of it is any of his business, anyway. Why the years-long carping about this on his hate blog? Who is he trying to convince, and to what end, if not to stir up contempt, even hatred, for Susan and the VaFlaggers and Confederate heritage in general?

Does he really want to see her lose her job? Her livelihood? He's already told us it does no good for people to contact his own employer, because they won't do anything to him, so complaints that people have contacted his employer do not justify his repeated mischaracterizing Susan's employment situation, regardless of his whitewashing the subject with his phony concerns about her "free speech rights." Does he want someone to be moved to contact her employer (is that why he has identified them more than once), and lie to them to perhaps try to turn them against her?

Here's another question. How does Simpson, who is 2,250 miles from Richmond, know what happens there enough to "report" on it on  his hate blog, often the same day it happens? Take the most recent event he's "reported" on, the infamous Light Show on the VMFA grounds, which he did not attend. How does he know what happened? What knowledge does he have that permits him to bloviate about it on his hate blog, and how did he get it? Don't his readers deserve to know that?

Perhaps he wants us to believe he puts his hands on his computer monitor and Richmond-knowledge just flows through his fingers and arms up to his alleged brain? Nah, we understand that he is fed the information. By whom? To what purpose? From what motivation? And what does he do to vet the info he receives? Does he just trust his sources without vetting, because they happen to be on "his side"?

Since it is obvious he was not there and cannot possibly be reporting from first hand knowledge and experience, he needs to come clean about his sources. He needs to identify them all, reveal their motive for supplying him with information, and give a realistic assessment of their knowledge and credibility.  Remember, this heresay "reporting" of his has been going on for years.

Once your sources are identified, Simpson, how about revealing the raw info you receive they send you from 2000+ miles away? Post the raw emails, instant messages, photos, videos you receive, and recap any phone calls you get, and thus let your readers see just how credible they are. Let us compare the raw info with the reeking finished spin that ends up on the pages of your hate blog.

It should give us a clear, stark view of your true motive. Don't tell us you just post about Susan and the VaFlaggers because you find them "amusing". Amusement is not the kind of motivation that would cause you to repeatedly contact people in the Richmond media and try to sic them onto the Flaggers. Tell us your motive for doing that. You know, in the interest of full and honest (smirk) disclosure.

The more I see of your blog, Simpson, the more I'm reminded of the words of Jesus....  for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.  A very apt description of "Crossroads."

KKK Basically No-Shows at the Stone Mountain Rally

For weeks, Spelunker/De'Stroy (allegedly the screen handle of one Jacob deNobel, although I have no confirmation of that) has been claiming on his hate blog that the Stone Mountain Rally planned for November 14 was a KKK rally.

 ~ It's not really a KKK rally but, by golly,
we'll make it look like one! ~

However, the Atlanta Magazine's coverage of the event says (in the language of spin), "No KKK members or white supremacists made their attendance known, though some people were later photographed making a four-fingered salute in front of the Confederate flags flying near the base of the mountain." -

What kind of KKK rally is it if "no KKK members made their attendance known"? The "four-fingered salute" photo was made AFTER the rally.

Judging by event photos, there were four people caught by the camera giving that salute:

Four people. FOUR.

That's about twelve percent of the purported attendance. What kind of rally organizers show up in such small numbers, and don't make themselves known during the event?

See more at:

Coverage by the Atlanta Journal Constitution was minimal, too.

There were photos posted at No mention of KKK that I could find.;_ylt=AwrC1DFM9UhWfT0A2DPRtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTB1NTJzaDk0BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNpbWFnZQstone-mo/gCX6t/

The event was planned to protest the placement of a monument (in the form of a bell tower) to Martin Luther King, Jr., atop the mountain. Stone Mountain is, by Georgia Law, a dedicated Confederate memorial, and many people felt that a King monument was irrelevant to that, at best, and a violation of the law, at worst.

However, several days before the rally, several news outlets reported that plans for the MLK memorial had been "shelved" (although now that is disputed). Several Facebook pages dedicated to planning the rally received questions about whether the rally would be canceled. The purported shelving of the planned King monument likely accounts for the relatively small attendance -- one report said about 50 people attended.

Jacob/DeStroy pasted text from this article on his hate blog: Ernie Suggs at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution   It's an obviously non-journalistic article, replete with bias language, which no doubt has Jacob/DeStroy quivering. If I get time, I will analyze the piece here on Backsass and expose the biased writing, as I did to an SPLC "Intelligence" report years ago:

~ Facebook to the rescue
and spin, spin, spin ~

Although apparently delighted with the biased and slanted press coverage of the event, Jacob/DeStory is up to his usual desperate tactics -- ignoring reality and combing Facebook for photos and text about the event that he can spin with his obsessive viewpoint. For example, he showecases a comment written by somebody who wasn't even at the rally.

The reality of the rally makes Jacob/DeStroy look like a fool, with absolute zero credibility. His almost comical attempts at spin adds a touch of desperation to his dearth of credibility.

How sad a life must be when spent in the service of demonizing good people by falsely associating them with bad ones. Isn't demonizing people what the KKK allegedly does? What does such a pursuit do to a person's soul, I wonder....

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Is Brooks Simpson Making Himself Irrelevant

His crusade against the Virginia Flaggers, especially Susan Hathaway, continues, despite the fact that they are none of his business and have done absolutely nothing to him. And despite the fact that heritage folks don't think his opinions amount to a handful of desert dirt.

Nevertheless, his hobby of beating dead horses continues, too -- the Tripp arrest dead horse and the Rob Walker dead horse, both of which are years old, and a new one, the airplane banner dead horse.Yawn....

Are these worthy obsessions for a man in a responsible position at an institute of higher learning? I don't think so.

But the one he loves best -- the "Silent Susan" or the "Scared Susan" dead horse -- is unworthy of anyone claiming to be a decent human being. But then, we're dealing with somebody who leaves fraudulent book reviews at under a fraudulent I.D., so perhaps it's about what we should expect.

Apparently, it just KILLS him that Susan has a very good working relationship with her employer, because evidently he wants to see her get fired for her activism or something... in any case, he keeps bringing this up, apparently expecting it to finally get traction with somebody besides a few of his hater floggerettes...

Of course, nobody in Southern heritage pays any attention to that. Except me. And I note that his obsession with it recently took an absolutely hilarious turn. Sed Simpson:
"Friday the 13th proved to be an unlucky day for Susan Frise Hathaway’s reputation as a a staunch defender of Confederate heritage. Having told Confederate heritage advocates to “rise up,” Hathaway apparently stayed away from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the War Memorial Chapel on November 13."
Unlucky day for Susan's reputation as a heritage defender?  Is that an absolute SCREAM or what!  Exactly who does he think he's fooling? Susan is one of the most admired and appreciated people in the entire heritage community. She's been honored with countless certificates, tokens and proclamations of appreciation from heritage groups.** And it isn't hard to see why. She is extremely dedicated. Her accomplishments rest one upon another, rising higher and higher, like a lofty peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

And who cares about Simpson the way heritage folks love Susan? Well, maybe a handful of hypocritical floggerettes who visit his blog because they love how he pushes their hate-buttons....

Otherwise... nobody that I know of. Kinda pathetic that rallying hate is how one must stay relevant....

** In order to save face, or maybe to cover his butt (because it was online and anybody could see it, and see what a liar he is), Simpson grudgingly posted a photo of Susan at the Capital of the Confederacy Civil War show her holding a beautifully framed certificate of appreciation presented to her by the Jackson Rangers Camp, SCV. Obviously, Susan's reputation is better than fine -- it's growing, polished and glowing... 

This 'n' That -- In the Aftermath of Paris and Columbia....

Interesting items found around the web.... 


Author Stephen King: "Hating all Muslims for what happened in Paris is like hating all Christians because of the gay-hating Westboro Baptist Church."

Matthew K. Burke responds:

Westboro Baptist Church, as vile and hateful and despicable as they are, is one ‘church’ in America, among tens of thousands. In fact, they are not even associated with the Baptist faith. It is a small handful of nutjubs practicing a religion that in no way represents the teachings of Jesus Christ of The Holy Bible.

Islamic groups like ISIS, however, are accurately representing the actual tenets taught in the Koran (or Quran), which are to “kill the infidel,” i.e., those who aren’t Muslims. (Emphasis added.)

As points out, there are at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of totalitarian Islamic rule.



"The attacks on Paris are a wake up call. This is not a grievance-based conflict. This is a clash of civilizations. Either they win or we win." ~Marco Rubio (Emphasis added.)

He wouldn't make a good president, but he's right about this.


Mizzou Protesters Are Furious the Paris Terror Attacks Are ‘Stealing the Spotlight’ -- See Tweets here:


Facebook post edited New York Post article, with comments added by the poster. Chilling....

The jihadis’ master plan to break us
By Amir Taheri

The islamic State is already referring to the Paris attacks as another “ghazva,” promising many more. The aim is to terrorize all mankind into submitting to the diktats of The Only True Faith.

This is how Sheikh Abu-Bakr Naji, the late theoretician of the Sunni version of the Islamo-apocalyptic movement, put it: “No one should feel safe without submitting, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.”

The sheikh recommends “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable rather than a few spectacular attacks such as 9/11. The idea is that the “infidel,” leaving his home every morning, should not be sure whether he would be alive in the evening. ( FELLOW INFIDELS ..DO U SEE WHY MORE MUSLIM IMMIGRATION WILL ALLOW THIS HORRIFIC SCENARIO TO COME TO PASS ...MUSLIMS ARE NOW ATTEMPTING JIHAD BY IMMIGRATION AND POPULATION JIHAD... do the math, the more muslims the higher the % of jihadists among them and the higher the statistical risk of this scenario being realized.... )

The sheikh believed that if subjected to constant intimidation and fear of death, most non-Muslims, especially in the West, would submit to Islam in exchange for a minimum of tranquility. The only Western power still capable of resisting was the United States. But that, too, would change with a new president. (That was before Obama was elected). In any case, the sheikh quoting historian Paul Kennedy, has no doubt that “America is destined to fall.”


“For those of you who are just now getting attuned to what’s happening during the day, the University of Missouri’s embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned, because of committing the crime of being a white male.”  ~Rush Limbaugh

So is it a crime for all white males to be white males, or just some? And when will it become criminal to be a white female?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pray for Paris...Learn from France

Per some reports, one of the terrorists that helped with the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th was a Syrian "refugee." Another terrorist, captured alive, reportedly told authorities in Paris, "I am from ISIS."

My sympathy goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims of Friday's terrorist attacks, and I hope and pray the authorities in France -- and indeed, the West as a whole, especially the United States -- will stop suicidal mass immigration and start the process of sending illegal immigrants and potential Islamic terrorists back to their own countries.

Let other Islamic countries take Islamic immigrants.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Here Come De Judge

From Simpson's filthy hate-blog:
Hathaway’s protest (of the hoax Anonymous list -- cw) revealed her fundamental hypocrisy, because she declared that no Flagger would behave the same way** … overlooking the widely suspected antics of Virginia Flagger Norwood “Tripp” Lewis, who reportedly styled himself “Anonymous CSA” in an effort to go after people. It should be noted that none other than Connie Chastain had no problem with those antics, and hypocrite Hathaway, who rushed to deny that she was a member of a white supremacist group, remained silent when it came to defending Lewis.
This little exercise in judgmentalness, based on information "suspected" and "reported", is typical blogger fare, especially Simpson fare, made all the more outrageous by the fact that it comes from somebody who likely posted fraudulent book reviews on using a fraudulent identity (that got changed three times), in an effort to hurt the targeted author's books.  He has been asked about this and refused to deny it.

Note, too, that this selfsame self-appointed thought-cop judge (1) made accusations, or implied accusations, that the Virginia Flaggers would "disturb Confederate graves" with the raising of their Chester memorial battle flag; (2) accused two Flaggers of putting Kristen "Wonder Woman" Konate's address on the Internet when she did that herself (called them Susan's "henchmen"); (3) hosted Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamp's threat to the VaFlaggers on his blog... (4) hosted comments accusing the Flaggers of reporting Grayson's excavator stolen for "publicity" or insurance money (i.e., insurance fraud); (5) implied the Flaggers, specifically Grayson, illegally cut trees on the VDOT right of way... and on and on....

That's just the tip of the iceberg of Simpson's hate, lies, and persecution of the Virginia Flaggers and Southern heritage in general, and Susan Hathaway in particular.

Methinks Simpson does not have a scintilla of moral authority necessary to accuse and judge.

** "...because she declared that no Flagger would behave the same way..."  Another baldfaced Simpson lie.

Here's what Susan actually said: "This latest assault serves, once again, to accentuate the clear and very real differences between those of us who have decided to take a public stand for our Confederate Ancestors, and those who are clearly threatened by our very existence." 

This kind of deliberate distortion of what someone says, which sometimes completely changes the meaning, is a Simpson hallmark. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Communists Are Better Than Racists?

Jimmy Dick thinks so.  That's what he sez, anyway....

That means he thinks these guys....
Communist leaders ... mega-murderers, authors of untold human misery
...are better than these guys.
USA's founders ... slave-owning racists...
But lets look at this a little closer.

The Founders of the USA, including the racist slave holders, gave the United States the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and they founded a country where the government was answerable to the people, and where the liberty of the people would lead to great accomplishments for generations to come -- in medicine (developed cures, vaccines and treatments that benefit the whole world) invention (the airplane, the electric light bulb, the telephone, motion pictures, skyscrapers, air conditioning, the factory assembly line) and social enlightenment (outlawed child labor and inhumane treatment of animals) and on and on. Of course, the high ideals they bestowed upon the nation have been severely eroded since then, but still ... that was what they gave their posterity.

And what did the great communist/socialist leaders give the world? Governments that encouraged liberty and invention that benefited the whole world? Why, no. They invented government that murdered their own people by the millions....

According to R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii, the appalling figures are...
Murder victims of Communist Soviet Union -- 61,911,000
Murder victims of Communist China -- 76,702,000
Add in the communist murders in North Korea, Yugoslavia, Cambodia and elsewhere and the total body count for communism in the 20th century comes to about 149,469,610. That's one-hundred forty nine million, four hundred sixty-nine thousand, six hundred ten. These figures are independent of battle deaths in war (38,000,000).
You can't expect rational thought and discussion from somebody who believes those responsible for this unfathomable carnage are superior to racists -- a term and a concept that, in common, popular usage, doesn't even have an objective definition anymore, but is used as a tool of attempted control of individuals and society by socialists (socialism being "communism lite").

Socialism, and a tolerance for communism, has sadly become more commonplace in the USA's institutions of learning. This is a big part of the reason why the war against Confederate heritage is planned and waged partly in the halls of U.S. academia.

What makes Jimmy Dick different from most communist-friendly academics is that they don't get on the Internet and say things like....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

De'Bunking De'Stroy

This blog entry and some others to come are about recent posts at Destroying the Honor, a blog run by an a cowardly Confederate-heritage-hater hiding behind anonymity, whom I have nicknamed De'Stroy. The blog posts I will be discussing have to do with a Nov. 14th rally to protect Stone Mountain's Confederate memorial status by protesting a proposed monument to Martin Luther King, Jr.

The blog posts I will deal with are:
Virginia Flagger Barry Isenhour claims the group denounces the Ku Klux Klan despite their promoting a Klan organized rally -- dated Nov 3

I don't think so Connie No-Brain, you're not going to come onto my blog and call me a liar -- Nov 2

Hoods Off: The Virginia Flaggers are promoting a White Power Klan rally at Stone Mountain -- Nov 1

The Invisible Empire rides again: The International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are claiming that 76 Klansmen are planning on attending a "Confederate Heritage" styled rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia on November 14th -- Oct 28

Hoods Off: Ku Klux Klan and Confederate Heritage activists to converge on November 14th at Stone Mountain, Georgia for joint rally -- Oct 22
I will deal with parts or all of these blog entries as I have time. This post deals with the first one dated October 22.

On that day, De'Stroy uploaded a post that claims "Confederate heritage activists" were going to "converge" with the KKK for a joint rally at Stone Mountain. Yet nothing he posted proved that.

The Southern Poverty Law Center's document he pasted into his blog entry will be dealt with at the end of this post; for now, suffice it to say the rich lawyers at the SPLC have given zero proof of KKK involvement in the planning of the rally.

Now back to De'Stroy.  Following a graphic depicting comments between Billy Bearden and Southern Rebel Patriots, one group claiming to be the planners of the event, De'Stroy wrote this caption:  Georgia Flagger Billy Bearden converses with the Klan rally organizers.

But to the best of my ability to determine, Southern Rebel Patriots are not the KKK and are not planning or organizing a KKK rally, and De'Stroy offered not a dab of proof that they are. The Facebook event page, Defend Stone Mountain" is the work of a group called "Protect the South" which also claims to be planning the rally.

DeStroy then linked to the  event page, "Defend Stone Mountain," which contains no confirmation whatever that either the group or the event have any connection to the KKK.

Following that is a pic of Shaun Winkler in KKK garb with an excerpt from the SPLC document: "The protest demonstration is being promoted by the International Keystone Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and one of its leaders, Shaun P. Winkler." Winkler has posted a couple of comments on FB about the rally that could be considered promoting it, but neither that, nor the picture, prove he or the KKK are PLANNING and ORGANIZING it.

Next, a graphic meme of Nathan Bedford Forrest posted by Winkler that says "White man rise November 14 noon where it all began - blood may be shed - 1000 Robert E Lee Blvd  Stone Mt GA 30083"

This is certainly an offensive and outrageous prediction, but not guaranteed, and it certainly doesn't prove the KKK is planning and organizing the event.

Next we have a Facebook screenshot about the event, wherein someone asks, Is it okay to wear my klan shirt?

Southern Rebel Patriots replies: I want to keep this just about the flag and stone mountain. I don't want to give the media any fuel to use against us. ...And.... That's Thor saying that. They will be looking for any reason to get what they want, NAACP will. So we aren't going to let they (sic) have it that easy. Thank u for asking.

Now look at this. Patriots spokesman clearly thinks a KKK shirt would be "fuel" the media could use against rally-goers ... i.e., heritage folks. Also suggests the NAACP would use it to try to get what they want (presumably, Patriots spokesman thinks a King monument on Stone Mountain is what the NAACP wants although right now, it appears to be the Stone Mountain Memorial Association pushing the monument).

That statement is the closest thing in the entire blog post to indicate familiarity between Confederate Rebel Patriots and the KKK, but could indicate little more than Patriots' Facebook acquaintance with a couple of individuals who are KKK members, or purport to be. 

But the real point is to see how De'Stroy, in his caption, distorts what was said:  The Southern Rebel Patriots would prefer that you not wear your Klan shirts. You know, so they can fool the public. "Wink, Wink".

There is nothing in the statement that even comes close to the meaning De'Stroy is trying to give it. The caption gives us a lot of insight into how De'Stroy's mind works.

Next we have a photo of somebody else (Greg Calhoun) in a KKK shirt, but no proof the KKK is involved in planning or organizing the rally. (I mean, really, just posting a pic of somebody in Klan garb is supposed to prove something De'Stroy?)

Following this, De'Stroy posts a screenshot from the Patriots' FB page, which include a post and comments that say:
Southern Rebel Patriots -- Good Morning everyone!! Today is the day the lord has made let's rejoice and be glad in it! Hope everyone's hump day is going well. We are trying to contact the Sons of confederates veterans and any other organization today to see if they would like to stand with us at Stone Mountain. So if anyone has any friends with any of these groups please let us know. Any help would be great. We have to unite together for our heritage and our beliefs.

Armond Watkins --They canceled a public hearing yesterday because no one came. My problem is if it was a public hearing why didn't anyone know about it. Call StoneMoutain Park and find out when the meeting was postponed till.

Southern Rebel Patriots -- Ok i will cause ive not heard about it either.

Note how De'Stroy restates this conversation:  The "Southern Rebel Patriots" say they have reached out to the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other Confederate Heritage organizations to see if they will stand in unity with the Klan at Stone Mountain.

Patriots did not say that, plain and simple.

De'Stroy finishes his blog entry with this:

We're waiting for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Virginia Flaggers, the Mid-South Flaggers, the Alabama Flaggers, the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry, the United Daughters of the Confederacy, and all other Confederate Heritage groups to speak out and send a message loud and clear to the Ku Klux Klan that they are not welcome in Stone Mountain. So far, Confederate Heritage activists seem to be embracing the Klan organized rally.

Obviously, De'Stroy, only you and the lyin' SPLC are calling this a "Klan-organized rally." If it is, you need to provide some proof that Southern Rebel Patriots are the KKK. If it isn't, you need to quit presenting it as if it is. 

It's obvious that Southern heritage folks don't believe this is a KKK event. They don't believe the groups organizing and planning it are the KKK. Some of them probably n know that a handful of individual KKK types are promoting the event, or plan to attend it, but that's not the same thing, is it?

The most that's happening that I can see after combing several Stone Mountain event sites is that a handful of folks identified, or self-identified, as KKK, say they are going to attend the event -- maybe six, seven people. But that is a far cry from planning and organizing the event. And it means that those planning the event, and the vast majority planning to attend it, are not KKK. So why does DeStroy and the SPLC focus on that handful, and not on the vast majority? Because their method is to taint the majority with the handful.

Now, to that SPLC document, found here:

Analysis of the SPLC document:

Title and Paragraph 1 -- unproven assertion that KKK and various pro-Confederate groups are planning the rally.

Paragraph 2 -- Info on the proposed MLK memorial bell.

Paragraph 3 -- background info on Stone Mountain.

Paragraph 4 -- info that the rally is being promoted (PROMOTED, NOT PLANNED) on social media by various groups, some created to promote the event. No info on WHO is PLANNING it.

Paragraph 5 -- SPLC report next includes this passage: “Please stand with us against the traitors who wish to tarnish our Ancestors Heritage by placing a Monument celebrating Martin L. King on Stone Mountain,” a group calling itself “Defend Stone Mountain” says on Facebook." The SPLC gets this wrong. "Defend Stone Mountain" is the name of a Facebook event page, not the name of a group. That group actually calls itself Protect the South. And nothing about that passage indicates the group is affiliated with the KKK.

Paragraph 6 -- Statement that the International Keystone Knights of the KKK and Shaun Winkler are PROMOTING the event -- NOT PLANNING it.

Paragraph 7 -- Info that Winkler and some others of his group protested at the U of Mississippi over their vote to remove the state flag from campus. Info irrelevant to the Stone Mountain issue.

Paragraph 8 -- A quote on a social media allegedly from Winkler urging "hard action" instead of peaceful flag waving, in order to "secure a future for tomorrow." No proof of Winkler or the KKK planning the Stone Mountain event.

Paragraph 9 -- Info on Winkler which is irrelevant to the Stone Mountain event and contains no proof he is planning it.

Paragraph 10 -- Info on a group Winkler was allegedly connected with burning crosses in Mississippi as a fundraiser. Irrelevant to Stone Mountain claims.

Paragraph 11 -- Info on an imprisioned Kluxer that has nothing whatever to do with the current issue.

Paragraph 12 -- More info (yawn) on a KKK group (alleged "racial violence") that has nothing to do with who is planning the Stone Mountain event.

Paragraph 13 -- Yet MORE irrelevant "Keystone Knights" info that has nothing whatever to do with the Stone Mountain event.

Paragraph 14 -- SPLC opinion that Stone Mountain is becoming a "battleground" between Klukers and pro-Confederate groups promoting the "ideas to remove society away from hate symbols..." No proof of Winkler or the KKK planning the Stone Mountain event.

Paragraph 15 -- Statement that the SCV and League of the South "showed up" at a previous Stone Mountain pro-flag rally. No proof... but you know that by now...

Paragraph 16 -- Very lame quote on Stone Mountain background from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Paragraph 17 -- Info that the Stone Mountain Memorial Association wants to place the MKL bell atop the mountain.

Paragraph 18 -- More info (yawn) on the bell.

Paragraph 19 -- Quote from Gov. Deal that Stone Mountain is a Confederate memorial protected by state law.

Paragraph 20 -- Excerpt from NYTimes saying the Georgia SCV may file a suit to stop the bell memorial.

No proof, no hint of proof, not a SYLLABLE of proof, in the entire flippin' document, that the KKK is planning the November 14th rally.

DeStroy writes with the assumption that Southern Rebel Patriots are really a KKK group, but he presents no proof at all ... not even any evidence, or any likelihood.  Without proof, we can assume he has been severely duped by the lyin' SPLC, or he's lying himself.

Or both....

Hoax List Incites Hate and Threats

Although the Anonymous hacker collective has verified, via statements reported by various news outlets, that the list of KKK members released before November 5 are not part of their Operation KKK, and although the list containing names of heritage people posted at Pastebin is an obvious hoax, it nevertheless generated lots of hate aimed at the people on the list. At the end of this post are just a few Tweets sent to the Virginia Flaggers twitter account as a direct result of the hoax kkk list.

Posting information like this is likely to elicit commentary in the floggosphere (especially from folks like Preacher Sandi Saunders and Liberty "Kill Whitey" Lamp) that Confederate heritage folks are always "playing the victim" or "claiming victim status." I'm not posting this small sampling of tweets to claim victimhood (and the person they were sent to would be the last to proclaim herself a victim), but to show the kind of people our critics and opponents are.

The recipient originally shared these tweets with me privately, via instant message, just to illustrate for me what the hoax list had resulted in, but when I suggested that I put some of them on my blog so my readers could also see, she agreed. Other heritage folks on that list have received similar hateful and threatening communications, some via the Internet and some by phone. What you see here on Backsass is just a sampling.

Remember these tweets the next time a flogger writes about how hate-filled and threatening heritage folks are... and note how often they do not acknowledge this kind of hate and threats aimed toward our people from folks on their side.

My apologies for the filthy language in some of these Tweets...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Fake Anonymous Hate List Targets Innocent Heritage Folks

Recently, rumors in the media indicated that the hacker group Anonymous was preparing to release the names of 1,000 "secret" KKK members. Operation KKK, or "Opkkk," was scheduled to be released November 5th.
Over the weekend of November 1st, people in the Southern heritage community, including myself, received via the Internet a link that took us to a document at a text hosting site, Pastebin, comprising a list of people's names followed by varying information about each person. The document hosted on the anonymous text storage site is accessible by anyone who has the URL.

There were other lists on the site, but the one I'm discussing comprises 35 entries for 36 people, as one entry listed two individuals. The closest thing to a title for the document is: kkk  Presumably, this list is supposed to comprise the first 36 of those thousand people, although it is highly questionable whether the group listing the KKK information is actually Anonymuous.
    First,  the information appears to be only that which can be easily gathered online, with Google, not with hacking. The real Anonymous would have posted private emails sent and received (not just email addresses), passwords and other protected online information -- the sort of information that cannot be accessed anonymously without hacking.  As noted, none of the information on the list is hacked; it is all readily available online to anyone who takes the time to get it.
    If this is the work of the real Anonymous, they are plummeting in hacking expertise. Some of the information is ludicrous as "proof" of kkk affiliation or anything else. The type of automobile the individual owns, the VIN, IP addresses indicate kkk affiliation? These items aren't even proof of identity, let alone group membership, be it the Shriners, the Weekend Anglers' Club or the local high school band boosters. Moreover, the information also included blatantly misspelled names -- the correct spelling of which is readily available online -- and other inaccurate data. The information is not uniform but varies by individual, and is not presented in a coherently formatted manner. In short, this is the work of amateur sleuths presenting what they could find -- not what they hacked.
    A few other things to note about this list.
    --Only four names on the list are identified with the KKK in any way.
    --A number are associated with what has been identified as white supremacy groups, although some have been defunct for years, something the real Anonymous would know.
    --At least one name is not showing an affiliation with any group whatever, or to a blog, or any sort of connection to anything -- which is either very sloppy "hacking" -- or a blatant example of deliberate deception.
    --The rest of the names on the list are of people who are in various Confederate heritage and history groups which are not white supremacist groups, or individuals who publish personal writings in support of Confederate heritage.
    For several years, and especially in the past few months, there has been a concerted effort by some individuals affiliated with the radical political left and with academia to use the mendacious "links and ties" method of guilt-by-association to attribute hatred and violence to Confederate heritage supporters by implying affiliation with racist groups. Many heritage supporters believe this fake "Anonymous" development is just the latest attack in that effort.
    It is further noted that the non-hacked information-gathering of the "kkk" document is the exact type of info-gathering exhibited by several anti-Confederate bloggers in an ongoing effort to lie about, harass and persecute the Confederate heritage community.
    There is also concern that the people behind this fake Anonymous attack on Confederate heritage wish to bring violence and physical harm to heritage supporters. This has prompted several individuals targeted on the "kkk" list to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation and appropriate law enforcement agencies in their areas.
    The inclusion of Confederate heritage supporters in a "kkk" listing -- even a fake one by a fake hacker group -- is a baldface lie that starkly illustrates the moral bankruptcy of people who put out the list, and the dupes who believe it.

But what's worse are the vile verbal attacks and implied and overt threats sent to these heritage folks because of the list, most of they via Twitter. The filthy language and the instructions (for example,  "die, bitch") are simply breathtaking. And remember, they are coming from that segment of the population that's supposed to be oh, so tolerant and loving.


Interestingly, about 24 hours after I first learned of the Pastebin list, the real Anonymous Hacker collective issued statements that begin showing up in various media outlets.  They confirm my statements that the first list was not released by them and is thus a fake, a hoax, and the implications that heritage folks are kkk members are baldfaced lies.



I know this is going to greatly distress and disappoint some heritage haters who want to see heritage folks hurt, injured and otherwise victimized ...  but there's no help for it. Truth is truth.