Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Assess Gooey Glibness

Or, Brooks D. Simpson -- The Master of Glib

(Sorry, folks. I couldn't stop myself.)

Simpson's jaw-dropping repertoire in the department of telling untruths about Southern heritage advocates runs the gamut -- the outright lie, the spin, the slant, the distortion, the innuendo, the misdirection, the separation from context to change meaning, etc. etc. etc., and so on and so forth....

Let's look at just one example:
"... Matthew Heimbach continued chatting away on the Flaggers’ own FB page (most recently in May 2013) with no one expressing any opposition to his views."
This is presented as irrefutable evidence of the "embracing" of Heimbach by the VaFlaggers. But when you look through the glib and see how this charge compares with measurable reality of Heimbach's posts, you begin to see the ratio of fact to slime in Simpson's artful deceits.

verb (used without object), chat·ted, chat·ting.

1. to converse in a familiar or informal manner.
2. Digital Technology .
  a. to participate with others, through the Internet, in a real-time conversation in a chat room by typing one's contributions to the topics under discussion on one's computer and reading others' typed contributions on one's screen.
continuously: laughing away; fire away
So Simpson is conveying the notion that Heimbach chatted continuously on the Flagger Facebook page.

Reality? From the time he was added to the group in September 2012, until May 2013 -- eight months -- Heimbach made four posts on the group.



One on September 11, 2012.
One on November 4, 2012
One on May 1, 2013
One on May 2, 2013


 All four of them together comprise 78 words.


See them for yourself:

Who among you Flagger-haters and Simpson-lovers would honestly and sincerely see that as continuous chatting?

Who of you with integrity would see this as strong and legitimate evidence of the Virginia Flaggers "embracing" Heimbach?

Which brings me to another flogger distortion.  The term "embracing" which Simpson (and others) have used repeatedly to describe the relationship of the Virginia Flaggers to Matt Heimbach.
Again, from

verb (used with object)

1. to take or clasp in the arms; press to the bosom; hug.
2. to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly: to embrace an idea.
3. to avail oneself of: to embrace an opportunity.
4. to adopt (a profession, a religion, etc.): to embrace Buddhism.
5. to take in with the eye or the mind.

2. adopt, espouse, welcome. 3. seize. 7. comprise, cover, embody. See include.
Even if you stick strictly with the synonyms, "accept," or "include," the VaFlagger response to Heimbach seems to be mostly indifference. I suspect that, until the great gusts of Flogger preoccupation with Heimbach on their blogs, most VaFlaggers weren't aware of his existence.

To reiterate: When you look at this charge  "... Matthew Heimbach continued chatting away on the Flaggers’ own FB page (most recently in May 2013) with no one expressing any opposition to his views," which is supposed to be rock-solid evidence of the "embracing" of Heimbach by the Flaggers ... and when you compare it to the reality of Heimbach's posts, you see the startling ratio of fact to goo in Simpson's artful allegation.

This ought to give pause to any Simpson cheerleader with an ounce of integrity. Consider it Lesson One in  how to realistically assess Simpson's gooey, expert-level glibness.

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