Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Austin and All...

I have a little project for you folks, should you care to accept it.  Follow the link below and look over the PDF document. It is the "DISCUSSION GUIDE: The Confederate Flag on Interstate 95 In Richmond."


It is put out by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities (isn't it hilarious that this bunch of "inclusionistas" are trying to exclude the Virginia Flaggers from freedom of expression in Richmond?).  It comprises "Facilitation Guidelines" the "Discussion Norms" and the "Discussion Questions."

Notice the description of Facilitators. Anybody else find that a little creepy?  Do people really need to have this kind of herding and prodding in order to have a meaningful discussion? Do they really think people are THAT stupid?

(As an aside, although I don't cotton to his kind of leftist hooey, don't y'all think I'd make a good facilitator?)

Moving on to Discusson Norms (wonder why Norms? Why not Rays or Mortys or Felixes....)  I like the last one -- be "real and truthful" coming from a woman who makes a Facebook Community and posts a pack of lies on it....

Finally, please comment on the Discussion Questions.  Answer some or all, if you like. I think they're just fascinatin', don't you?

Honest, I see shuck like this and I wonder how they have made such inroads in the process of tearing down this country, basically in less than half a century. Is it because we sat around doing nothing while they were Facilitatin' Discussion Groups with cockamamie Guidelines like this?

Y'all chime in on the comments section, if you are so inclined.


  1. The whole approach is calculated to engender animosity toward the flag. It starts with the very idea that the Confederate Battle Flag is genuinely in need of this unique type of discussion. Why not give the same attention to the American Flag and what it represent to many? Some see the Stars and Stripes and see slave-trading, slavery, imperialism, Japanese internment camps, firebombing of civilians, the My Lai massacre, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Guantanamo, and nuclear explosions. Why not have a FULL discussion on these matters. This is left-wing propaganda, in a form that they think is subtle. So yes Conie, they do think people are that dumb.

  2. Austin, could you e-mail me? c_l_chastain@yahoo.com

  3. The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities has made available a discussion guide for those who are looking to host a conversation about the Confederate flag that is slated to be raised on private land off of I-95 this weekend.

    This is a satanic effort to define the South, the Confederate Battle Flag, the Virginia Flaggers, and all things Southern. This is a despicable attempt by Yankees to define issues pertaining to a section of the country they know absolutely nothing about, and have incorrectly defined to their own warped satisfaction for over 150 years. This is all in a concerted effort to CONTROL an entire region for ulterior motives, which are much the same ulterior motives that existed in 1861 that lead Abraham Lincoln to invade the South.

    He who defines the debate is the stronger participate, and will win the debate by forcing the lessor participates out of the debate. Too any southerner who participates in this garbage survey, debate, witch hunt will cause the entire south to be victimized, used and raped by another set of Yankee invaders.

    Rest assured Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities is pursuing an alternative or extrinsic reason for pursuing this issue in this way and at this time. Their motives are not pure, are concealed and will not portray the South, the flag, Virginia or anyone in the South in a good or positive light. If you doubt what I write, look at the Yankee blogs who make all attempts to define and control the debate about the Confederate Battle Flag.

    You will be playing a game on the enemies turf. You cannot win, and you will not win. I sincerely hope the Virginia Flaggers do NOT fall for this ruse.

  4. "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6 NIV


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