Monday, September 9, 2013

The Floggers' Heimbach Maneuver, Part One

Who is calling for the VaFlaggers to "disavow" Matt Heimbach (or, alternately,"noting" that they have not done so)?
Brooks Simpson
Andy Hall
Kevin Levin
Corey Meyer
Al Mackey
And a handful of their myrmidons and followers (like newbie Crossroader Thelibertylamp, a screeching commie wacist-hunter too cowardly to identify himself.)
Umhmm -- the same people who've been denigrating the Flaggers since their beginning, calling them inept, attention seekers, and doing things like blaming the Flaggers for someone else's false reports of vandalism or complaining about Flaggers wearing red tops. (I'm not making this up.)

Until now, the worst slander was their accusing Tripp Lewis of child abuse because his children were with him when he was arrested at a demonstration.

Child abuse? Really?

I questioned Al Mackey about that and he said, "As to Mr. Lewis, he brought his child with him when he purposely tried to get arrested so his child could see him being arrested. Yes, I’d say that’s mental abuse of the child."

You'd say that, Al? And your professional position and credentials in child welfare are ....???

What a callous, thoughtless minimization of the plight of children who are genuinely abused. And note, most non-physical abuse is called emotional or psychological abuse, not mental. (Mental abuse is usually associated with deliberate parental alienation in a divorce situation.)

Wikipedia's entry on child abuse includes this:
Emotional abuse is defined as the production of psychological and social deficits in the growth of a child as a result of behavior such as loud yelling, coarse and rude attitude, inattention, harsh criticism, and denigration of the child's personality.[13] Other examples include name-calling, ridicule, degradation, destruction of personal belongings, torture or killing of a pet, excessive criticism, inappropriate or excessive demands, withholding communication, and routine labeling or humiliation.[40]
So, basically, since Tripp's actions were not remotely like any of this, what you have are these integrity-deficient floggers LYING about him and ignoring the horrors of truly abused children in a sickening attempt to smear him. What a surprise, huh? What lengths some people will go to in order to generate the warm fuzzies of moral superiority in themselves... But how warm can the fuzzies be when "moral superiority" is achieved by ... LYING?

These are the same people who've been bombarding the media with Tweets about the I-95 flag project and Heimbach, presumably expecting newsy types to be outraged and write blistering reports about the Flaggers.

I dunno... Initially, the I-95 flag story appeared to be covered sufficiently without flogger input but the Heimbach Maneuver doesn't seem to be gaining much traction with the media. Look at the headlines for news outlets in Virginia to see what they consider to be newsworthy. I can't imagine that reporters in the Old Dominion are eager to hear from out-of-state busy-bodies telling them what's newsworthy in their own communities ... although, with enough carpet-bomb-tweeting, who knows whether the news folks will buckle under.

Nevertheless, after all this, these rabid attackers expect the Flaggers to acquiesce to their ridiculous demands for "disavowals" of Heimbach and his beliefs, which Flaggers have never "avowed" in the first place. (See Answerin' Al.)

Sooner or later, the floggers are going to get it though their skulls that the Virginia Flaggers IGNORE them, and rightly so. Why would anybody pay attention to the demands, squawkings and bleatings of people who want to -- and are trying to -- destroy them?

(Part Two coming soon.)


  1. "What a surprise, huh? What lengths some people will go to in order to generate the warm fuzzies of moral superiority in themselves...

    What lengths liberals will go to move out of blacks moving into their neighborhoods?

  2. It's kinda like asking the Flaggers - "where were you on Nov 22 1963"
    it simply doesn't deserve a response.

  3. People like the Floggers believe that they have an inherent right to be heard and are entitled by their alleged credentials as "experts" to be responded to.

    A perfect case study in bad comedy.

  4. I still maintain that it should be demanded of Simpson and Levin that each disavow the bigoted practices of their respective institutions. In Levin's case, the school does not admit African-Americans or Latinos to the school, and they have only one African-American on the faculty. In Simpson's case, as previouslymentioned, ASU has entire departments that refuse to hire African-Americans or Latinos as faculty. Two can play at that game.

  5. Most of the floggers and their followers have lent support to that petition against the I-95 Confederate flag. I wonder when we will see a denunciation of all the racist and bigoted comments on that petition?

  6. Border Ruffian, my guess is, when hell freezes over...

  7. Austin, there are and/or have been floggerettes in his peanut gallery who need to be ... disavowed, too.


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