Saturday, September 7, 2013

Somewhere In Arizona ... and ... Answerin' Al

Al Mackey writes on his blog,

"The question for the Virginia Flaggers, then, is what is your message? Is your message what Ms. Hathaway told us? Or is your message more along the lines of Mr. Heimbach?"
What an idiotic question, Al. She's the LEADER of the group. He's a student who lives in Maryland and goes to college there. She had been with the group since the beginning, doing visible work, and doing behind the scenes grunt-work. He has attended a couple of events the Flaggers also attended, but did not sponsor. (Wasn't THEIR events.)  Does an intelligent and educated man such as yourself REALLY have difficulty TELLING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM?

The Rob Walker incident was splashed all over social media when it happened. He had become visibly connected with the Flaggers because he was making video documentaries about them. As soon as the Flaggers had time to investigate the incident, Susan issued a statement.

But Heimbach's case is not even close. He is not one of the 50 or so core Flaggers who live in/near Richmond and have flagged repeatedly, and who still flag. He attended a couple of non-Flagger events many months ago. He made four posts on an open Flagger Facebook page with over 700 members, most of whom are not Virginia Flaggers (but support the idea of flagging).

None of the REAL Flaggers have made any white supremacy noises, not even the two who commented on Heimbach's honoring his ancestors.

I've never seen any proof whatsoever that the vast majority of African-Americans are offended by the flag. You ask somebody how they know, and they say things like, "Well, duh. How would YOU feel in their place?"

Al, go back to writing about some general or something. 

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