Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Wonder Why...

Why does Brooks Simpson say that Rebel Bill is scared because he posts under a screen name, but then embraces Thelibertylamp, who also posts under a screen name?


Thelibertylamp, btw, has a syndicalist avatar. Syndicalism, basically, is communism. Do you suppose that means Thelibertylamp and his good friend Brooks D. Simpson, approve of the killing of 85 million to 100 million human beings by communists in the 20th Century?


Does Brooks D. Simpson want to destroy private property rights in order to stop the VaFlaggers I-95 Flag project? Is that why he has cozied up to the commie Thelibertylamp, who has written,
"Well, they should be scared of us, we win at this game, always have and always will. We would like to help put a stop to this flag going up, but we need a little assistance."
And how is Thelibertylamp planning to win this one? What commie leader's "winning" strategy will he follow? Stalin's? Mao's? Che's? Pol Pot's?


Why has Brooks D. Simpson repeatedly mocked and ridiculed Susan Hathaway's faith? Is he anti-Christian, along with being anti-Southern?


Why does Brooks D. Simpson demand that others repudiate "white supremacy" when he lives a blindingly white life?


Why does Brooks D. Simpson keep bringing up Rob Walker when that issue was long ago explained and resolved? Does he just enjoy harassing and persecuting The Flaggers and he thinks babbling about Walker will do it?


Why does Brooks D. Simpson keep bringing up Carl Roden's fan fiction? What has that got to do with civil war blogging? Is it just another facet of Simpson's oft-exhibited desire to denigrate and hurt people for no good reason?


Why did Brooks D. Simpson grouse about Susan Hathaway's apparel? Why the harassment and rancor over something so insignificant, and none of his business, anyway?


And now, to change horses in mid-stream, why did Andy Hall say,
"Not long ago a member on SHPG showed up and commented on “coon” King and talked about how he celebrated when MLK 'got popped.' He was admonished for posting that comment there, but not asked to leave, or removed,"
when, in fact, the poster certainly was removed shortly after his offending post?  His last comment to show up in the thread is time stamped August 10, 7:47 a.m and, as recounted HERE, I determined by 11:57 the same day, that the poster had been removed from the group.

Doesn't Andy check these accusations of his? Doesn't he try to follow up? I found out the whole situation in less than four hours. But will he acknowledge that the group canned this guy?  Of course not. He gave poor Paula Deen down the country about racial discrimination against her employees. Turned out to not be true, but has he acknowledged that on his blog? Not the last time I checked.

Why do the floggers focus myopically and continuously on one or a mere handful of people who say bad things, but totally ignore the huge number of heritage folks who do not say them, but simply honor their ancestors?

Where does all this animosity that these floggers and their floggerettes exhibit come from? Any guesses, dear readers?


  1. "Blindingly white life" is an almost perfect description for Simpson's almost perfectly segregated life-style. From Exeter, to UVa., to Wisconsin, to ASU, to Crossraods,the one common theme is white: lily white. And to illuminate further Simpson's lily white credentials, here is how two of his heroes commonly referred to African-Americans:

    "...We profess to have no taste for running and catching niggers, at least I profess no taste for that job at all.." -Abraham Lincoln

    "...the nigger will never disturb the country again..." -U.S. Grant

    Note the foul, hate-filled, ugly, dehumanizing language and sentiments expressed by Lincoln and Grant. But according to Simpson, neither of these violent hatemongers is a racist or white supremacist. But some goofy, 22 year-old neophyte who is running around uselessly chasing his tail, who has never uttered the word "nigger", and who has never advocated that African-Americans be deported, he, yes he is the dangerous white supremacist.

    Gimme a flippin break. The profound and poignant irony, of course, is that Simpson lives, and has always lived, the highly segragated life that Heimbach aspires to live.

  2. LOL sorry but if Simpson or any of those sorry Tools who follow his words thinks that bringing up a group of fanfiction stories I wrote years ago (the ones he knows of) somehow embarrasses me, he's sorely mistaken.
    Anyone who has access to my facebook account knows I write fanfiction as a hobby because I like to write for enjoyment and to entertain certain groups of fans. And since my FB page is public (I have nothing to hide) anyone who bothers to look has known this about me for years now.


  3. Andy didn't even think to let one day stand as the minimum amount of time a SHPG mod would take action. Doesn't he know they work jobs?

    Their pet hobby parroting with bitten acrid the tired old clichè "The Civil War was about slavery..." neverending leaves a broken record more correct about its recorded content than what actually happened in the War Of Southern Seccesion.

    (Oopsie if this is a double post. Google didn't log me in right.)


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