Friday, September 20, 2013

Brooks Simpson Blowing Trumpets

Simpson stands on a street corner and blows a trumpet to keep elephants away. It's working. You don't see any elephants roaming around the streets of Tempe, do you?

So it is with the claims of the VaFlaggers taking his advice. This is the best YET! Better even than claims of a nonexistent mole in the Flagger organization!

The "decisions" he talks about were made long before his suggestions. (Would love to see his face if it were revealed to him just how long this project was in the works before it nudged into his awareness.) But hey, if that's what his ego demands, it's no skin off Flagger noses.

But as funny as that is, what's even better is Jimmy Dick's pronouncements in the comments section.

Love the "playing with fire" analogy. Apparently Mr. Dick doesn't know about the giant Confederate flag that's been flying in Tampa, Florida for YEARS, with no fires or detrimental effects to the city, or surrounding suburbs, or the state of Florida (except the usual brush fires in Volusia County, but those are caused by drought, not flags).

Ditto the flag on I-65 between Montgomery and Birmingham, Alabama. Still no fire. Ditto the big flag near Tifton, Georgia, and the dozen or so others in the Peach State flying from 50 foot poles. Or the 20 feet-by-30 flag atop an 85-foot flagpole at the Dyer/Obion county line in Trimble, Tennessee. No fires reported that were caused by flags.

Despite Dick's ominous prediction, and Simpson's ongoing, weeks-long kicking and screaming tantrum about the I-95 flag and the VaFlaggers, he admitted weeks ago that Confederate flags beside highways were old hat and no big deal.

So which is it? Playing with fire, or no big deal?

Dick talks about the people they (the VaFlaggers, presumably) will attract, of course painting it in the negative -- but then he gives only two by name. Well, golly, gee, liberal causes attract more lunatics than that. Alec Baldwin and Wonkette prove that.

Simpson and his followers get madder and madder every day that they see their tantrum throwing and "wise counsel" go unheeded.

The flag is going up. The only people pissed off by it are oh-so-tolerant leftist-liberals who are eternally pissed off by pretty much everything.

Image: Sons of Confederate Veterans


  1. What's going on with the whites over at Crossroads is positively hilarious. Fully aware of the metaphysical thrashing they are suffering, they are lashing out wildly, and behaving in general, like a pack of excited chimps. As for Jimmy Dick, even among the miserable den of professional liars and frauds that is Crossroads, he is proving himself to be uniquely moronic. While his uncontrolled and desultory rants are happy fodder for ridicule and amusement, more revealing are his empty and foolishly stupid "predictions". Even that uninformed, quasi-literate, brain-dead jackass can't possibly believe the blatantly dishonest and filthy bile that flows like raw sewerage from his keyboard onto the computer screen.

    And when that beautiful Flag goes up next Saturday, and gloriously snaps, flies, and flutters in the blue Virginia sky, it will be, quite deliciously, a thumb in his eye. I am very much looking forward to it.

  2. lenastorheim sez at Crossroads: "A Pandora’s box will be opened that no one is prepared for. So much pain behind that symbol for so many. The flaggers are an extremely disrespectful and ignorant bunch. I’ve not yet encountered one with logic."

    Oh, I luv that gloomin' and doomin'. How come these flags have opened no Pandora's boxes in all the places where they've already gone up? I'd ask her if I could, but Simpson won't post my comments; and even if he would, I suspect she wouldn't....

  3. While the U.S. flag flew over slavery far longer, it gets even worse when you learn the fact that the legal definition of a constitutional American could only be a white person, and it didn't change up until the mid 20th century! (Native Americans didn't get citizenship til 1942.) Why don't they go into massive caterwauling over that historical reality?

  4. flame.thrower, they don't caterwaul about the experience of Native Americans because it is of little use in demonizing white Southerners.


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