Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do Scorn and Derision Destroy Intelligence?

It's been fun reading some of the comments at the flogger flogs about the Virginia Flagers'  I-95 Confederate battle. As noted in my earlier post, Whiskey Plank, there is more work to be done at the flag's location, as the site is unfinished. Of course, why let facts get in the way of harassment and verbal persecution?

Over on Dead Confederates, Georgia Flagger Billy Bearden reminded Andy, "The pix you have now will be vintage soon as the landscape will be altered more soon (just as it was full of trees a month ago, but not now, the trees now will soon disappear also)."

Andy replies, "I thought today was the big day. Maybe I got my calendars mixed up. Anyway, good luck moving the overpass!?

So Andy perceives himself outsmarted by the Flaggers, re: the trees (they will be coming down later), so he changes horses in midstream (shouldn't a Texan know better than to do that?) to the overpass. He's likely talking about the overpass of the Old Bermuda Hundred Road that lies just north of the flag site, and blocks the view of the flag from the South-bound lane.

Either Andy has forgotten, or is disregarding in order to scorn and deride, this passage from a Times-Dispatch article about the flag:
The flag will fly on a 50-foot pole, and will be visible from the northbound lane, said Susan Hathaway, founder of Virginia Flaggers...
Just to make sure Andy gets it:


Oops... No need to move the overpass for the flag to be visible from the northbound lanes, once the remaining trees are removed....

Then we have LibertyLip, he of the Crossroads Comment Thread threat to the Flaggers... they who "always win..." He's reduced to copy-catting the other floggers, with all the finesse and glib of a junior high school newspaper writer....

I'm sorry, folks. I cain't hep it... I just have to include this, from Levin's flog:
Patrick Young September 28, 2013 at 2:47 pm   

I am the proud owner of over 100 trees. I’ll let you in on a little insider’s secret. Trees grow. You may be barely able to see the flag now, but in a couple of years the trees will grow a bit taller and you won’t see it at all.

I have a little insider's secret, too, Mr. Young:

Keep it up, floggers and floggerettes. You are doing a great job exposing your own intolerance and hatred.

Image: U.S. Government


  1. Connie the yapping from the floggers was expected.
    Now then, had the flag been in a more prominent place and had 360 visibility we would have heard them say something to the effect of
    " The flaggers say they don't wan to stick it in anyone's face but -- bla bla bla"
    See what I'm gettin at ? No matter where the flag was placed they would have had SOMETHING negative to say !

  2. What they are expressing the most is revulsion at the wasted effort towards an honorable goal.

    If your goal is to remember the service and sacrifice of Confederate soldiers, then your goal is an honorable one and you have many more colleagues than you currently believe that you have.

    Kevin Levin and Andy Hall, among others, certainly want to propagate remembrances of all of the soldiers of the Civil War, including, yes absolutely including, Confederate soldiers.

    If what Flaggers and other groups (such as the SCV) were doing was more clearly designed to solely and unequivocally promote that one honorable goal, the support would skyrocket and the disdain would disappear.

  3. Michael, long time no see!

    When American popular culture finally catches up with the rest of the world at large concerning how the Confederate flag is viewed and the hateful view that its a symbol of racism is finally phased out of society, then sir the honorable goal of the Virginia Flaggers and others like the SCV will be accomplished.

    Those of us who honor that flag are not going away and the sooner the rest of you come to terms with that fact and find it within yourselves to accept without stereotyping the better off we can all be and the sooner we can all move forward.

  4. So, let me get this straight...they plan to cut down 60-70 foot trees as well as smaller trees now that the flag is up and flying...with no concern for the flag pole being damaged by those trees coming down.

    Do they plan on removing all the dead trees that were cut down initially?

    Seems like that should have been done before the flag pole was that is just a silly Yankee's opinion....

  5. Excellent retort to Patrick Young Connie! But his stupidity, like all the floggers, reaches levels that can scarcely be believed. Young continues his "criticisms" by observing that the "deficiencies" regarding the Flag site can be attributed to the fact that the Flaggers assembled a project team that was "all-white". Yup, you know how incompetent those white-guys can be. Take for instance, the greatest scientific and technological achievement of the twentieth century: the moon landing. I just don't think that would have been possible without the myriad of illegal immigrants from messico and guatamala who served as physicists, mathematicians, engineers, chemists and pilots. No sireee, those no hablas were absolutely vital to the mission. Pfffft..... And if Patrick can ridicule whites without accusations of "racism, then surely I can ridicule hispanics, without those accusations, right?

    Up next Levin. Levin ominously and arrogantly "predicted" that the Flag would not go up. Now, despite the fact that that "prediction" was basically shoved down his throat, he has the unmitigated gall to criticize the Flag because of the perceived limited visibility. Got news for you Kev baby, more people will see that flag every day than visit your widdle blog.

    Which of course brings us to Hall and Mackey. Their lonely widdle blogs get a teensy-weensy fraction of the traffic that will see the Flag each and every day. Better give up your blogs boys, its useless. According to your own criteria, that is. What miserable hypocrites.

    Bwooks is even funnier. The Flag issue has actually seemed to have increased his readership. Well, let me be more specific. The Flag issue has increased his white readership. Then again, it is an all-white blog, and the additional bloggers are also white, so I suppose the first statement is in fact, correct.

    Which brings us, lastly, to consider, a little more carefully, the "criticism" that even if the area around the Flag will be cleared to allow for greater visibility, then the raising was premature and an effort in futility. Let's see about that. Below is a link to a Flag that went up over 30 days befroe the job was complete. In fact, in the days after this particular Flag was raised, literally thousands and thousands of American died, in the most gruesome manner, because the job was not yet finished:

    In sum, they take take their phony "criticisms" and shove it. That or they can try to mock and ridicule the Flag raising at Iwo, on the principle that it should not have been raised until the job was done. Dumbasses.

  6. I want a camera like the one Andy Hall used to take his pictures. He got some mighty clear pictures of the I-95 flag and surrounding area - all the way from Texas. And had the pictures posted to his blog before the day was over.

    Or, was Andy Hall present for the I-95 flag raising?

    Oh no! That means Andy Hall is a VA Flagger, if he was present for the flag raising. That's all Heimbach did to become a member of the VA Flaggers.

    Of course assuming Andy Hall was present at the I-95 flag raising is all circumstantial evidence at this point. We don't have a signed document from Hall's Archives, or a notation in the 'Official Record," or a picture of Hall at the event, or a hand written letter from Abraham Lincoln saying Hall was present, so we shouldn't get our hopes up yet.


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